49 or 61 Keys Keyboards: Is More Always Better?

Keyboards have endless possibilities to play with. But also, it can be difficult to go around all these endless features. Based on your preference, you might pick either a 49 key keyboard or a 61 key keyboard.

But which keyboard is actually better? 49 or 61 keys?

The 49 keys are cheaper, require less space, and are great for beginners. The 61 keys pack a bit more opportunity to play with but can be a bit bulky. Overall, the 49 keys is the better option for practicing. On the other hand, experts tend to prefer 69 keys for more flexibility.

That was a small overview of the differences between the two keyboard types. But below we’ve provided our detailed take on the two keyboards. 

Let’s see how the two keyboards fare up against each other!

49 Vs 61 Keys: Short Comparison

One of the most important aspects to consider while choosing a piano is its key count. Depending on the ease of use and musical purpose, one might require different key counts for their piano.

While there are a good number of options out there, 49 and 61 key keyboards are widely popular. Each type has a separate user base who prefer them for the different advantages they provide.

And they don’t have any piano-lids to either keep open or closed!

Source: getthatprosound.com

To distinguish the two keyboards, we’ve laid out a comparison guide for you. Based on a number of factors, we’ve compared the two keyboards head to head. Here’s how the two keyboards fare up against each other:

Factors49 Keys Keyboard61 Keys Keyboard
Space Require32 Inches39.5 Inches
Skill RequireSimple Bassline and LeadsProfessional Pianist
Transportability Easy Hard 
Price Lower Higher 
Weight 6.1 lbs7.2 lbs
X-style StandAvailable Available 

As we can see from the table, there are some pretty obvious differences between the two keyboards. But how exactly do they impact user experience and the overall quality of music? Let’s find out from the comprehensive discussion below:

49 Vs 61 Keys: Extended Comparison

We got a basic understanding of how different the two keyboards are. Now we’ll learn about them in detail and find out which one is the better option.

Space Requirements

When purchasing a keyboard, space might not be your biggest concern of yours. But for many it is. People usually buy a keyboard instead of a piano. Since they take up a lot of space. And the versatility of a keyboard is much higher. 

The 49 key keyboard length is approximately 32 inches. 

On the other side, people ask:

How long is a 61 key keyboard? 

Well, you need 39.5 inches for the 61 keys keyboard. The 61 key keyboard length in cm is 100 cm. The difference isn’t that much. 

The 61 keys require 7.5 inches extra than the 49 keys. Within 7.5 inches you are getting 10 extra keys.

But for coming in a compact size, the 49-key keyboard takes the cake. 

Skill Require

Playing any instrument requires time, skill, and a boatload of patients. But when you love to do a thing, it doesn’t feel like a burden. But there are many levels of skill. And there are differences in the amount of skill depending on the instrument. 

The 49 keys keyboard for beginners can be an absolutely ideal keyboard. Even starting with only 25 keys can be enough. Many even try starting with 88 keys keyboard to learn! But The 49 keys are perfect to start with something easy to learn fast. Such as simple bass lines and leads. But yet many argue on 49 61 or 88 keys. 

But if you’re a professional or looking forward to being one, going with the 61 keys is safe. As you reach harder levels of acquiring the skills, you need more keys to play with. But using the 49 keys can be an option as well. 

The 49 keys are the winner in this round again. 

Source: digitalpianoreviewguide.com

Modern keyboards don’t limit the pianist from being restricted to only using their hand. And with the help of pedals, they can introduce a new wave of dynamic changes to their performance. But to achieve that, it’s important that you got the right pedal for it.

Operating an extensive research, we found 3 specific piano pedals that were the favorite of the crowd. These pedals are not the most expensive options, and yet don’t compromise on quality. Here’s a list of the 3 piano pedals that we recommend you take a look at:

All of the options mentioned above are Universal pedals. That means that you can use them with any kind of piano. Be it electrical keyboards, or digital pianos. A quality piano pedal can be a great addition to your playing experience. Try them out!

