Peter Gallo, as artist name Untrue Sounds is a hungarian musician & producer. In his late teenager years  he played bass in an alternative rock band. He started making electronic music in 1998, in a psytrance project called Quantum State, and had 180+ live gigs around Europe. Within the 10 years of this project he learned a lot about how the dancefloor works. Then he made a downtempo / triphop project, named ToyBoX with a female vocalist, then stopped making music for many years. He started producing house music in the very beginning of 2017. As an independent artist he started work with AWAL (Artists Without A Label) at the end of 2017.

Gallo Peter


He was influenced by many genres, he loved Depeche Mode as a teen, alternative rock (Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains), some metal bands (Metallica, Pantera), psytrance (Talamasca, Astrix, Sun Project), psychedelic chillout (Akshan, Asura, Huva Network, Aes Dana), and some other electronic music (Emmanuel Top, Apollo 440, Future Sound of London, Fluke). In house music he also likes many subgenres, including deep house, future house, tech house. 

"Every stlye of music expresses different emotions, feelings. I wanted them all 🙂 (well, almost all 😀 )"

As a person he truly believes in consciousness and self-knowledge. He believes these are keys for people to live happier and make the world a better place. He works as an online strategist, which might come handy with his music project too 🙂


He works hard to be able to perform live gigs with Untrue Sounds, first in hungarian clubs, then across Europe. His biggest dream is to perform at the two biggest european electronic festivals Tomorrowland (Belgium) and Mysteryland (Netherlands) and to touch as many people with his music as he can. Also has a big dream getting 1M plays on a track on Spotify.