Corsair Void Pro Headset Problems

Corsair Void Pro Headset Problems: How to Solve Them

Corsair Void Pro Headset is very popular and one of your favorites if you are a gamer. But when your headset is having problems, it can be quite inconvenient. So, how to deal with Corsair Void Pro Headset Problems?

Well, the problems with your Corsair Void Pro Headset can be of different types. Such as your mic not working, buzzing sound, connection issues, etc. These problems can be solved very easily. Either by rolling back to previous software or by configuring your device.

But not to worry!. We have provided practical solutions to the Corsair Void Pro Headset Problems. Additional information regarding this technical issue can be found in the following paragraphs.

Problems you May Face

Corsair is one of the most famous names in the technology world. It sells a variety of gaming accessories. Like cabinets, gaming keyboards, headsets, gaming PCs, Mice, CPU Coolers, and so on.

No matter if you’re a casual user or professional, Corsair Void Pro would be a good choice. This headset is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

However, there are a few instances where the Corsair Void Pro headset may cause issues. Like while playing games on your Windows PCs, it may not operate at all. 

In the following segments, we’ve discussed all the issues you could face and their solutions.

Problem 1: Corsair Void Pro Mic Not Working

Corsair Void Pro is well known for its robust performance. However, there could still be some issues regarding the mic. For instance, it may not be working or not be detecting any signal. Even if you play audio, you won’t be able to communicate if this microphone isn’t working. This can be because of several reasons.

Moreover, you could also hear the echo of your own voice. As a result, you need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. This is to play your game with the best audio available. So, here are some main reasons for which your mic could malfunction-

  • PC audio settings
  • Damaged Drive
  • Hardware Problems
  • PC Privacy setting locked
  • Default Device not set
  • Low Sample Rate

Fix 1: Rolling Back to Previous Windows Version

Many times your Headset might not work on a new upgraded Windows software. Sometimes, different new versions are not well supported by your headset. If such a situation occurs, you need to go back to your previous windows version.

To do so, you can follow the steps given below:

  • To open settings, press Windows + I
  • Select Update and Security section
  • Open the recovery tab and go back to the previous Windows version
  • Now click the Get Started button to go back to the previous version within 10 days
  • Follow the basic functions that come along

Finally, verify whether or not the Corsair Void Pro Mic is operational. If the issue still remains, proceed to the next stages.

Fix 2 Upgrade Audio Driver

First, check whether your Windows PC’s audio drivers are updated. If you come across any expired drivers, update them right away to the most recent versions. You must follow the procedures below to accomplish this. The steps to do it are given below:

Step 1 Audio Drive Upgrade

Press Windows + X and click Device Manager. Then locate the Audio Input and Output section and double click to expand. Then select The Device from the list and choose Upgrade Driver Option.

Step 2 Reinstall Corsair HID

Press Windows + R and type “devmgmt.MSc” and press Enter. Expand the audio inputs and outputs in the device manager. Now, select the Corsair Headset and right-click it to uninstall. It will show a pop-up window and click to confirm that.

After uninstalling, go to the action menu and choose the Scan for Hardware Changes option. Then reinstall the drive on your PC. By now, the mic should be working just fine

Step 3 Modify Mic Settings

Go to the system tray and on the sound button, you will find a recording tab. Click on the headset microphone Corsair Void Wireless Gaming Dongle option. Now click the Set Default button and make the device default. After that, select the Properties button and increase volume. Then save the changes.

Step 4 Change Default Settings of the Mic

By default, Windows sets the sampling rate for all newly added devices to be very low. As a result, we recommend that the user alter the Microphone’s default settings. This is to increase the sample rate. Select sound from the System tray and a window opens up. Then go to the Recording tab and select Headphones. Then click the Properties button and go to the Advanced tab. Now, click the drop-down menu and select sample rates.