A lot of people also ask, 

Is 25 keys enough for a midi controller? 

Well, a 25 key keyboard is sufficient for a midi controller if you use only one hand.  But it makes certain chord progressions a bit difficult to perform. The control depends on the model you are using. So keep that is head.


Musicians love to jam and host concerts for their fans. So even if you are just beginning to be a musician, transportability should be a concern. 

So, it’s easy to say that the 49 keys are the easiest to transport. It’s mostly because of the smaller size and the lower weight. On the other hand, 61-key keyboards can be a bit heavier and bulky. But depending on the model 49 keys can be the heaviest as well. 

People often find it difficult to place their electronic keyboards somewhere stable. The lack of a proper electronic keyboard stand can dull your playing experience. A keyboard stand on the other hand makes it way easier for you to play and practice.

Plixio’s liquid stands can help you fit even the biggest electronic keyboards perfectly. This, in fact, keeps the keyboard safe and secured in a place, offering you much-needed stability.

Well, if you are asking:

is 49 keys enough for ambient music?

It can be enough if you are using an additional amp. An amplifier will increase the ambient music sound. The build in speakers in the 49 keyboard is good enough for a small environment. But when you are playing for a big crowd, you need an amp. 

But, for being light in general, the 49 keys are the winner. 


Budget is a really big concern of many. Not all of us can get the best of the best instruments. Also, for beginners, it’s better to start with something cheap. Then as you climb the ladder, get better and better instruments. 

The price of the 49 keys is lower than the 61 keys. But depending on features, the 49 keys can even cost you more than a basic 61 keys. The features can be like, a screen, tuners, and many others. 

So, for being cheap and packing a lot of features, the 49 keys are the winner again. It’s somewhat similar to the comparison between 5, 6, and 8-inch studio monitors.

What Should Be Your Choice Then?

So it all comes down to this. According to this analysis, you must be thinking the 49 keyboard is the one to go with. Since it has won each and every round of the battle. But that is not true for musical instruments. 

This is the part where we answer your question:

Should I get a 49 or 61 key keyboard?

If you’re an absolute beginner, you should definitely start out with 49 keys. And most casual users usually stick with 49 keyboards for their occasional playing. But for professionals and enthusiasts, the 61 key keyboard is the ideal choice. It offers an amount of flexibility that can never be achieved with 49 key keyboards.

The final purchase decision always depends on your preference and what you are looking for. If a particular model is fulfilling all your needs, that might be the one for you. So make a list. A list of all the things you are looking for in the instrument. 

Source: markettown.ie

Then check the available models in the market which have those features. But in general, if you are a professional get the 61 keys. It will bring better opportunities for you and your music. The m audio oxygen 61 is a great 61 keys keyboard. 

But if you’re just starting to play, get the 49 keys. You can even start with 25 keys. You can try out connecting your keyboard to either keyboard amp or PA system.


Can I Clean the Keyboard with Damped Towel?

You can clean your keyboard with a damp towel. Although there are a few things to look out for. Such as, making sure the towel is not too damp. Also, make sure the keyboard is off the power. Don’t let water sip through the keys. 

Are the Keys Weighted in the Keyboards?

On the bigger keyboards, the keys are weighted. The key is weighted to mimic the feel of a piano. Although, it always depends on the model you are looking at. You can also, change the keys to weighted ones on your 49 keys keyboard.

What Features are the Most Useful in a Keyboard?

Number of keys, connectivity with other instruments, touch and feel are the most useful features of a keyboard. Other than that, build-in speakers and accessories makes it easier to play a keyboard. A screen on the keyboard can come handy as well. 


So, that is everything in the comparison between, 49 or 61 keys. 

The keyboard market is huge, and you have a wide range to select from. So don’t be afraid and explore the market to find the best piano for you. 

Happy jamming!

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