Crosley Record Player Not Spinning- 5 Easy Fixes

You’re just about to play your favorite song on your Crosley record player. But all of a sudden your record player won’t spin. Frustrating, right?

So, why is your Crosley record player not spinning?

Your Crosley record player will not spin if the power connection is not okay, or if the belt or the tonearm mechanism is not functioning properly. Ensuring a functioning power connection, and belt along with the tonearm will solve this issue in most cases. If all else fails, the problem might be in the motor instead.

So these are some of the ways you can fix a Crosley record player not spinning. Not sure about the details yet?

Get on board with us and solve this problem in the easiest way!

Crosley Record Player Not Spinning- Can You Fix It?

Yes, you can fix the Crosley record player not spinning pretty easily. You don’t have to lose your night’s sleep over it. Here are a few tricks that might work for you.

Make sure your power cable is functional and is properly plugged in, if that’s not the issue, replacing the belt or the tonearm will solve it. However, if nothing else works, it’s better to replace the record players since that indicates a problem with the motor.

It’s a pretty common issue with Crosley Record Players and Thomas Pacconi Record players suffer from this issue too. However, it can be fixed pretty easily!

However, if your Crosley record player not turning on then it might need some immediate fixes.

You need to make sure the power adapter cable is properly plugged in. Ensure that the power light comes on when the volume knob is turned. If it doesn’t then the power adapter cable might need to be replaced.

Now, before finding the problems, let’s briefly understand how the two types of record players work.

And then we will move on to Crosley record player troubleshooting.


Direct-drive record players work with the motor directly beneath the platter.

The shaft of the motor is connected with the platter and the platter spins as the motor shaft rotates.

Direct-drive record players get up to their speed almost instantly. It is also easier to play with them.

This is why DJs all around the world use direct-drive record players.


Belt-drive or belt-driven record players work with the motor offset. The motor is connected with a rubber belt that wraps around the platter.

It takes belt-driven players a few seconds to get to its full speed. Because the motor first rotates the belt and later the belt makes the platter spin.

Are You Sure Your Crosley Record Player Is Not Spinning?

Record player not spinning can cause as much pain as your tweeter malfunctioning.

So, if your Crosley record player is not spinning, it’s not always your player who is at the fault.

Before deciding if your record player is faulty, let’s check some basic troubleshooting first.

  • Check if the plug is connected to the socket properly.
  • If you have a Bluetooth record player, make sure that it’s connected to your device. The platter starts spinning when the music plays.
  • If Bluetooth is not connected, it won’t get the music and hence not spin. As a result, you might think the problem is with the record player.
  • Make sure that nothing is connected to the AUX input of your Crosley record player.

If you’ve checked these issues, your record player should start spinning just fine. But if it’s still not spinning, don’t worry! It might also be the fault of the cartridge. In that case, you have to replace it with a good cartridge. However, if the record player skips while walking that’s whole another case.

Head over to the next segment to find your criminal and get rid of it!

Crosley Record Player Not Spinning: Troubleshooting

If the aforementioned steps didn’t fix the problem, let’s try to discover what the issue is. Also, we’ll be providing solutions to each of these problems.

So, how to troubleshoot a Crosley record player?

If your record player is not spinning, start with resetting the tonearm. If it’s okay, take care of the issue of the tight or loose drive belt and the platter.

But you might not know how to solve each and every one of these issues. So, buckle up, get on board and let’s get that record player spinning!

Tonearm Not Reset

Chances are that you got your record player from an acquaintance or a thrift shop. So it’s normal if it didn’t come with a user manual.

Some old modeled record players require their arms to be reset after a record is finished.

They go to their resting position after every record if they manually function.

As a result, they won’t start spinning if the tonearm is not reset before a new record.


The solution to this problem is very simple. You just have to reset the tonearm.

For Crosley record player arm adjustment, simply take the tonearm and push it on the right side. Move it past its resting place until you hear a click.

