3 Subwoofer Placement: 5 Essential Factors To Consider!

Subwoofers are an excellent addition to your entertainment system. They spread the sound and convert your drawing room into a mini theater. But to achieve the best output, correct placement of the subwoofers is required. 

A 3 subwoofer combination is very popular among entertainment lovers. Yet people get confused while arranging the 3 subwoofers. 

So, what is the best 3 subwoofer placement?

The best place to place the subwoofers is right around the walls. But make sure they are not far from you. You’ve to take care of the wires as well. Try preventing sound interference to get the most enjoyable sound. Also, make sure that the sound density is prominent.

This is only a sneak peek of the entire article. To place your 3 subwoofers accurately you must get into the details. Kindly follow my discussion to know it all!

Factors Determining the 3 Subwoofer Placement 

Placing the subwoofers correctly is somewhat of an experiment. Just like adopting a different approach with Dolby Surround compared to 5.1 systems setups. There are certain factors on which the placement of the subwoofers depends. 

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These factors vary for 2 subwoofer placements and 4 subwoofer placements.

Now let’s check the factors for placing the 3 subwoofers home theater!

Factor 1: Corner And Walls

The best place for the subwoofers is near the corners and the walls. Traditionally these places have been very popular. There are obvious reasons behind it. The subwoofers sound nice and high when placed beside the corner and the walls.

The walls and corners are the boundaries of the room. By covering these places, you will get a surround sound system. As a result, the sound is delivered from all around you. This will surely create a magical feeling. The listening experience will be great too.

Factor 2: Near the Listening Area 

Placing the 3 subwoofers around the walls is a good idea. But the case isn’t always the same. Especially if you have a big or open room, this idea will not work. The sounds will get lost before reaching you. You will only get some broken portions of the sound. 

So subwoofer placement in an open room is different. You have to make sure that the subwoofers deliver enough sound to you. For that, they must be placed near the listening area. You can place them near your sofa and television set. 

In this way, the sound will come from both the front and side. Anyway, don’t place them too near to you. Because then the produced sound will be too high. That will create an uncomfortable situation for you.

Factor 3: Cords Can Be Hidden Easily 

Subwoofers are used to enhance your listening experience. Surely you will not want to tarnish the view of your drawing room with them. But often subwoofers negatively affect the scenario of the drawing-room. This happens mainly because of the wires of the subwoofers.

The subwoofers need cords and cables for subwoofer connections. A 3 subwoofer has more sets of wires than a single or dual one. So there is the possibility of filling your room with wires. To avoid this problem you have to be careful while placing the woofers. 

Choose places where you can hide the cords easily. And once again walls are better for this job. You can use photo frames to hide the wires. There is also the option of using a carpet to hide them. 

If you use wireless subwoofers, you won’t have to worry about the wires. 

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These subwoofers are very modern and the latest technologies are used in them. You will surely love these products!

Factor 4: Prevent Sound Interference 

The best output from the subwoofers comes when sound waves travel a clear path. To ensure that the subwoofer sounds should not collide with each other. If they collide, the ultimate output will be distorted. 

So the sound interference must be prevented. This can be easily done by correctly positioning the subwoofers. Make sure one subwoofer does not face another one. The three subwoofers must have enough space between them. 

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This condition is also applicable for side-firing subwoofer placement too. By following this principle you will get the best-uninterrupted sound from your system.

Factor 5: The Best Sound Density Is Produced 

The audibility and frequency of the sound depend on the density. Too much or too less density plays a negative role in sound production. It is best if the density is measured while setting up the subwoofers. 

This can be done by a subwoofer placement calculator. You can rent or buy such a machine. Professional help is also available for this task. You can take help from such an organization. They will use the machine to find out the optimum sound density for you. 

These are the factors you should look for while setting up 3 subwoofers. These factors are also applicable for the best placement of subwoofers with soundbars. Below I will show you a practical example of setting up 3 subwoofers.

Practical Example of 3 Subwoofer Placement 

Suppose you want to place 3 subwoofers in your drawing-room. The drawing room is not open. That means it is surrounded by walls and the area is not so big. The TV is placed on the front wall. Now we have to set up 3 subwoofers. 

The main woofer is with the TV. Set one of the subwoofers beside the main woofer. This will ensure sound delivery from your front. Now place another subwoofer beside the sofa. But not too close. Set it up with the walls.

You can place the last subwoofer at the back of the sofa. There is also the scope to place it on the other sidewall. Test both places. And set it where you will get the best sound output. 

The Necessity of Accurate 3 Subwoofers Placement 

For optimum enjoyment of your sound system, the correct placement of subwoofers is a must. And when you have 3 subwoofers, this task becomes more important. It is very easy to misplace 3 subwoofers and get bad output.

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Correct placement is necessary for all sizes, be it either 12 or 15 inches subwoofers. Even if the size of the subwoofer is big, it might not deliver the required sound. And it happens due to misplacement. There is also the possibility of accidents because of the woofer wires.

Last but not the least, the view of your room. A bunch of untidy subwoofers looks pretty bad. If you’re a fan of home decor, you must want the correct placement of 3 subwoofers. We use a lot of additional devices to enhance the sound quality. Such as a high pass filter or a low pass filter. Placement of these devices are also important

Considering all these factors, the placement of 3 subwoofers becomes very significant. So pay attention while arranging the subwoofers. If needed, take help from a professional. 


Can you use 3 subwoofers? 

Yes, you can use 3 subwoofers but with proper connections. They will need proper connections for giving output. LFE line out or RCA connections work perfectly in connection with the subwoofers. You have to make daisy chains off the subwoofers by connecting them in series. Then they will work finely. 

Can you stack subwoofers on top of each other?

You can stack subwoofers on top of each other. But that will affect the output. When they are stacked at a place, the sound intensity increases. But this sound comes from a single source. By installing them around the room, a surround effect is formed. The main focus of subwoofers is this effect. 

Do I need 2 subwoofers in my home theater?

2 subwoofers are a good option for a home theater. Home theater is used to get a theatrical environment in the house. For that sound must come all around your room. A single subwoofer will not do this job well. Whereas dual subwoofers can spread the sound. So 2 subwoofers are suggested to use.


I think you got a proper idea of 3 subwoofer placement. Now it’s up to you to set up your subwoofers.

Buy subwoofers according to the size of your room. The size and number of subwoofers vary depending on this. So be careful in this aspect. 

Take care!

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