Now, check to see if The Corsair Void Pro headset is working by clicking the OK button. If not, choose another option from the drop-down menu. Double-check if the device is operational or not.

Step 5 Running the Troubleshooting

Press the Windows logo and go to settings. Now, go to the Update and Security section and then choose the Troubleshoot tab in the left pane. Now go to Additional Troubleshooting and locate the playing audio option on the right. Now click on Additional Troubleshooting and see if the work is done on its own.

If your mic is still not working, it could be a hardware problem. Physical problems are quite common in headsets. If you don’t want to go through any more hassle, you can check out these speakers to replace your Void Pro.

But if you’re still hellbound to fix your headset, let’s move forward.

Problem 2: Unable to Pair Corsair Void Pro to Device

This may happen due to various reasons. For example, your battery level might be low, or your dongle could be wrongly paired. If your battery is low, you need to charge the headphone full and then try to connect it again.

If your problem isn’t resolved yet, it is due to the dongle being wrongly paired. To solve this go through the following steps:

  • Plugin the wireless receiver dongle into your PC
  • Find out the tiny hole near the led of the dongle. Place a paper clip in the hole and keep pressing until the led blinds rapidly
  • Hold the power button until the led turns solid and your device is connected.

Problem 3: Corsair Void Pro Producing Irregular Sound

Are you hearing different types of sound from your headphones? It could be due to your operation beyond the headphone’s range. Or, it could be due to inconsistent sound settings. But not to worry, every problem has its solution. So, let’s move forward!

Reason 1- Operating Headphone Beyond Range

Is the sound playing at low volume? Or maybe you’re hearing a beeping sound. It could be a result of inconsistencies in system settings. This could happen if you’re listening from too far away from the wireless dongles. 

Or maybe something’s interfering with the headphones and the dongle’s transmission.

To solve this, try connecting the wireless dongle to a different location or using the dongle extension with the headphones. Simply insert the dongle into the extension port and your device into the extension cable.

Reason 2- Inconsistent Sound System

Are you listening to crackling sounds? This can be because of inconsistency in your sound system. This inconsistency can result from faulty hardware or a software bug. You can solve this issue with the steps given below:

  • On the CUE homepage, go to settings. Check if the microphone check is off or not
  • Use a different USB port and other devices to see if the issue is with your headset or device. 

If you don’t have any additional USB ports, here are some of the ones you must check.

Problem 4: Corsair Void Pro Not Charging

Is your headphone not charging? This is maybe because your headphone is in bootloader mode or for a faulty headphone battery.

If your battery is at fault, the easiest way to solve this is by changing the battery.

But the problem could also be in the bootloader model can be solved easily by following a few steps. They are given below:

  • Open CUE and select the device from settings.
  • You will see void wireless and click update firmware on that
  • Select the focus update from the server option and connect headphones when signaled by CUE
  • Leave the device for update and pair up the dongle again

How to Avoid Corsair Void Pro Problems

To avoid any headphone problems, including a microphone problem, use the latest audio device driver. You can download the latest audio drivers from Corsair’s website directly.

Also, check the Windows PC to solve any hardware problem beforehand. Recheck the audio settings occasionally to make sure they are not changed by mistake.


Here are some of the queries you might be thinking of. Have a look below:

Why does my speaker sound fuzzy?

There are two basic reasons for your speaker to sound fuzzy at high volumes. The most typical reason is that the audio source is distorted in the first place. Speakers, on the other hand, can distort if their drivers are pushed to the limits. This is of their designed motion. It causes them to react non-linearly and produce distorted sounds.

What does distorted audio sound like?

When people talk about distortion, they usually mean any sort of irregular sound. There are many causes of hollow sounds. Main are tone or balance levels that aren’t adjusted or something with the room acoustics.


If your Corsair Void Pro Headset Problems are not solved, use the procedures to fix the problem. We hope we’ve helped you solve your problem.

You can leave a message in the comment box below if you have any questions about this issue.

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