6.5 vs 6×8 Speakers: Which One to Go for?

When shopping for speakers online, you should acquire as much information as possible. But there are so many choices that you must get confused about. Even if you don’t have time to look for every speaker, that shouldn’t stop you from selecting the best one. But which one to go for? 6.5 vs 6×8 speakers?

6x8s have a larger surface area (cone). This results in a louder sound and an improved bass response. They are mid-range speakers and have large cones that produce more sound waves. On the other hand, 6.5’ are less expensive and needs less amp power.

Are you still thinking of knowing which one to get? Don’t worry, we have sorted it out only for you. We also have added a quick comparison for easily sorting the difference. So without waiting any further, let’s get in.

Quick Comparison

Before we start with the detailed discussion, let’s take a look. Here are some quick head-to-head comparisons between them. There are many other similar models like this for you to choose from.

Factors6.5 Speakers6×8 Speakers
Impedance4 ohm4 ohm
Power Rating (Watts)300W 350W
Frequency35Hz to 22kHz59Hz to 24kHz
Sensitivity90-93 dB88-94 dB

What is the Main Difference Between 6.5 and 6×8 Speakers?

Understanding speaker specifications is critical. Yet we understand that technical jargon isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Especially when you are here for upgrading your car entertainment system quickly. That’s why our speaker comparison guides are written in a way that anyone can comprehend.

What Kind of Sound Quality can you Expect?

You must pick whether you want two-way or three-way speakers. In a 2 way speaker, there are two types of drivers.  That is a woofer and a tweeter. A woofer is used to produce only low-frequency sounds. On the other hand, the tweeter produces high-frequency sounds. 

Now, the mid-range, woofer, and tweeter drivers all work together to produce sound in a 3-way speaker.  Both speakers are available in the given forms and differ from what you choose.

If they are distorting at high volumes, you can replace your speakers. The factory 6.5-inch speakers can be replaced with aftermarket speakers of the same size. For this, these speakers produce smooth and clear highs. 

Again, some component speaker sets have an adjustable tweeter output level control. The frequency response is 35-22 kHz. Alongside, they have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 92 decibels. This is quite typical but taken together. The sound quality can be increased with 15″ and 18″ subwoofers.

6×8 speakers’ sound quality is what sets them apart. They have to surround sound technology with a lethal combination. Especially when playing R&B music. When it comes to frequency, it might range from 45W to 20 kW on average. Furthermore, the 6×8 speakers provide superior sound control. 

Detailed Analysis: 6.5 Speakers

When it comes to speaker sizes, this is one of the most popular. Factory speakers of your car are usually of this size. So, if you want to upgrade to something better, 6.5′′ speakers are what you should go for. When comparing costs, it appears that the 6.5 inch is less expensive compared to other sites. Because it’s a more common size and less priced, there appear to be fewer options.

They are, however, considerably easier to locate when searching for an allrounder. For an upgrade, their transition from factory speakers is that simple and painless.  These speakers have a comparative high sensitivity and loudness. Their bass is also quite heavy and deep especially when you use them in a car. You should expect deeper bass and improved clarity. 

These speakers have cones that are robust but lightweight.  This can be the most effective for a great response and harder kicks. They also have a large power handling capacity compared to other speakers. This allows them to send more power through the system and produce a louder sound.

Detailed Analysis: 6×8 Speakers

The 6 x 8-inch speaker is another popular automobile speaker size. These speakers are frequently positioned at the entrance to a home. This improves the bass level in your automobile music. 

6×8 speakers are also great at handling mid-range frequencies. However, they aren’t adaptable for versatile use. You may need to modify automobile speaker ports to make them fit in most cars. Because of their bigger size, they also require more power. You’ll have to pay a little more for this speaker size as well.

But, do bigger speakers have more bass?

Yes, bigger speakers create more bass. Their size is comparable when it comes to speakers. Large speakers outperform small speakers in two ways. For this reason, they have a higher bass with a louder sound.

On the other hand, the smaller speakers are more reliant on the sub. Sub placement options are also limited for small speakers. Ideally, the sub should be placed in the front doors. That is as near as possible to the front left or right speakers. 

So looking at the sizes, 6×8 speakers have an upper hand at the sound quality.

How Much Space Do you Need to Mount It?

Dash panels, doors, the back deck, and the back of your trunk are all common spots to put speakers. When it comes to attaching the speakers, the shape is important.

The tiny form of 6.5″ speakers makes them excellent for use in historic cars. They’ll fit into any 6.5″ or 6.75″ gap. This is because of their round design. The best place to mount these speakers is on the doors. As a result, you’ll have excellent surround sound. They fit into a cut hole of diameter 4.2 to 5.8 inches.

Most 6×8 speakers have a 2.54-inch mounting depth. For this reason, these speakers provide compatibility with a wide range of cars. Mostly they fit in ½ inch depths but they can be adjusted as per models. Also, there are mounting kits provided by most models. This mounting kit makes installation as simple as possible. They work with a wide range of factory sound systems. So you won’t have to spend a huge amount on upgrades. 

The 6×8 speakers can be installed in a variety of automobiles. There are no further accessories or changes required for installation.

Does it Come in Different Shapes?

