Can You Break Headphones By Playing Music Too Loud?

Headphones are our daily assets. But still, we don’t know much important information about them. 

Our silly mistakes can damage the entire sound system. One of them is playing music too loud. And this can often hamper the headphone’s quality.

So, can you break headphones by playing music too loud?

Yes, excessively loud music can break or even damage your headphones. Loud music may cause problems with your headphones. They may go entirely mute if somehow the driver coils are fried. This can happen at medium-high levels if the transducer is damaged, based on the scope of the damage. 

Do you like the overview? Great! We have more! Let’s dive into the depth of the problem, and find out how you can solve this. 

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Effects of Loud Music on Headphones

Harming your headphones with loud music is tough but possible. The reason for this is that over time the music becomes loud enough to break your headphones. 

If the sound is extremely loud for you, you’ll most likely turn it down. It will ensure that your ears and your headphones are harmed.

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So, listening to music at maximum volume can harm your headphones. I accidentally played headphones at max volume. High loudness can be hazardous to headphones for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at them-

Problem 1: Overheating Headphones

Continuously high levels might cause the headphone drivers to overheat. Headphones are most commonly broken in this manner. 

The electronics and components in the drivers might overheat. If they are exposed to a high volume for a lengthy period of time. This might cause damage to the drivers and shorten their lives.

Problem 2: The Diaphragm Will Rupture

Secondly, the diaphragm will rupture due to loud music. The diaphragm is a thin steel disk that vibrates. It is to produce sound and sits in the middle of the driver. It is possible for the disk to rupture if it is subjected to loud noise. 

The driver will be permanently damaged and rendered useless as a result of this.

Problem 3: Detachment of The Driver From The Enclosure

Loud music can detach the driver from the headphone enclosure. The vocal coil is a copper cable that rests on the driver and provides the electrical current. 

It’s possible that the wire will break if it’s exposed to strong noise. This will harm the driver and render it useless. Imagine not being able to use your Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b with this problem. Complete nightmare.

Problem 4: Damaged Voice Coil 

The voice coil is basically a cable that rests on the driver and provides the electrical current. It’s possible that the wire will break if it’s exposed to strong noise. This will harm the driver and render it useless. In some case, the answer button on the headphones also causes problems.

Problem 5: Damaged Circuitry 

The circuitry is the equipment that regulates the sound output and the power. It can short-circuit the circuitry if it is exposed to a high volume. The headphones will be damaged and rendered useless as a result of this.

Problem 6: The Headphones Will Blow 

The most severe kind of damage might result in the headphones catching fire. If the volume is excessively loud, the amplification circuit may overload, resulting in a spark. This will cause the plastic housing of the headphones to ignite, perhaps causing a fire.

It’s not as if headphones will be flawless. Let alone the headphones, here speakers don’t even last forever.  As a result, you must live with these issues while attempting to resolve them.

These are the damages that can be caused by loud music to your headphones.

You can also try out some great v-shaped earphone options.

Are you worried now about how you can protect your headphones from these damages?

No worries! We are gonna discuss them too in our next segment.

How Can You Keep Your Headphones From Being Damaged?

Every problem has its solution. So you can keep your headphones safe from being damaged.

Here are some top-notch methods you can follow to protect your headphones from loud music.

Method 1: Keep The Volume Reasonable

If you’re not certain how loud it is, it’s preferable to keep it moderate. This will aid in the prevention of any harm.

Method 2: Pick Headphones With A Built-in Volume Limit 

Some headphones have a built-in volume restriction that prevents the volume from exceeding a set level. There are lots of high and low-gain headphones on the market. This might assist to keep your headphones in good condition.

Here’s our recommendation for volume-limiting headphones.

Method 3: Wear Ear Protection

If you’re going to be listening to music at a loud volume, ear protection is an excellent idea. This will assist in reducing the quantity of noise delivered to your ears.

Also, be careful while clipping your headphones. You must be wondering, can clipping damage headphones Yes! Use protection here too. Let alone clipping, even the wrong equalizer can ruin headphones as well. 

Method 4: Take A Break

There is a limit to how long can you hear loud music without damage. It’s a good idea to take a break. Especially, if you’re going to be wearing headphones for a lengthy period of time. This will aid in the prevention of any harm.

Method 5: Keep The Headphones Clean

Last but not least, do regular cleaning on a regular basis to avoid any harm. This will keep the headphones from unwanted harm.

Is it Possible for Noise-canceling Headphones to be damaged by loud noises?

Noise-canceling headphones are intended to limit the level of noise that reaches your ears. However, if you’re subjected to really loud noises, this can harm you.

While listening to loud music, it’s usually a good idea to be cautious and take pauses every hour. It’s a great idea to choose noise-canceling headphones. If you are going to use your headphones in a crowded place.

This will help to reduce the quantity of noise in your ears.


When I listen to music, why do the headphones sound different?

The headphones sound different due to their size. When you switch from loudspeaker to headphones, you would obviously notice the sound is different. The headphones give a more detailed and restricted sound experience.

Is it possible that Equalizer can harm headphones?

Yes, it is. Equalizers can harm headphones. There is a risk of damaging your headphones if you make an error and turn up the volume too loudly. When modifying the EQ, it’s usually a great idea to proceed with care and keep the loudness at a modest level.

Is playing music loudly a crime?

Yes. In certain regions, playing music loudly is a crime. But not everywhere. Music is typically played quite loudly in enclosed situations, such as concerts or nightclubs, although this is considered acceptable. Loud music is a criminal crime in many jurisdictions, usually classified as a misdemeanor.

Final Words

We sincerely hope that our article was helpful enough to answer your queries. Now you know everything about can you break headphones by playing music too loud. Be careful next time and follow the instructions we mentioned in the article.

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