About Untrue Sounds

Untrue Sounds started out as a passion project of a young solo musician. Peter Kvantum started out his formal music experiments back in 2017 under the name Untrue Sounds. With time he published his work on multiple platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. In 2021, untruesounds.com decided to take a different path while respecting the past heritage.

Right now the site aims to be bigger than its past. Right now, it wants to reach the masses with a whole different outlook.

And in light of that, we’re presenting the new and improved Untrue Sounds while keeping the memories of Peter in our hearts.

I’m Samiha Nuzhat Khan and I’m leading this project Untrue Sounds.

A Bit About Me

Being a brown girl, I didn’t steer away from my roots despite being born and raised in Kuwait. And like every Asian Dad, my Father dragged me to the nearest music teacher when I was 8, where I first discovered Hindustani Classical music and fell in love.

10 Year Old Samiha Performing

7 years later, I walked out with a Sangeet Visharad degree from The Sangeetalaya Academy of Music.

Then life happened and I packed my bags to study in a business school, oceans away from home.

However, I didn’t give up on my passion and that’s where the journey of Untrue Sounds started.

Where Untrue Sounds Tuned In

While pursuing my degree in Marketing, I was constantly looking for a way to get back to my passion. And from there the concept of becoming a music journalist came into my head.

So, how does it all align?

Well, my way of music journalism is actually a blend of niche blogging and regular journalism. As part of that, I’m actively trying to solve the problems related to music. And while solving the problems, I am monetizing the platform through different marketing techniques such as affiliate marketing.

Simply put, I as a musician faced some of these problems and I’m basically here sharing my two cents on anything related to sound and music.

Vision of Untrue Sounds

Untrue Sounds is working in two different areas surrounding music. These are –

  • Consumer End
  • Producer End

To be more specific, we are trying to solve problems that generate when people try to consume or enjoy music. E.g., headphone problems, speaker problems, choosing among different music equipment, etc.

On the other hand, we cater to the producer end too. Here we work towards solving problems of music production. For example, guitar-related problems, recorder problems, choosing between tubes, etc. are common problems that musicians face. And we believe that we can help people through this platform.

We aim to become the go-to place for both music producers and music admirers and for that, we are willing to work relentlessly.

If you have any questions, then you reach us through the contact page.