Alpine Type Ported or Sealed: Know The Difference!

Alpine has built its reputation in the car audio industry by delivering the best subwoofers. And they offer tons of different variations and models. So, it’s easy to get lost about which model and box type you should pick up.

So, do you want to know whether to go for an alpine type ported or sealed?

The Alpine-type ported box is better when it comes to producing powerful bass. However, if the crystal clear sounds and instruments are your priority, sealed is better. You will enjoy rap and hip-hop with beautiful sound imaging. When your truck space is an issue, Alpine sealed boxes fit flawlessly.

That was just the overall scenario of the Alpines. Don’t you want to know more about different types?

If so, head on to your preferred section right away!

What Do Sealed Or Ported Boxes Offer? [Explained!]

Before knowing about the different types of Alpine subs, let’s discuss another important aspect. And that is what sealed or ported sub boxes offer.

Sealed and Ported subwoofer boxes add two different levels of bass to your car system. Sealed boxes are best known for their streamlined and on-point bass delivery. On the other hand, ported box subs support more frequencies to rock the whole neighborhood.

Let’s learn a bit more about the two types of subwoofer enclosures:

Sealed Box: For Accurate Bass

A sealed box houses your subwoofer in an airtight enclosure, making it produce tighter, more accurate bass.

With a sealed box, you don’t get that much of a boomy loud sound. But a sealed box lets you enjoy deep bass extension and precise power handling.

There’s also the power consumption to consider.

Sealed boxes do give you that balanced bass but draw more power. For that, you should pair your subwoofer up with an amp with high wattage.

The sealed air inside the sealed box helps the bass setup to play crisp and accurate beats. These airtight enclosures work like shock absorbers and modulate the motion of the cones in a smooth manner.

Sealed subwoofer boxes are usually smaller and more compact than the ported boxes. This makes sealed subwoofers easy to fit in the car setup.

Ported Box: For Thumping Bass

Ported boxes produce forceful bass by reinforcing low bass responses. This brings out the most output from a subwoofer at any given power.

You can get deeper bass from ported boxes if they are much larger than sealed enclosures.

With ported box, you get more boomy and punchy bass in each beat. Ported box has a faster and steeper roll-off than sealed boxes.

Compared to a sealed box, the subwoofer cone gets more freedom of movement in a ported box.

Ported box helps to redirect the sound from the rear side of the cone and mashes them with the sound approaching from the front. This makes the bass sound louder and thumping.

Due to this, ported boxes don’t require to draw much power and can work with smaller amps.

The ported box also enables better airflow and helps to keep the subwoofer cooler, adding to its longevity.

Here’s a quick comparison between sealed and ported subwoofer box:

FeaturesSealed BoxPorted Box
BassCrisp and accurate bassLoud and Punchy Bass
Box SizeSmaller Box SizeLarger Box Size
Power RequirementsRequires More PowerRequires Less Power
AirflowNo AirflowSeamless Airflow
Subwoofer LongevityLowHigh
Subwoofer Cone MovementLess MovementMore Movement

In terms of size, you can definitely fit them both in your trucks. However, sealed ones are a bit smaller and more compact than ported ones. That results in a tight fit for ported boxes to provide some boomy bass.

While you don’t get the clearest bass from ported boxes, they are energy efficient.

Source: YouTube

These were only the generalized discussion about what these two offer. Also, consider whether you want under-seat subs or trunk subwoofers. Because those share many dissimilarities too!

Ported boxes are a better choice than sealed boxes in terms of power consumption. You can get more output from the same amp power with a ported enclosure than a sealed enclosure. In fact, the ported speaker hits harder than a sealed speaker with its louder boom and extra vibration from the bass.

You can also fit two subs in one sealed box. For that, you have to divide the box into two separate compartments for the two subs. This will ensure that the enclosure is as air-tight as possible and the sound stays crisp.

Ported or Sealed? Analyzing All Alpine Types

Now that you’ve learned about the differences between the two types, let’s come to the Alpines type. That’s what you came here for, right? 

Here’s an overview of all the alpine subwoofers and how they perform in both ported and sealed box:

Alpine SubwooferPortedSealed
Type R 12Type R 12 provides sharper and clear listening in a ported boxCan produce extra bass in a sealed enclosure
Type R 10Tough to fit ported type R 10 in small vehiclesType R 10 is good enough for typical rock and hip-hop in a sealed box
Type S 12If it fits, the ported box is the way to goBetter for small spaces 
Type S 10Type S 10 takes up too much space inside the ported box Type S 10 produces a bit dull output from sealed box
Type X 12For louder size with a bigger space requirementFits in small spaces but you’ll have to sacrifice the loudness a bit

So, let’s cut to the chase without any further ado.

Alpine Type R 12 Ported or Sealed Box

This Type R 12 sub is a game changer for many. You can’t go wrong with this because you’ll enjoy every music genre perfectly. 

However, the box selection is very important to get that neighborhood-breaking sound.

Alpine type R ported requires double the airspace than the sealed setup. You can get a louder bass from alpine type r in a sealed encloser compared to ported boxes.

While you can get the best possible sound out of them, they need the right box. If you love rap music, then you can blindly pick up the sealed box. Because you’ll hear every word loud and clear. 

But, ported boxes offer extra bass that many love to flex! As a previous user, I can recommend you Concept Enclosures’ Ported Sub Enclosure Box.

For the best combo try this Alpine Electronics 2250W 12″ Subwoofer. You won’t regret spending a single penny.

