DAC Directly to Power Amp [Is it Possible]

Let’s say you own a DAC and an amplifier. Or you are just curious if you can connect your DAC to your amplifier. You could also have a defective preamp which made you ask this question. 

Whatever the reason is, we’re here to help you provide the answer. 

So, can you connect DAC directly to Power Amp? 

The answer is yes you can connect DAC directly to the power amp. But it’s not recommended. You should consider the impedance mismatch, volume control, and gain if you do so. But a DACs audio output is weak. Hence when connected to a power amp it produces weak sound. The solution is using a preamp.

We’ve discussed these in detail in this article. So stick with us till the end. We’re sure that you’ll find your answer. 

So let’s dive right in. 

Difference Between DAC and Preamp

A DAC and a preamp are separated by their key roles. A DAC is kind of a modern device that converts digital signals to analog signals. It functions by transforming digital audio signals into analog format. DAC is a very important device. There are many reasons why you need a DAC.

Amplification is not available with DACs. DACs act as a connection between the audio and the preamp.

On the flip side, a preamp is essential in enhancing the signal’s intensity. It transforms a poor audio stream into a more powerful one. A preamp does not conduct audio signal conversion. 

However, rest assured that differentiating between DAC and preamp isn’t as tough as choosing the cable between preamp and poweramp.

Things to Consider

While connecting the DAC directly to the power amp you should consider a few things. Such as impedance mismatch, volume control, and gain.

Let’s have a look. 

Impedance Mismatch

For a matching impedance, you need to consider the output of your DAC. 

Let’s say you say your DAC has sufficient current required to drive the amplifier’s input. Then you won’t be needing a preamp. 

On the other hand, let’s say, the output of your DAC is insufficient. Then you’ll need a low-impedance preamp. 

Some amplifiers work better when they are connected to low impedance sources.

Volume Control

DACs with volume control could be utilized as preamps. Considering it can feed the amplifier a loud enough analog audio signal. Especially when the volume is increased. 

Newer DACs have a digital attenuator on board. Which requires a programmable microcontroller. This microcontroller unit is found on desktop DACs with hardware volume controls. 

As a result, volume control is handled by a DAC chip. Which ensures precision and accuracy.


You need to push your amplifier’s output level to the maximum. Your DAC should be able to do it. 

But let’s say your DAC fails to push the amplifier’s output to maximum. In this case, you need to use a preamp with more gain.

Using a preamp with more gain will help the amplifier produce maximum output. 

Why Can’t you use Most DACs Can’t As a Preamp

A DAC’s output audio is often a faint audio signal. The majority of DACs are not designed to provide a loud audio stream. Hence, most DAC to the amplifier isn’t suitable for direct use. 

Every power amplifier, you see, must have an input sensitivity. An amplifier’s input sensitivity is how sensitive it is to the audio signal. Here the audio signal refers to the audio signal it receives through its input port.

High input sensitivity amplifiers can detect extremely low-level or faint audio sources. In Contrast, low input sensitivity amplifiers can only detect powerful audio signals.

However, you can connect DAC amps with your PC, headphones, etc.

Sadly, the input sensitivity of most power amplifiers is fairly low. Thus, when you directly connect your DAC to the amp it may not produce quality sound. Because sometimes it won’t even recognize the audio signals from the DAC.

But what you can do is use some amps with high input sensitivity. Like the LLLLKKKK 320W. It has not also seen a price hike recently. So now is a good time to grab it.

The safest bet is to use a preamp for an enhanced quality of sound. The preamp will simply enhance the DAC’s faint audio signal. 

Source: neumann

This will enable the sound to be recognized by an amplifier. Like the All about Adapter Preamp. This has an adjustable gain of up to 20 dB. You can easily connect your DAC with this.

Then the signal can be amplified for headphones or speakers by the power amplifier. 

And you need a specific cable to connect preamp to poweramp.

DACs That are Good to Use Directly to the AMP

When you don’t have high-gain amplifiers or speakers in your setup, you can skip the preamp. Getting a somewhat more costly DAC that can generate a powerful analog audio signal. And will be a solution. 

Although most DACs do not produce quality sound if used directly on the amp. There are some DACs you can use to get great quality audio. 

Let’s have a look. 


The RME ADI-2 DAC FS is one of the finest DACs available. It features a beautiful layout and offers excellent digital-to-analog conversion. This DAC has several characteristics that make it quite helpful.

Most notably, it contains a volume control that lets you adjust the audio level. Moreover, this device can produce a very loud audio signal.

Soundavo HP-DAC1

Soundavo HP-DAC1 is a great quality DAC that can be used directly on an amp. 

It features a volume increase and may be used as a preamp. The chassis design of this DAC is basic yet sturdy, with the great build quality.

This DAC is well-built, has several inputs, and can function as a preamp without difficulty. As a result, it may be utilized to power a power amplifier.

Should You Use DAC Directly to the Amp?

Now should you or should you not use DAC directly to the amp? Well, it depends on your setup. But generally, it’s recommended to use DAC to the preamp and then preamp to the amp. Even though it is possible to use a DAC directly to the amp.

Because this affects your sound quality. It will decrease the sound quality in most cases. Hence, even after having a high-end audio setup, you could end up producing low-quality audio. Despite that, DACs are worth it.

In most cases using a preamp is recommended. Because a preamp has the capability to enhance the sound quality. 


Is using a DAC with Spotify worthwhile?

No, using a DAC with Spotify is not worthwhile. A DAC is not required for Spotify, although it might enhance the experience for some. You don’t need a DAC that can process large quantities of data. Because Spotify doesn’t contain songs with high bitrates. Hence, it’s not necessary to use a DAC.

Are DACs included in audio interfaces?

Yes, most audio interfaces include DACs. Every audio interface, such as laptops, smart TVs, and even phones, includes a built-in DAC. The audio performance of your sound system will be improved using an audio interface. Such as a DAC. Furthermore, a good quality DAC will improve the sound quality.

Is a digital audio converter (DAC) required for PC gaming?

No, a DAC is not required to yield high-quality PC gaming sounds. Gaming headphones do not require an amplifier or DAC to function properly. High-quality audio may be obtained by directly connecting it to the motherboard. In case you get your headphones too low, a separate amplifier might work.


Hopefully, by now you are clear about DAC directly to the power amp. 

A bonus tip for you is to buy a preamp that goes well with the DAC. Hope all the given info will help you.

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