Bose Home Speaker 300 Vs 500: Which One is Better?

When discussing hi-tech speakers with advanced capabilities, Bose hardly needs an introduction.

Bose is a new player in the market for home audio systems. Bose’s launch of the Home Speaker 300 and 500 was a devastating blow to the industry’s incumbents.

While buying one of them, you will think, “Which one to buy from Bose home speaker 300 vs 500?”

When it comes to build quality, the Bose 500 is a way better speaker than the Bose 300. But the Bose 300 has a 120-watt, six-microphone, voice-assistant, which also offers an auxiliary input. However, the two are hardly comparable. The Bose 500 has eight microphones and voice assistants, alongside AUX ports.

Now that’s for a quickie. We will dig deep into all these topics in this article. Stick with us till the end.

Pros & Cons of Bose Home Speaker 300 Vs 500

Here are the pros and cons of both the speakers at a quick glance-

Bose Home Speaker 300Bose Home Speaker 500
ProsCompact sizeRich sound quality
Optimized voice support8 Microphone Array
Decent pricingHigher power output
ConsSound is insufficient to fill a large roomBulky size 
Subpar build qualityA bit pricey

Bose Home Speaker 300 Vs 500: Quick Comparison

Before we start the battle of the siblings, let’s look at this quick info table;

Aspect Bose Home Speaker 300 Bose Home Speaker 500
Dimensions & Weight 5.59W x 6.34 H inches, weight  2.1 lbs.6.68W x 8.01H, weight approx 4 lbs
Build MaterialAnodized aluminum grilleSeamless aluminum grille 
Microphone & Voice Features6 Microphone Array, Google Voice, Alexa, Siri supported 8 Microphone Array, Google Voice, Alexa, Siri supported 
Wireless Latency6-18ms45-88ms
Power Output 120 Watt Output 156 Watt Output, LED Touch Screen
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Now, let’s hop on to the main discussion.

Bose Home Speaker 300 Vs 500: Detailed Comparison

When I compare speakers from the same company like the JBL 4312G and L100, it primarily boils down to the price. However, the Bose home speaker 300 and 500 break away from that pattern. All types of people enjoy good music. A good speaker enhances the experience by a good margin. Bose comes in first place when it comes to speakers and audio. However, they are new to the home speaker industry.

bose portable home speaker 300 vs 500

The 300 and 500 models are the newest additions to the home speaker lineup. Bose has gained a good amount of popularity with this series. 

At first glance, these two speakers might look the same. But inside, things are pretty different. You might confuse yourself while comparing the two, just like comparing 12 and 10 PA speakers

Worry not, we have dug deep and found out the key aspects that set these speakers apart. We have discussed them in detail just for you.

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimension and weight directly deal with portability and ease of use. The Bose 500 is bigger in size than its sibling. It occupies 48 sq. cm compared to 30 sq. cm. of the 300 models.

Side-by-side photo of Bose 300 vs 500
Source: Youtube

The 300 is also lighter too. It weighs 2.1 lbs which is half of the Bose 500. Hence, the lightweight makes the 300 models more portable.

Winner: The Bose 300 model will win this one. It weighs less and is smaller in size, making it an ideal get-to-go home speaker.

Build Material:

Both devices have sturdy metal housings. Since they aren’t portable speakers, they don’t have an IP classification (water resistance). We wouldn’t advise bringing them near water.

In contrast to the Bose 300, which is only available in silver, the 500 comes in both black and silver. It also has a seamless aluminum build compared to the anodized aluminum of the 300.

So, it’s better to check out a hard case for Bose home speaker 300 to ensure better protection.

In addition to adding a sense of “sound” to your property, they also make it appear more expensive. Both the silver and black versions look great in their respective settings, although the silver is especially well-suited to the kitchen.

Winner: The Bose 500 will take this one out. It has better build materials and quality and offers two variations.

Microphone & Voice Features:

Another distinction between the two models is that the Bose home speaker 500 has eight microphone arrays. 

That’s why this speaker has tons of great reviews for its awesome voice recognition-

On the other hand, it’s the more affordable sibling, the Bose 300, only has six. This is a rather insignificant difference; yet, it is still a difference.

Concerning the Voice Assistant, both speakers come equipped with Alexa voice assistants that are built in. 