People get ballistic about the monstrous bass that a ported box pumps out. So, don’t try to crank up the volume at night. The whole neighborhood will come running at you. 

Here’s a Ford Crown Vic with Alpine Type R in a ported box.

Been there, done that so you better listen to me!

Now, if you don’t want earth-shattering bass and loudness, then sealed will be a better choice. They are also easier to fit and manage. 

So, in the end, you just need to know what you want!

Alpine Type R 10 Ported or Sealed

With Type R 10, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors. Because they are very low-key and don’t bleed too much. And Alpine R-W10D4 Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer is one of a kind.

Like subwoofer normal or reverse phase is crucial for car sound, the box is too. You won’t get the perfect sound you want without getting the right box. But there’s a catch!

Alpine type r ported types are difficult to fit in small vehicles due to their huge magnet. So, if the fitting is your priority, you know which one to choose. Though the ported boxes get you more SPL and bass.

Source: GTcarz

If you want a clear suggestion, ported Rs are better when you have space. Otherwise, for your typical rock and hip-hop music, sealed ones are good enough.

Alpine Type S 12 Sealed or Ported

These are again flagship products from Alpine with HAMR and kevlar cones. So, no compromises on build quality. But you may find it difficult to manage.

Many car owners don’t consider the port direction while installing the box. That’s when people start to complain about the sound. So, if you don’t put the ported box in the rear end, you may face some problems.

Even your tweeters can stop working!

Also, ported type s 12 is best when you are using Alpine S-W12D2 12″ 2-Ohm Subwoofer.

The alpine type s12 is a 12-inch sub with a voice coil of dual 4 ohms. And a frequency response range of 26-200hz makes it a great option for sealed boxes.

The small size of the alpine type s12 with a power handling ability of 300 watts per coil. So even with a ported box, the type s12 can have a decent gain and produce optimum output.

Now, let’s come to its counterpart. Sealed boxes are better for small spaces and keeping the car light. 

Planning to get the sealed one? 

I have the best suggestion for you. Put the box in the tall light area and the sound will take you to another dimension!

If all of these spare parts bother you you can always pick out the combo

Alpine Type S 10 Sealed or Ported

At last, let’s talk about Alpine type S 10-inch ones. While being a small package, they do pack a punch. The sealed ones can be a bit dull compared to ported ones for SQ. So, for a better SQ, the ported S type will serve you better.

Here are two subwoofers with two different impedance.

Now, when it comes to jamming it in your car, you already know the deal. Sealed ones can fit in a more tight space. But the ported boxes will struggle a bit to fit. 

So, overall, depending on your requirements, you can choose to go either way!

You might even pick up the combo of subwoofers and box as well from amazon.

Alpine Type X 12 Ported or Sealed

This Alpine model has world-class built with impressive sound design. They come in both ported and sealed construction for consumers. 

But that raises the discussion of which will be the better choice for you.

First, you need to consider your trunk space. This 12” ported sub will be a large chunk of your car or truck. So, for a car with a wide trunk, ported ones will provide that thumping bass. 

But for a narrow and tight car space, sealed subs will fit in just fine.

Next comes up the sound and bass. Type X 12 offers immersive sound imaging on both box types. However, ported boxes are the best when it comes to providing more output. They can draw more SQ frequency and offer louder sounds.

So, depending on your preference, choose one that will satisfy you!

Which Way to Go?

All the Alpine types have their unique factors and drawbacks. But you need to make a decision now, don’t you? So, let’s sum up everything discussed until now.

Every Alpine sealed type will give you that perfect mix of highs and lows. On the other hand, ported boxes will give you that extra oomph in the bass.

Then again, an Apline type r subwoofer is difficult to fit in a small car. So, be careful about that before purchasing. 

For the other models, you know what you have to do.

Oftentimes, Logitech subwoofers might not function. For that, you might have to go through trial and error.

Figure your trunk space and preference then pick one that you like!

How to Port a Sealed Sub Box?

You can easily port a sealed box by cutting a measured hole in the sealed box.

But before that, you need to measure the net cubic air space of the box. The net cubic air space of the box is the space left after the subwoofer is placed inside the box.

After that, you will have to determine the tuning frequency the box can produce with the subwoofer. The size of the hole depends on that.

It’s also important to take the subwoofer wall thickness into consideration. A common rule of thumb is that 1-inch thickness increases the box volume by 10 percent.

To port a sealed box, you need to extend the box size as ported boxes require more space than sealed boxes for better cone movement.

And that should do the trick to convert your sealed box into a ported one!


Are Alpines Good Subwoofers?

Yes, the subs from Alpine are definitely incredible for your car’s sound system. They have a wide range of products for all types of cars and trucks. The subwoofers come with ported or sealed boxes for the user’s convenience. You can choose any particular type without thinking too much. 

Which Sub is Better Between Alpine & Pioneer?

The Alpines are a bit more reliable when it comes to sound signature. They can produce a wide soundstage to pump up your car’s atmosphere. However, Pioneers’ compatibility with high-wattage amps can make up for that lack of frequency range. They provide a crystal clear sound with a moving bass.

Are Alpines Head Units Any Good?

Yes, they have been producing some banger head units for years and a while now. They make several varieties of head units such as single din, double din, etc. The units are best known for insane sound production and unique features. Some of them also come with built-in DACs which is a huge bonus.


So, that’s all you’ll ever need to know about alpine type: sealed or ported. Once you know what you want from the sound system, it’s easy to decide.

Still, if you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments.

Till then, have fun with your Alpine subwoofers!

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