When speaking of shapes, a bigger surface area means the speaker cone. This bigger cone will move more air. When the speaker cone moves more air, it can provide more loudness and greater bass. Also, their overall performance improves by a mile. There are different other comparable sizes you can consider that come in different shapes.

6.5 speakers will give better sound than 6×8 speakers, as they are circular. The elliptical or ovary shape of a non-round speaker causes cone distortion. This is especially during a heavy bass song. 

On a contrary, a round-shaped speaker will have equal loads over the whole cone or surrounding area. So it tends to have a lesser physical distortion. More cone distortion means more sound distortion.

The 6.5″ speakers have a circular form, while 6×8″ speakers have an ellipse (oval) shape. 6×8″ speakers, on the other hand, have a substantially wider breadth. This also allows them for larger cones. They deliver slightly better bass delivery than 6.5 speakers. But their coloration is more and they are more rigid.  As a result, 6×8″ circle speakers can achieve midbass frequencies than 6.5″ circle speakers.

 So when it comes to shape, 6.5 speakers are better due to their round shape. They have lesser distortion.

Is it Compatible for Any Vehicle?

There are different factors to consider while buying a car speaker. Usually, car speakers with a diameter of 6.5 inches are the most prevalent. They are small enough to fit in most cars and have a wide sound frequency range.

Not only this, automobile manufacturers construct factory car audio systems with 6.5-inch speakers. This speaker size is usually positioned on either side of the front doors. You’ll get a variety of sound ranges with this speaker size, but you might not like the bass.

The majority of 6×8 speakers are two-way, featuring a cone and a single tweeter. As an alternative, some incorporate a third, “super tweeter.” Most 6×8 speakers are designed to fit beneath the factory panels in vehicles. They don’t come with speaker grilles.  A polypropylene cone is used in the speaker. This ensures top-notch performance at all times.

They are mainly installed in front doors of trucks and need a bigger space to fit in. So to install them in cars, you might have to cut out a bigger hole. But except for that, this speaker is quite efficient in all cars.

What is the Power Rating?

A manufacturer’s rating of how much power a speaker can handle and operate is known as power handling. You must have seen ratings such as the RMS and Peak Power rating. The RMS Power rating shows how much power the speaker can take continually. Again, the Peak Power rating indicates how much power the speaker can handle in brief bursts. 

RMS Power is the more relevant and crucial to consider when comparing speakers. So, for 6.5 speakers, the RMS range is between 50W to 100W. They have a peak power range of 120 to 350 watts. 

When we see the power handling of 6×8 speakers, it is another noteworthy aspect. These speakers can handle a lot of power. So again, they’ll fit in most car models. A 6/8 speaker’s power handling ranges from 140 to 300 watts.

But, does higher power mean better sound?

It depends on the speakers. More power may be beneficial in large rooms. Up to a point, louder sounds are better. More powerful amplifiers can avoid clipping the sound your speaker produces. A severe kind of distortion can be avoided by using high-power speakers.

So, Which One is Better?

There may be some extensive research required to help you select the best 6.5′′ speakers for you. It will all be worth it in the end if you have your dream speakers installed. 6.5″ speakers are perfect for individuals searching for a simple OEM replacement. They also aren’t too concerned with harmony. Also, they are a cost-effective technique to obtain pure sound quality. 

Nonetheless, if you prefer to hear high-frequency sounds, you might have some issues with this speaker. As a result, a subwoofer will be required to assist your 6.5″ speakers in producing the rich melody. Here are our top picks of 6.5 speakers.

Now, coming to 6×8 car speakers, you will be content if you add some externals to your stereo system. Especially, if you want to hear additional depth and clarity in your music. These speakers also give the song a lot of punch. Because of their bigger size, they also require more power. You’ll have to pay a little more for this speaker size as well. If you go for 6×8 speakers, you can take a look here.

So overall, there are different factors we need to consider that have already been discussed. So which speakers will be your best choice will depend on your preferences. And last but not the least, their longevity is something that is hard to predict depending on many factors.


If you still have any queries, take a look at the questions below:

What is the difference between 2 way and 3-way speakers?

A woofer and a tweeter are the two types of drivers in a 2-way speaker. The woofer is a speaker that only produces low-frequency sounds. Whereas the tweeter produces high-frequency sounds. The mid-range, woofer, and tweeter drivers all work together to produce sound in a 3-way speaker.

What size are car door speakers?

Car speakers with a diameter of 6.5 inches are the most prevalent. They are small in size. So it is best to fit in most cars and have a wide sound frequency range. Many automobile manufacturers construct factory car audio systems with 6.5-inch speakers. This is because of their adaptability.

How are speakers measured?

Take an inch measurement straight across from one edge of the hole to the opposite side. This is to determine the largest size you can get for your new speakers. Make a mental note of the measurement so you don’t forget it later. The outer diameter should be equal to or slightly greater than the mounting frame of the speaker.


So, that is all from us on 6.5 vs 6×8 speakers. If you have any other queries, do let us know. We would be glad to answer them.

Till then, have a great day!

They have more advanced modifications than standard car speakers. They can bring out the finest of your favorite songs. This speaker can also withstand more power and distort less than smaller speakers. The speaker will improve the sound quality of your stereo. Your listening experience will also be more exciting.

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