Cirrus Logic Vs. Realtek- Which One to Choose!

Cirrus Logic Vs. Realtek has been at odds for a long time. There are no significant changes, but you should be aware of the specs for both.

So, what should you choose between- Cirrus Logic Vs. Realtek?

Both Cirrus Logic and RealtekLogic is a fabless semiconductor company. It focuses on analog, and audio DSP integrated circuits. Though they are both audio codec chip producers, but different in expertise. Also, different in cost, precision, and product quality.

The following are the nuts and bolts of the Cirrus logic and Realtek comparison. Do you want to learn everything there is to know about their benefits and drawbacks? Then, keep reading along.

Let’s cut to the chase!

In-Depth Comparison: Cirrus Logic Vs. Realtek

Cirrus Logic and Realtek both are very renowned audio codec IC chips manufacturers. Here is a straight comparison between the two audio formats.

Quick Overview

Before jumping into the detailed comparison, let’s have a quick overview of Realtek Vs Cirrus Logic here- 

FeaturesCirrus Realtek
ExpertiseAnalog, mixed-signal, audio DSPHighly integrated electronic components for OEM manufacturers

Head to Head Detailed Comparison

After observing this quick overview we can jump on the head-to-head discussion. It is quite similar to exactly how we compare Bluray audio and SACD audio formats. 

Now, we are going to illustrate the detailed comparison of Cirrus Logic and Realtek logic.

Let’s get started- 

Company Overview

Cirrus Logic company has founded the “fabless” semiconductor paradigm. The company started its journey in 1984. Cirrus Logic purchased Crystal Semiconductor, a provider of analog & mixed-signal conversion IC chips.

In the 1990s, it became a top supplier of PC graphics processors and audio converters. Also, it supplied magnetic storage chips.

Cirrus Logic is a prominent provider of high-precision, low-power, and mixed-signal processing solutions. It is used for smartphones, wireless headsets, high or low gain headphones, tablets, wearables, laptops, etc.

The company has a significant intellectual property portfolio. It has more than 3,940 pending and granted patents globally.

These patents have fueled the creation of a large number of materials. The materials are used for industries leading worldwide companies.

On the other hand, Realtek is the most common audio codec manufacturer today. It was built back in 1991. Realtek’s older codecs are labeled “Avance Logic. Both old and current codecs have model designations that begin with “ALC.”

Realtek attempts to provide the pinnacle of IC technology. Its firm commitment to developing unique & innovative designs for high-tech applications.

It has earned the company a global reputation. It has also enabled a helpful and reliable growth rate within years since its founding.


Cirrus logic company specializes in the sector of Analog, mixed-signal, and audio DSP.

Cirrus’ Microsoft Windows 2D GUI accelerators outperformed rival VGA processors from Oak Technologies. Paradise Microsystems, and Trident Microsystems, are in the low-end market area as well.

After so many revolutionary inventions like the GD546x “Laguna” line of PCI/AGP 3D accelerators, it is the company’s final graphics chip.

Realtek’s expertise ranges from science to strategies. Also for digital analytics and customizations, development, network engineers, operations, and customer support.

These are all important innovations of 1186 players:

Mede8er X3D Series (MED1000X3D, MED800X3D, MED600X3D), Xtreamer Prodigy 3D, and HiMedia 900B.


Cirrus logic offers products including “codecs” chips. It combines analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters. It converts into a single circuit board. “Smart codecs” – codecs that include digital signal processing. It has boosted amplifiers and standalone digital sound processors.

Source: thestreet

The Company’s SoundClear technology includes a diverse set of tools, software, and algorithms. It helps differentiate its customers’ products by enhancing the customer experience with functionalities.

These functionalities involve higher-fidelity audio, and a high-quality sound playback system. Also a voice recorder system, and effective noise cancellation.

All of these lead to generating higher revenues for Cirrus Logic.

But, Realtek offers network adapter controllers, hardware controllers, switched network controllers. Also wireless LAN ICs, gateway controllers, and ADSL router controllers. These are among the communications system IC products developed and marketed by Realtek.

Source: amazon

The original Xtreamer, Asus O!PlayHD, ACRyan PlayOn, and Mede8er MED500X were all key products during the Realtek 1073 period.

The classic AC ’97 sound codecs, the High Def Audio codecs, memory card controllers, clock generators, and IEEE 1394 ICs are all examples of Realtek’s computer peripheral IC products.

LCD Screen Controllers, LCD TV Controllers, and Digital Media Processors are examples of multimedia IC devices of Realtek.

There are many high-quality adapters and wlan cards of Realtek. Here’s our recommendation for those.


Cirrus logic has high precision in their IC chips products. On the other hand, Realtek or Avance logic doesn’t have as much precision as cirrus logic. 

Winner: Cirrus Logic


Cirrus logic company produces low-cost IC chips which are worthy. Cirrus Logic was a low-cost PC graphics chip manufacturer from the early 1990s. And Realtek company comparatively has higher cost IC manufactured chips.

Winner: Cirrus Logic


Cirrus logic IC chips are not integrated. But Realtek Ic chips are highly integrated manufactured chips. So, it has high function and combining ability. So, it can be incorporated into larger units.

Winner: Realtek logic

Our Recommendation

Now, it is clear that both logic has their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you out, we can share our opinion on this, which logic would be wise to choose.

According to us, Cirrus logic is better in many sectors than Realtek logic. Also, many engineers recommend this logic as it is better in performance and quality.

Cirrus Logic developers have concentrated on the quality and performance of smart codecs. It works to reduce the impacts of system clock jitter on the audio route. These devices used a proprietary “clock clean up” technique.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot choose Realtek. If Realtek is matching your greatest requirements, then go with Realtek logic anytime.


Why should you go with Cirrus Logic?

You should go with Cirrus Logic because it has earned a high profile as a pioneer and innovation in audio technology. It has Analog and mixed-signal data converters & audio processors from Cirrus Logic. These are used in the most well-known mobile.

What products basically does Realtek manufacture?

Realtek produces and distributes a wide range of microchips across the world. Three main product lines: communication system ICs, computer peripheral ICs, & multimedia ICs. Realtek employs 5,000 individuals as of 2019, with 78% of them working in R&D.

Is Realtek the owner of Avance logic?

Yes. Avance Logic was bought by Realtek in 1995. It was operated as a separate business till the end of 2002 when it was absorbed into the firm. Realtek’s Audio Solutions are built on Avance Logic technology. It is also known by the prefix “ALG”. (Avance Logic Graphics) and “ALS” (Avance Logic Systems).


We hope the discussion helped you to come to a decision on which is better: cirrus logic vs Realtek. Though we recommend the better one on the basis of a generic overview. But at the end of the day, you will have to make your own decision according to your requirements.

Until next time, sayonara!

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