In addition, both speakers come equipped with 3.5mm Audio Jack connectors. They offer a range of connectivity options, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay 2, among others.

Winner: The winner of this segment will be the Bose 500. It has 8 microphone arrays, which gives it an edge over its competitors.

Wireless Latency:

A big portion of users prefer good wireless connectivity and both these speakers deliver on that promise. However, as surprising it may seem, the little Bose 300 takes the edge in this regard. 

You should have no trouble using it anywhere inside the house. The BlueTooth latency of the 300 models is 3-18ms. But the 500 lags here. It has a latency of 57-88ms. 

The low latency enables the Model 300 to seamlessly play music without any interruption.

If you want more in-depth knowledge about Bose 300, why don’t you check out a quick review?

Winner: The winner will be the Bose Model 300 for its low latency and superior connectivity.

Power Output: 

Bose is always known for its high-power speakers and superior sound quality. The Bose 500 unquestionably produces a more robust sound in spite of its smaller size.

Image of bose home speaker 500
Source: rtings

The Home Speaker 500 is designed to deliver a listening experience that is immersive and three-dimensional. This indicates that the surrounding system it provides makes it great for house parties. 

The Bose home speaker 300 does not fall short either. It also brings to the table a similar experience with its 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound. And it does it at a lower price. 

However, because it is smaller than its brother, it makes sense why it sounds “weaker” than its sibling. It provides 120 watts of power, while its bigger brother has 156. In spite of this, it has a wonderful sound and retains all of the tones.

Winner: The Bose 500 will win the power battle for better power output and sound quality.


Please keep in mind that the Bose 300 is not in any way inferior because of these differences. It is as worth it as an upfiring speaker.

Rather, they are only optional extras. The Bose 300 is sold at a lower price than its older sibling. This makes up for the fact that these variances exist. Also, the size and power factor comes into play when it comes to price comparison.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is sold at a price of $259. On the other hand, the bigger 500 models are sold at $379. The higher price may be hard to swallow at first. 

But the added benefits make up for it.

Winner: The winner will be the Bose 300 for its relatively lower price.

Which One to Choose Between Bose Speaker 300 Vs 500?

To conclude this piece, both of the speakers have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that they belong in the “Bose Tier” of speakers.

Both the 500 and the 300 provide excellent sound quality. At the same time, both offer a good-looking streamlined design that mixes in practically anywhere.

It is true that the Bose Home Speaker 500 has a helpful and attractive LCD display. And it fills the room with loud music. 

Additionally, the Bose 500 has an 8-microphone array, which makes it the “better” or more powerful of the two devices. Also, it’s quite easy to reset the Bose speaker 500.

Nevertheless, it comes at a price that is difficult to stomach.

But for other people, the somewhat more compact and wallet-friendly Bose home speaker 300. It is an option that is worth considering if you do not want to break the bank.

Although it does not come with an LCD display, it still offers amazing sound quality.

If you are the type of person who enjoys going to parties and loud music, go for the Bose 500.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is your best buddy if you are just an average person. A person who wants some great, relaxing background music. And also those who want to keep the cost of their entertainment within a reasonable range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is The Best Speaker In Bose? 

To date, our testing has revealed the Bose Home Speaker 500 to be the company’s best home speaker. This wired home speaker has excellent voice assistant support, with both Alexa and Google Assistant pre-installed. It can pick up your commands even in a noisy room or from a considerable distance.

Can I Use Bose Home Speaker 300 Without WiFi?

Yes, you can. The Bose Home Speaker 300 requires Wi-Fi for direct access to music services. But it can be used with Bluetooth or an auxiliary input if you don’t have Wi-Fi. You can also use it without the internet via other connecting options.

Is Bose Home 300 Worth It?

In comparison to the Apple HomePod, the Bose Home Speaker 300 is a more versatile and useful device. With the Bose, you can adjust the sound to your liking thanks to its bass and treble sliders and its Bluetooth connectivity. It also performs better as a voice assistant.


That will be all about the Bose Home Speaker 300 vs 500. Without a doubt, Bose’s best home speakers to date are these. 

There are many distinctions between the two editions. However, the user should make the final decision based on their own preferences.

See you soon.

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