When you hear a click, it means your problem is already fixed.

Many people lose their night’s sleep just because of this simple issue. Remember to do it after every new record.

But keep your ears open while doing this. Don’t push it any further after you’ve heard the clicking sound. Else you might end up damaging the tonearm.

Belt Drive Issues

If you own a belt-driven record player, the issue could be in the belt itself.

Belts are found usually in high-end record players. The rubber belt reduces the noise by absorbing the vibration created by the motor.

You can face two different types of problems in this case.

Problem 1: Loose Belt

It’s normal that the belt might get a bit expanded after a long time of usage. As a result, it won’t have enough friction with the motor shaft to turn the platter.

This will show that the power is on but your Crosley record player won’t spin.


If a loose belt is your problem, you just have to shrink it. Easier said than done, huh?

Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy. You just have to take the rubber belt off and heat it to shrink it.

Wait a minute, we didn’t go nuts! We’ve also known our whole life that materials only expand when heated.

But we’ve also learned that there are always exceptions, right?

Well, the exception is now. We’re not your high school physics teacher, so let’s not get into the mechanism behind it.

Rubber is made of long chains of unusually structured polymers. As a result, the mechanism works in reverse here.

Please scroll down a little bit and you’ll find how to remove the platter. After you’ve removed the platter, you’ll find the rubber belt right there.

Take the belt off and boil it in plain water for 2-3 minutes. 

This will shrink the rubber belt to some extent. How much should you shrink the belt depends on the size of the belt and the player.

If it’s still loose after boiling for 2-3 minutes, boil it for another 2 minutes. Then try to mount it again.

Keep boiling it with a 1-minute margin until it fits properly and you’re done!

Problem 2: Tight belt

It’s also possible that the rubber band shrank due to the high temperature outside. Or maybe it came tight when you bought it.

As a result, it will not enable the motor to spin. This will result in your Crosley record player turntable not spinning. Which may cause your record player to make low-pitched sounds.


First, take the rubber belt and put it in a pot filled with water. Then put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. After that, try to mount it again.

If it’s still too small, keep it in the refrigerator for another couple of hours and try again. This should solve your problem.

But suppose, you expanded or shrunk it too much in the process. All you have to do is, do the reverse thing and get it back in shape.

When and How to Replace the Belt

There might come a time when simply shrinking or expanding the belt won’t solve the problem.

If the rubber belt is scrambled or thinned out, you should consider replacing the belt.

But how to replace a drive belt?

To replace a drive belt, you need to dismantle the record player first. Then you have to remove the platter, replace the belt and put everything back on. Note that everything needs to be done with utmost caution.

You can buy an aftermarket drive belt for Crosley record player from local shops. But there are a lot of qualities in this product.

So, if you’re not sure which would be the best, here are our top picks to ease your pain-

Now that you have your replacement belt, let’s mount it!

Step 1: Removing The C-Clip And Platter

Remove the C-clip with a flat screwdriver that is located in the center of the platter. Then remove the platter and the belt should come off with the platter.

Step 2: Mounting The Replacement Belt Around The Center Ring

Take your replacement belt and mount it around the center ring of the platter. 

Step 3: Pulling The Ring Over The Post

Find the two small posts on the outer ring of the platter and pull the ring over one of these posts. This will create a triangular shape for the belt.

Step 4: Mounting The Platter

Locate the drive spool. It is usually surrounded by three screws.

Now mount the platter back on and make sure that the spool fits inside the triangular part of the belt.

Step 5: Snapping The Platter into Place

Once the platter is back on, turn it counterclockwise until you hear the belt snap into place. And finally, put the C-clip back on!

And we’re done with replacing the belt!

If it still doesn’t spin, the motor itself is at the fault. In that case, head over to the next segment.

Platter Issues

Another issue can be the platter itself. If it’s misplaced or jammed with the record player’s casing, it’d refrain the platter from spinning. This is a common issue one might face.


