5.2.4 vs 7.2.4: 7 Factors Compared While Choosing Optimal Speaker Setup!

Finding the right balance of sound and immersion can be a real hard catch. To achieve that, one has to go through a lot of combinations of speakers. One similar comparison can be held between the 5.2.4 and 7.2.4

Which is the better option in 5.2.4 vs 7.2.4?

7.2.4 speakers are big and sound really loudly. There are a lot of different dimensions of sounds with the 7.2.4 system. The 5.2.4 system on the other hand is cheap but will produce less sounds. But that’s understandable, considering the fewer number of speakers in 5.2.4.

The battle between both speaker systems doesn’t end here. There are more details to cover. So why don’t you jump below and learn about them? 

Short Comparison

When it comes to speaker combinations, you’re never going to run short of options to choose from.

The base variants are 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1. Among these, the 2.1 speakers is the popular choice. 

Here the first number refers to the number of speakers.. The number after the decimal refers to the number of subwoofers. And the number at the very right refers to the number of ceiling speakers. 

7 1 4 or 5 1 4 is a similar configuration. 

Source: natural-sound.com

The size of the subwoofer also varies with the combinations. For example, a 15-inch subwoofer compared to 12-inch subwoofers is always going to sound different.

Below, we’ve provided a brief comparison between the two speaker setup. We have gathered all the common factors of these two speaker setups. This way, it will be easier for you to understand the difference between them. 

Factors5.2.4 System7.2.4 System
Speaker Count1113
Dolby AtmosImmersive Highly immersive
Wattage1000w to 5000w1200w to 8000w
PerformancePowerful Glass Shattering 
Impedance 8 Ohm4 Ohm
Price$3000 or higher$5000 or higher
Accuracy Greatly To the Point

These are all the common factors of the two speaker systems. But wait! There is more to learn. Below we have given a full description of each factor of both of the speaker systems. 

Extended Comparison

Now that you are here, let’s get started. Below we have distinguished each factor into sections. And we have given details about which system takes the cake in which factor. 

Speaker Count

More the speaker, the more the sound will be. When it comes to speaker count the 7.2.4 is an easy winner. There are a lot of speakers in one package. 

The 7.2.4 speaker system has 13 speakers in it. If you count the receiver or the amplifier it’s 14 components, just for sound. 2 in the front, 1 in the back, 1 in the center, 2 on the sides, and 4 on the ceiling. Also, you’ll get 2 subwoofers for 2 sides.

On the other hand, we have 5.2.4. Here you won’t get the 2 speakers on the side. Other than that, all the speaker positions are the same as in the 7.2.4 system. 7 2 4 vs 7 2 6 systems have more speakers in them. 

So, the winner is the 7.2.4 speaker system. 

Dolby Atmos

Dolby atoms aren’t just an ordinary mode in your home theater system. It’s a wholly immersive experience. Dolby Atmos outputs sound from different sides of your room. And it sends sounds to your ear from which every angle is necessary.  

Let’s say if the tv shows sound coming from the sky, the ceiling speaker sends the sound. You can also compare the ceiling speakers with a 6.5 for a better insight.

If the sound is coming from underwater, the sound comes from the bottom speakers. The immersive feeling can also be replicated with 7 2 4 vs 5 2 6 systems. And you can get better underwater sound from 7.1 4 compared to 5.1 2.

So the 7.2.4 system is substantially better when it comes to being immersive. The 2 extra speakers can give you the sensation of being exactly at the place. The 5.2.4 speakers are great, but 7.2.4 is the next step. 

Here the winner is 7.2.4 in this scenario. 


This is an easy thing to explain. Higher the wattage, the higher the sound output. It’s hard to decide which one is better in this scenario. 

Source: pinterest.com

Speaker watts dictates its sound and loudness.

Since a 5.2.4 system can have more powerful drivers even if the 7.2.4 system has more speakers. But if you put two same wattage speakers against each other, 7.2.4 needs more wattage. Since it has more speaker drivers. This is also true for 6.5 and 6×8 speakers, in case you want to look it up.

The wattage depends on the amplifier a lot. If you’re planning to get an amplifier, have a look at what we got to recommend:

These amplifiers are highly capable of amplifying the performance of the speakers. They can handle heavy wattage drivers. Try them out!

So, the winner here is the 7.2.4 speaker system.


The performance of a speaker depends on a lot of things. Such as the casing, drivers, and amplifier. These are some common parts every speaker has. 

But in the competition of loudness, 7.2.4 wins miles ahead of the 5.2.4 system. Since 7.2.4 it has more speaker drivers. 

The 7.2.4 system is the winner. 


All speaker drivers have resistance. Weirdly, the lower the resistance, the better the driver. Usually, speaker drivers come in 12,8,4,2 Ohms.

Normally, 7.2.4 speaker systems use 4 Ohm speaker drives. Whereas the 5.2.4 speakers use 8 Ohm speaker drivers. Although, 5 2 2 vs 7 2 2 systems can use 4 Ohm speaker drivers.

Comparison of 5.2 4 and 7.2 4 impedance

So, 7.2.4 speakers are the winner again. 


This is the most important part. No matter how good a speaker is, it has to be within your budget. 

Usually, 7.2.4 speakers start from $5000 in the market. Whereas the 5.2.4 speakers start at $3000. Although, depending on the maker and model, the price can be higher or lower. 

Based on your budget and choice, you can also get either the 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 speakers. These setups are not that different from the ones we’re discussing!

In this segment, 5.2.4 is the winner for being cheap. 


When it comes to home theater, the speakers need to be accurate. Otherwise, the Dolby atmos can sound like rubbish. The 7 1 4 vs 7 2 4 systems have similar accuracy. The difference is just a subwoofer. 

The 7.2.4 speakers can be more accurate than the 5.2.4 speakers. Since the 7.2.4 speakers can spread out the sound more than the 5.2.4 system. The 7.2.4 system has speakers on the side. Which the 5.2.4 system doesn’t have. 

The 7.2.4 speaker system wins again. 

The Summary 

It all comes down to this. Now that you know all the factors and their differences. So, now let’s see which is best for you. The 7.2.4 speaker is a great choice but is substantially more expensive. 

Source: reddit.com

You can also consider between 5 1 4 vs 5 2 4. 5 2 4 speaker placement is really easy as well. Also, 5 2 4 receiver  are cheaper than 7.2.4. Receivers. 

The 7.2.4 systems budget can get you a 5.2.4 system and a 4K TV. So the decision of getting the 7.2.4 system depends on your budget. We suggest if you have the budget, go for the 7.2.4 system. If not, get the 5.2.4 system.

You can also compare 5.1 speakers to a Dolby surround system for a better understanding.


Can I Attach 2 Side Speakers Later?

If you have a 7.2.4 amplifier, then you can attach the 2 side speakers later. Firstly you can get the 5.2.4 system. But later you attach the 2 side speakers and make the system 7.2.4. 

How Important are the Ceiling Speakers?

For Dolby Atmos, the ceiling speakers are really important. Dolby Atmos gives you the sensation of surround sound. You can attach more speakers to the ground later. This will enhance the sound. 

Can I make a Custom 7.2.4 Speaker System?

You can make your own speaker system. DIY-around sound kits are available in the market. You can also get each part of the speaker from separate stores. This will give you more customizability. 


This is all you need to know about, 5.2.4 vs 7.2.4. With its numerical superiority and better quality, the 7.2.4 is the clear winner.

But remember all the speaker systems are great if you can place them correctly. So pick up the one that suits your preferences.

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