Are Powerbass Subs Any Good? Let’s Find Out!

Are you done with the low-quality sound of your car? We hear you! A good subwoofer can make a drastic change in your sound quality. 

However, getting a good subwoofer depends on a number of factors. And that’s where Powerbass comes in! 

Powerbass is an American company that specializes in-car audio. They have a massive line of products from amplifiers to subwoofers. So, you might ask, are Powerbass subs any good? 

The line of products from Powerbass is pretty good. However, none of their products have built-in amplifiers. So, if you have an amplifier, they’re going to work very well for you!

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Powerbass subs. To help you understand if they’re worth the money for you. Let’s begin!

Things you Need to Know Before Comparison 

Before we get into the comparisons, we need to discuss a few things. What makes a good subwoofer? Or what features should you look into when getting a subwoofer? Here are a few things that you need to know before making an investment. 

How Big of a Subwoofer Do you Need? 

There is a common misconception that the bigger your car is, the bigger the subwoofer you need. However, that’s never the case. The size of the subwoofers relies on a number of other factors.

Subwoofers are available in different sizes and features. You need to know the details before getting into one!

15” Subwoofer

15” subwoofers are not the most common, and you won’t see them around often. Since the subwoofers are massive, the enclosures are too. As a result, the air pressure is massive!

The high air pressure provides strong and deep bass. However, since the bass is heavy, the subwoofer is pretty slow. Also, due to its size, one 15” subwoofer can be very power-consuming as well!

12” Subwoofer 

The most common, and often the ideal subwoofers for most situations are the 12” subwoofers. They fit right into most car sound systems. Since they’re in the middle, they provide the right mix of everything. 

Both the speed and the bass are optimum. Also, since it’s the most popular size, you can get it in different enclosures. Choose the right enclosure for your setting and you’ll have an amazing experience. We’ve discussed the subwoofers to help you choose the one for you!

When it comes to 12” subwoofers, the size of your car should be taken into account as well. You can have one, or two based on your size and desired output. If you have a larger vehicle, two 12” subwoofers, each at the front and back does the job amazingly. 

For most small vehicles, one subwoofer placed under-seat gets the job done right. 

10” Subwoofer 

The smallest subwoofers are the 10” subwoofers. They’re relatively cheaper, so they’re a good idea if you don’t plan on spending big. Since they’re small, the power output is also pretty low. You don’t need any additional power supply for them.

Also, their small size makes them pretty fast. As a result, there’s very little distortion. However, the bass is a bit underwhelming due to the small size. 

What Kind of Enclosure Do you Need? 

Now that the sizes are out of the way, let’s discuss enclosures! The type of enclosure determines the propagation of the sound. So, if you don’t choose the right enclosure, you’re in trouble! So, what enclosure do you really need? Let’s find out!


The most common subwoofers are the sealed ones. They have enclosed boxes so the bass is consistent. Also, the sound you get is punchier and has little distortions or reflexes.

Also, the sound changes for the size of the enclosure. If the enclosure is large, the sound will have a higher punch. So, you can change enclosure sizes for different sound styles. Due to the enclosure being sealed, the speaker and coils remain safe for longer. 

Ported Bass Enclosures 

If you’re looking for loud, ported bass is the way to go! Both the bass and the overall sound are pretty loud here. However, the bass is somewhat weak due to it being open. Thus, unlike sealed enclosures, there are no vibrations here. 

Also, there’s better ventilation, so the drivers are safer and the chances of overheating are much less. If you want a long-term option, this is good for you! 

Bandpass Enclosures 

Are you looking for something in between sealed and ported bass? Then, bandpass enclosures are what you need. However, they can be a bit too complicated as well. So, you need to know the details before choosing one of these. 

The Bandpass enclosures have a lower frequency compared to both sealed and ported bass enclosures. As a result, the sound is a lot sharper. The sharp music makes the lyrics a lot clearer. So, if you play a lot of rap music in your car, you’d enjoy it.