To solve this problem, simply remove the platter by following the steps mentioned in the previous problem and simply put the platter back on.

This will take care of your problem if the platter is the issue.

Direct Drive Issues

If your record player is direct-drive, you got bad news! The Crosley record player motor is connected directly with the platter without any belts.

So, if the record player is not spinning, the problem is directly in the motor itself.

Now the problem can be as simple as dirt clog or as complicated as the motor’s mechanism.

To check, remove the platter as explained before and check the motor shaft.


If you can see any dirt clogged on the shaft, you’re saved!

Simply just clean the shaft, put the platter back on and you’re good to go.

But if there is no dirt, it gets a little complicated here. In that case, you have to open the motor and find where the problem is.

Now, the motor consists of a lot of small components and it gets really tough to figure out where the problem is.

So, you should get a replacement motor that matches your record player model and replace it.

Now let’s take a quick recap on the problems and their solutions!

Tonearm not resetMove the tonearm to the right past its resting place until you hear a click.
Loose beltHeat the belt to shrink it.
Tight beltPut the belt into cold water and refrigerate it.
Misplaced platterRemove the platter and mount it again.
Jammed motorClean the motor shaft.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Crosley Record Player?

We really hope that by now you’ve got your record player spinning. But if it’s still stuck in the same place, get it checked practically by a professional.

And if it’s still not fixed, we’re afraid it’s time to let go of it. Replacing your record player could be a really big decision. But what has to be done has to be done!

How to Take Care of Your Record Player

We all have to take care of things to make them last longer, huh? But how to maintain a record player?

To make sure that you get the best out of your record player, you should perform the due maintenance. You should always keep your record player level. Also, you have to regularly clean the needle, the static dust and the belt.

Let’s get into the details of maintaining a record player properly!

Tip 1: Keep Your Record Player Level

Always keep your record player in a place parallel to the ground.

If it’s off-balance, the additional friction between the tonearm and the disc could harm both of them.

If your record player has adjustable legs, adjust them accordingly or keep your player on a level area.

Tip 2: Clean the Needle/Stylus

Always, always remember to keep your record player clean. Dust can clog into the places which control the speed of your record player.

As a result, your record player could spin slowly or even might stop spinning. Dust could also cause distorted sound or uneven volume.

To clean your Crosley record player needle, you should use a brush that is specially made for cleaning styluses.

If you don’t have one, you can use a regular paintbrush.

Try to clean it every day for the best performance. At least, clean it whenever you can if not every day.

But try to avoid wiping side to side. If you put too much pressure, it could displace the needle. That would do more harm than good. Rather clean it back to front.

Tip 3: Clean the Static

Due to continuous spinning, the record player generates a certain amount of electricity on the surface.

As a result, static dust can build their home on the player.

You should get an anti-static gun to remove the static dust from your record player.

Tip 4: Clean the Belt and Motor

Once in a month or two, you should consider cleaning the belt and motor of your record player.

Remove the platter and clean the belt and the motor with a cleaning brush or paintbrush.

Drip a drop or two of cleaning fluid into the motor after cleaning the shaft. 

Remember to follow these tips to give your record player a longer life!


How long do turntable needles last?

It depends on the quality of the needle totally. So, it’s not possible to exactly determine the lifespan of the needles. But on average they usually last for almost 1000 hours.

Do I Need Speakers for Record Players?

If the built-in speaker is good enough, you do not necessarily need any external speaker. But it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of extra speakers.

Why does the sound quality differ from one player to another?

It differs because of the built-in specifications of the record players. That’s why different players are priced differently and come in different shapes. But as external factors, the stylus and the cartridge have a big role in the sound quality.


Now that we’re here, we hope you’ve figured out why your Crosley record player is not spinning.

Just because your record player is not spinning doesn’t mean you have to change it right away. Do some troubleshooting first by yourself or a professional.

It’s time to say goodbye. Remember, always keep your record player clean!

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