5.1 2 Vs 7.1 4 Speakers: Which One is Worth Investing?

Comparing 5.1.4 and 7.1.4 speakers have raised some heated debates over the years. Some prefer the smaller speakers and others love the range of sound dimensions of the other. 

So, when comparing 5.1.4 and 7.1.4, which one is better? 

The 7.1.4 speakers are large and produce a lot of sounds. With the 7.1.4 system, there are a lot of different sound dimensions. You get the full immersive experience with the 7.1.4. The 5.1.4 system. On the other hand, is less expensive and produces fewer sounds. However, both speaker systems are quite pricey. 

The battle between the two speaker systems goes far and beyond. There are a few more points to go over. So why not jump in and learn more about them?

Short Comparison

Sound systems have come a long way over the years. And they got different variations as well. Some are bassy, some sound really sharp, and some even sound like trash. So it can be hard to pick which will be best for you. 

If you’re asking what is the 5 1 2 meaning? It means the type of speaker system. There are 5 mid-range speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 2 ceiling speakers. 

If you think 1 subwoofer is not enough, it can certainly be. One 15-inch compared to two 12-inch subwoofers can perform better. There are more to subwoofers than just the perimeters of the driver. 

For watching movies, home theater sound systems are best. Since they also have Dolby Atmos baked into them. Below we have given a short comparison of 5.1.4 and 7.1.4 speaker systems. 

Source: reddit.com

Here we will see that we have put both of the speakers against the same factors. So it is easier for you to understand the comparison. 

Factors5.1.4 Sound System7.1.4 Sound System
Speaker Count1012
Dolby AtmosAvailable Available 
Wattage800w to 5000w1000w to 8000w
PerformanceStrong Full Immersiveness 
Impedance 8 Ohm4 Ohm
Price2500$ or higher4000$ or higher
Accuracy Greatly To the Point

Now you know all the basic differences among the speaker systems. But wait, there is more to it. Below we have given full details about each of the factors. This way you can truly understand all the differences. 

Extended Comparison

Now that you are here, let’s get started. Below you will find each of the factors is divided into separate sections. Here we have given all the details about both the speaker systems. 

Speaker Count

The more speakers you have, the louder the sound will be. When it comes to the number of speakers, 7.1.4 is a clear winner. A large number of speakers are included in this package. In the battle of 5 1 vs 5 1 4, the second one is a great speaker system.

There are 12 speakers in the 7.1.4 speaker system. Just for sound, there are 13 components if you count the receiver or amplifier. There are two in the front, one in the back, one in the middle, two on the sides, and four on the ceiling. You’ll also get one subwoofer. 

But in the 5 1 2 speaker package, the two speakers on the side are not available here. Aside from that, all speaker positions are identical to those in the 7.1.4 system. 

As a result, the 7.1.4 speaker system is the winner.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby atoms aren’t just another setting on your home theater system. It’s a completely thrilling experience. Dolby Atmos produces sound from all four corners of your room. It also sends sounds to your ear from every possible angle. 

Let’s say the tv shows sound coming from the sky, and the sound is sent through the ceiling speaker. The sound comes from the bottom speakers if the sound is coming from underwater. 5 1 2 atmos is totally achievable. 

You can also compare 5.2.4 and 7.2.4 speakers to choose the better speaker. Although, 5 1 2 Dolby atmos setup is far easier than those setups. Because 5 1 2 speaker placement is easier.

As a result, the 7.1.4 system performs significantly better in terms of immersion. The two additional speakers can give you the sensation of being exactly where you want to be. The speakers in version 5.1.4 are excellent, but version 7.1.4 is the next step up. 

In this case, the winner is 7.1.4.


It’s a simple concept to grasp. The sound output is proportional to the wattage of a speaker. In this scenario, it’s difficult to say which is better. 

We know the 7.1.4 system has more speakers.  Still, a 5.1.4 system can have more powerful drivers. 7.1.4, on the other hand, requires more wattage. It is when two speakers of the same wattage are placed next to each other. It has more speaker drivers because it has more of them. 

The wattage, however, is heavily influenced by the amplifier. If you are looking for wires to hook up the speaker, check the links below.

All of these cables are really durable. They can handle heavy wattage drivers. 

The 7.1.4 speaker system is the winner again.

Impedance comparison between 5.1.2 and 7.1.2 speaker placement


A speaker’s performance is influenced by a variety of factors. The casing, drivers, and amplifier, for example. These are some of the most common components found in every speaker. 

However, in terms of volume, the 7.1.4 system outperforms the 5.1.4 system. And it’s by a wide margin. It has more speaker drivers since version 7.1.4. You can also check 7 1 vs 5 1 2 reddit. 

Source: avsforum.com

The winner is the 7.1.4 system.


This is the most crucial section. No matter how good a speaker is, you must be able to afford it. 

7.1.4 speakers typically cost around 4000 dollars on the market. The 5.1.4 speakers, on the other hand, start at $2500. Although the price varies depending on the manufacturer and model. The 5 1 2 receiver is also a bit cheaper. 

5.1.4 takes the prize for being the most cost-effective.


The speakers in a home theater system must be accurate. Otherwise, the Dolby Atmos system can sound terrible. 

The 7.1.4 speakers have the potential to be more precise than the 5.1.4 speakers. The sound is spread out more with the 7.1.4 speakers than with the 5.1.4 system. On the side of the 7.1.4 system are speakers. This is something that the 5.1.4 system lacks. 

The 7.1.4 speaker system triumphs once more.

Final Discussion

This is where it all comes down. Let’s see which option is best for you.

Now that you’ve learned about all of the factors and their differences. The 7.1.4 speaker is an excellent option, but it is significantly more expensive. 

Source: lifewire.com

With a budget of 7.1.4, you can get a 5.1.4 system and a nice TV or projector. As a result, the recommendation is to purchase the 7.1.4 system based on your financial situation. 

If you have the money, we recommend going with the 7.1.4 system. but on budget 5.1.4 can be a wonderful system as well. 


How to Connect all the Speakers to the Receiver?

You have to connect the wires according to the color on the back of the receiver.  There are dedicated ports for each speaker on the receiver. The Front, side, rear, subwoofer, and ceiling each have designated spots on the receiver. Your receiver can also have red and black wires. 

Can I Connect Ground Speakers as well?

You can connect ground speakers if there are ports at the back of the receiver. The ground speaker will give you better Dolby Atmos. Ground speakers will send sound to your ears that comes from below. Such as cars moving in the movie. 

What are the Ceiling Speakers for?

The ceiling speakers are for a better Dolby Atmos sound system. The Dolby system sends sounds to our ears from all directions. So, the ceiling speakers are for sound which comes from above. Such as the sound of the chopper in the movie. 


So, that’s everything you need to know about 5.1.4 vs 7.1.4.

Well, there are thousands of other combinations of speakers in the market. You can check those out as well. 

Have fun with the music!

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