However, keep in mind that the Bandpass should be incorporated with the rest of your system. Make sure it works with everything otherwise you would miss out on its best. There are two types of bandpass enclosures, these include- 

Single Reflex 

A single reflex system has the speaker placed in a sealed box. Here the speaker is placed in the back with the front looking like a vented box. The vented box provides the air and the front box works like a sealed enclosure.

Dual Reflex

A dual reflex subwoofer has a speaker in the middle with two ports. One of them is in the front and another in the back. Generally dual reflex gives a louder sound with a sharper bass.

What Type of Subwoofer Do you Need? 

There are two main categories of subwoofer for you to choose from, Active and Passive subwoofers.

Generally, the main difference between them is the presence of an amplifier.

So, if you have your own amplifier, you need to keep these in check.


Active subwoofers have built-in amplifiers. While these aren’t the strongest out there, they still get the job done. However, they’re relatively weaker and don’t have a very high-frequency range. 

There are two types of active subwoofers based on where they’re placed. These include-


While not the most common, under-seat subwoofers can save a lot of space. They fit very well into the small space below your seat, without any hassle. However, under-seat subwoofers are generally the expensive kind. 

Spare Wheel Subwoofer

Spare wheel subwoofers are placed exactly where the spare wheel should be. They’re slightly larger than their under-seat counterparts.

They’re the most common category of subwoofers out there. 


If your subwoofer doesn’t have an amplifier on its own, it’s a passive subwoofer. In that case, you need to connect it to a proper amplifier first. Also, since there are no amps, the sound is much clearer. 

Are Powerbass Subs Worth it? 

Now let’s ask the all-important question, should you get a Powerbass Subwoofer? 

There’s actually a lot more to the picture than the basics. There are a lot of factors that determine whether a subwoofer is worth the money or not. To help you find out, we’ve divided the discussion into three price ranges- low, medium, and high.

With that said, let’s get straight into discussion!

Low Range (Less Than $100)

If you’re looking for a low-priced subwoofer option, getting something below the $100 mark is a good idea. There’s a lot of good subwoofers out there for you to try from.

In this range, most subwoofers don’t have a built-in amplifier. And even with built-in ones, they aren’t very strong. So, you need to focus on the sound itself. Getting a good impedance with low power consumption is what you should be looking for in this range!

However, If you’re not planning to spend too much on a subwoofer, getting a separate amplifier is a good idea. Because most built-in amplifiers aren’t very strong. As a result, you won’t get the bass output you’re looking for.

The Powerbass PS-10” is a good shot if you’re planning on getting more than one subwoofer. It has a 450-watt peak at 225 watts RMS. Furthermore, the 4-ohm impedance makes it ideal for an under-seat experience. 

But if you want a comprehensive unit, the Powerbass PS-12” is worth a try. Although you’d need an amplifier, it gets the job done. With a 2-layer roll treated foam, it ensures a good surround sound experience. 

Furthermore, the aero venting ensures that the final sound is as clear as it gets. The vents also keep the internals in good condition. It’s ideal for long-term usage.


In this range, most Powerbass subwoofers don’t have an amplifier. As a result, you need to get your own amplifier. If you’re not looking forward to getting your amplifiers, you might want to get something else. 

Also, Powerbass products won’t give you a lot of power. If you’re looking for something that’s powered over 500 amps, check out some of these products –

Mid Range ($100-200) 

The medium-range is where things get exciting! It’s the perfect point for average consumers as well as enthusiasts. There’s a lot to choose from both in the case of single units and combo packages. 

If you’re planning to spend above $100, you need to look for a comprehensive experience. Good quality sound with just the right amount of bass at a steady RMS power. Also, looking for combos is a good idea if you plan on buying more than one subwoofer. 

If you’re looking for Powerbass, they have a comprehensive line of products in this range. The PowerBass XL-1244D is a good shout at this price range. With 800 watts peak and 400 watts each, this set of two can pack a punch. 

