50 vs 100 Watt Amp- Which One Fits Your Need?


Amps can give you a headache while choosing one. You can easily get confused and pick the wrong one. And guess what? It won’t give you the expected output while playing with the wrong one. 

The most prominent concern is found while going for either 50w or 100w amp. So, which one is the best between 50 vs 100 watt amp?

100w guitar amp provides more wide headroom compared to its lower wattage counterpart. It even produces better lows as well as loud sounds. However, 50w runs ahead of 100w amps in the maintenance department. There are many other differences such as compatibility, device support, and so on.

Care to spend some of your time learning more about the differences? Trust me, you’ll not regret going through it all.

So, let’s jump right on it!

50W vs 100W Amp: A Brief Comparison

This is just a sneak peek at the main comparison that will come right up. Nevertheless, let’s quickly go through the factors which entail the highest priorities.

As a musician, you’ll obviously require a good amount of low, mid, and highs. Along with that, the headroom is also a basic thing to look at. Moreover, compatibility with your preferred genre has to be a prerequisite. 

Now, I’ll just mention the brief 50 watt amp vs 100 comparisons and discuss it later.

Here are the major indicators that will be discussed in a while-

Factors50w Amp100w Amp
LoudnessLess loudMore loud
Compatible GenreMost music genresSame but perfect for country and jazz
Device SupportLimited device supportWide range of devices
MaintenanceUsually a bit affordableA bit expensive
Where to BuyOrder from AmazonOrder from Amazon

Now that you know what to focus on, it’s easier for me to shed light on these topics. Let’s see how these things play out!

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Amps

As curious as you are, you probably won’t be satisfied until you learned everything. Well, that’s actually good because without knowing these things, it’s scary to buy an amp. When you got the guitar amps basics right, you’re halfway done!

So, let’s look at all the important factors one by one!


I won’t even beat around the bush and declare that 100w is just louder. Whether you feel it or not, it’s just the louder one. However, the rise is not linear at all. Actually the more you up the wattage the more you’ll experience the diminishing output.

It is calculated that the going for 100W instead of 50W will give you a 3 dB boost. 

Now you might even ask, is a 50W amp enough?

A 50 watt amp is loud enough. However, it also depends on model to model how better output can you get from a 50W amp. Also the tube amp is definitely has better definition than the solid state one. 

While 50w is not bad, it definitely has lower power output. And that’s something you can’t just ignore like that. Although, when used in a small arena, the difference is not that noticeable.

Source: Soundfly

But if you’re playing in a larger area there will be significant difference. You should also think about compatible genres while choosing the amp. I’ve also explained that in the latter part.

Wait up! There’s another thing you should know. If you’re performing in venues then you’ll be mic’d up. This will make sure the concern you have with the higher wattage vs lower wattage go out of the window.

The mic will take care of the loudness by itself.

Winner: When loudness is something you’re looking for, 100w takes the cake. 


As a concerned person about your guitar amps, the headroom factor can’t be ignored. Obviously, there will be a difference in headroom between the amps. You might even wonder that how much headroom should an amp have?

The average headroom for most of the amps are at 20%. After this threshold the sound starts to break, compress, struggle and distort.

But, what is the real-life scenario of the amplifiers? Let’s find out!

If you want the best headroom in the guitar game, 100W is probably the king. You don’t have to think about sacrificing loudness or clarity. Only the best possible sound will come from the amp without any issues.

So, the 100w delivers an immersive experience for guitarists like you!

Even, when you connect the DAC directly to these amps, you won’t face any complications. This will make the recording process a piece of cakes well. 

You can’t properly get the expected output while recording without a DAC. So, here are some of the OG DACs that’ll enhance your recording quality. Also they will make your music more clear and crisp.

However, the 50w falls short when the headroom is concerned. First of all, the headroom game is not that strong with a 50-watt amplifier. 

So, the energy you get from the sound pales in comparison.

Along with that, you’ll also encounter less pronounced lows with this type of amp. But it’s decent enough to work in most cases.

Winner: 100w guitar amplifier is a powerhouse when it comes to the headroom game.

Compatible Genres

Both the guitar amps are more than enough for any type of genre. Whether it’s rock, metal, or classical fusion, you can go in either direction without any regret. 

However, one particular amp gets a bit ahead of its counterpart in some genres.

The 100w guitar amp can produce crystal clear highs and lows. That’s why it’s the most popular choice for jazz and country music. Those clear and distinctive elements of sound can only be created perfectly with higher wattage amps.

Here’s Rick Jeshcke Deliz performing in Peru using a Fender Bleues Junior.

Also, for metal you must use a 100W amp with better shredding. Here are the best of the best 100w amps to set the stage on fire.

So, when you are dealing with those particular genres, you know what you’ve to do!

Winner: You can go either way but for jazz and country music, a 100w amp is better.


A very important factor to look at while purchasing your guitar amp. While you might think maintaining the amp must be simple, it’s not. Don’t be so hasty mate! Take a breath and keep your eyes open!

When the matter of maintenance is the concern, the 50W amp has a slight advantage. Maintaining a 50W requires less effort and energy. You don’t even have to check the power or the connection that much.

On top of that, the repair is less expensive too! So, that’s a list of merits of 50w guitar amps.

Here, the 100w guitar amp falls behind in the 50-watt vs 100-watt guitar amp comparison. This type of amp is more heavy maintenance and expensive to repair. 

However, you can avoid some minor damages, by using amp covers! Here are some good universal covers you can check out

Still, the 50w guitar amp is built differently and that’s a fact!

Winner: 50w amp because of its durability.

Choosing Your Perfect Amp

Similar to this comparison, the acoustic amp or portable pa discussion is also a fiery one! Still, let’s not deviate from your actual goal. And that is to decide the right amp for you!

If you are a country or jazz player, I’ll just say forget everything else and get a 100w amp. Because that’s the best decision you can make. The same thing applies to loud arenas or spaces as well.

Source: Guitar Player

However, if you are more used to medium-sized galleries, the 50w can be the go-to choice. While the headroom and loudness lack some punch, it won’t be noticeable on such occasions. Also, the maintenance is another strong point of 50w amps.

So, which one are you thinking of purchasing? Whichever path you may choose, just make sure to enjoy the music to the fullest. After all, it’s all about enjoying life!


Is 50-Watt Amp Enough?

For your small to medium-sized gig and jazz performances, 50 watts proves to be worthy. But, when you are playing in a large center with big halls, the amp might struggle. As it is not enough to cover the whole space with its loudness. So, depending on your usage, 50 watts may or may not be enough.

Is 100-Watt Amp Necessary?

A 100-watt amp can be overkill in many scenarios if you don’t have any use for it. For example, for a small gig or crowd performance, a 20-watt tube amp is good enough. Or you can go for the 40W SS amp too. No need for you to use a 100W amp. But you might need it when there’s a drummer with you. 

Are Marshall Guitar Amps Good?

Marshall guitar amps are truly great for many music genres. For example, you’ll get incredible rock and metal sounds from the amp. The high and mid are absolutely majestic and distinct. The bass boost will provide a ground-shaking performance. So, yes, Marshall amps are quite good for their price.


Are you finally satisfied with what you learned about 50 vs 100 watt amp? I bet you are because there’s nothing else for you to know at this point.

All that’s left is to rock the stages with your newest guitar accessory.

So, go and create the best music!

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