However, even with this much power, it’s going to last a long while. The perimeter and pole venting means that the air circulating is consistent. There’s very little room for overheating or short circuits. 

If you’re looking for something slightly above the mark, with stereo sound and good bass, the PowerBass XL Series 10 is a good shot. It’s also less power-consuming than its counterparts with a 700-watt peak and 350 watt RMS.

However, it’s important to know that Powerbass products don’t come with built-in amplifiers. So, you need to pair them up with the right amplifier for it to work. 


Although Powerbass has a wide range of products in this range, the competition is steep. There are some stuff out there that provide a different set of features. Such as built-in amplifiers, higher Impedance, and more power. 

Some of our recommended products in this range are- 

High Range ($200 and Above) 

If you wanna spend big, the sky’s the limit! If you’ve made up your mind that it’s the range you’re going to, then you already know what you want! 

There are two ways to address this price range. You either want full control over your device, or you want a completely automated experience. So, you need to make up your mind about what you want. 

PowerBass 2XL Series is a good start at this range. This set of two provides an 800-watt peak at a steady 400 RMS. However, compared to other products at its range, it provides a 4-ohm impedance. 

Also, the 2.5” vented coil provides enough ventilation for your machine. Thus, ensuring longevity for the long run. The cooling is top-notch, so the chances of overheating are as low as it gets. 

If you’re planning on increasing your budget by a notch, the Powerbass 2XL-1240DS is worth a shout. It’s slightly on the heavier side with 29 pounds, but the features speak for themselves. It can go as high as 1300 watts at peak with a 650 watt RMS. 

It has an NBR surround sound feature. So, one of these subwoofers is enough to get the job done. Pair that with its cooling, it’s going to give you great service for a few good years!


The products from Powerbass in this range are as good as it gets. However, the competition is just as stiff with unique features. Some of the key alternatives include- 

With that, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about Powerbass products. Now, let’s get into the more nuanced details.

Other Factors 

When it comes to brands, quite often there’s more than what we see.

It’s not just about buying the products but about the final experience it brings.

These include the brand value of the producer, the after-sales and customer service as well as resale values. 

Knowing what’s better between bass reflex and passive radiators can also help.

Brand Value 

The term brand value could be a bit ambiguous. However, it generally means how big of a player the brand is in its market.

If the brand is a household name in its world, it means that it has a good name for itself.

If you check the google trends for Powerbass products, you’d see a very steady position over the past 5 years. They’ve always been highly ranked among users, so, it’s safe to say that the brand has a name for itself. 

Customer Service 

When it comes to customer service, Powerbass is top-notch. They are prompt in reaching consumers and providing them with high-end customer service. The Powerbass forum is very prompt and solves customer needs as soon as possible. 

When it comes to other factors such as after-sales services and warranty, they’re quite adequate. So, even if you have problems, there’s a solution readily available.

So, Are Powerbass Subs Any Good? 

Let’s finally answer the all-important question. Powerbass has a good name for itself for all the features it provides. However, none of the Powerbass products provide any amplifier support. So, if you have a good amplifier on your own, Powerbass is absolutely worth the money! 


Is Mounting a Powerbass Subwoofer Hard? 

Absolutely not! The guidelines are provided with every product and they’re very easy to use. Follow the steps and you’re good to go!

How Many Powerbass Subs Do I Need? 

It depends on a number of factors. If you prefer 10” subwoofers, you’d need at least two of them. For bigger subwoofers, you have to choose based on the amount of bass you need. 

What Kind of Amplifier Do I Need for My Powerbass Subwoofer?

You have to get an amplifier whose RMS power matches your subwoofer. If your subwoofer has a higher RMS power than your amplifier, it would overheat. So, keep that in mind when getting a subwoofer.


If you’re looking for good-quality subs that won’t consume a lot of power, Powerbass products are worth a shout! Here, we’ve discussed all you need to know about Powerbass subs to help you out! So, if you’re asking “Are Powerbass subs any good?” 

The answer is yes! But you need the right amplifier to back it up.

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