Fender Supersonic 22 Problems: 4 Common Problems and Solutions! [Complete Guide]

Fender Supersonic 22 is a great guitar amplifier. For any guitarist, it is one of the top choices for guitar amplifiers. So, it’s very frustrating if your Fender Supersonic 22 has problems.

So, how do you fix Fender Supersonic 22 problems?

You may need to check and replace the PSU for your Fender Supersonic 22 problem. Another common issue is that it gets too hot. You need to ensure proper air ventilation to avert the problem.  The footswitch of the Fender Supersonic 22 can be broken too. You must replace it.

Don’t stress! We have troubleshot each problem in brief. That way you can easily fix or avert any problems of Fender Supersonic 22.

Let us get started!

Fender Supersonic 22s’ 6 Common Problems

Fender Supersonic 22 is one of the best guitar amplifiers. It is a professional and easy-to-use tool for any guitarist. The amplifier will provide a smooth melancholic sound which is a delight to listen to.

Source: davesguitar.com

Nevertheless, Fender Supersonic 22 can face problems. The issues with Fender Supersonic 22 can cause many unwanted circumstances. Let’s see 6 common problems of Fender Supersonic 22.

Problem 1 of 4: Fender Supersonic 22 Doesn’t Turn On

Fender Supersonic 22 not turning on is a very common problem. Many issues can cause the problem. It gets frustrating when your Fender Supersonic fails to even start.

Even other musical instruments can face these sorts of issues. For instance, the blue yeti mute button issue is another common problem.

Problem 2 of 5: Fender Supersonic 22 Gets Too Hot

We all know that amplifiers can get hot. But, in the case of Fender Supersonic 22, the issue can be troublesome. 

Fender  Supersonic 22s’ performance drops significantly if it gets too hot. For example, low-frequency sound can get distorted. Or even worse, suddenly the Fender Supersonic 22 hangs during any performance.

Problem 3 of 4: Footswitch Issue

Fender Supersonic 22-footswitch problems are very common as well. A footswitch allows you to change the frequency channel, a sound, and give specific effects.

A broken footswitch is problematic. Sometimes, because of it, the sound channel gets automatically changed. It causes a lot of problems for fellow guitarists.

It’s actually sad to see such an expensive set of guitar amps have such problems. However, you can try out some cheap amps for personal use. They won’t have the same quality. But you can still enjoy your playing experience. Take a look:

These amps are cheap but worth the price. Try them out yourself!

Problem 4 of 4: Low Volume

Another common scenario of Fender Supersonic 22 is the low volume issue. As we all know, amplifiers are great to resonate the lower frequency sound into higher.

But, due to certain malfunctions, Fender Supersonic 22 low volume issue happens. You won’t get the desired sound out of the guitar amplifier for it.

These are the problems usually Fender Supersonic 22 faces. The problems seem to be critical as it hampers your guitar sound. However, don’t worry! We have troubleshot every problem for you in the next section.

So, let’s jump into the next section.

Troubleshooting Fender Supersonic 22 Problems

Fender Supersonic 22 review says that it still is a favorite choice for most guitarists. Yet, nowadays, you can get two different amplifiers in the market. Those are tube preamp or solid-state.

Now we have to solve the problems of Fender Supersonic 22. So, without waiting any longer let’s fix each problem.

Troubleshooting 1of 4: Fender Supersonic 22 Doesn’t Turn On

When your amplifier doesn’t turn on, it could happen for 3 reasons. 

Firstly, Fender Supersonic 22 isn’t connected on decent ground. 

Secondly, a bad PSU (Power Supply Unit) can be another reason.

Lastly, the yield transistor of Fender Supersonic 22 is busted.

Let’s see the solution to the problem.


Firstly, make sure the Fender Supersonic 22 has a decent base. This means it’s fastened to exposed metal that’s clean, rust-free, and secure.

Secondly, check the PSU and the power supply adapter. If you smell anything funny or see cords broken, you have to change the PSU. Sometimes, a broken power supply adapter can also be the culprit.

Thirdly, your yield transistor can be busted. To troubleshoot it, check the protection between terminals of the yield transistor. If any terminals show 0-ohm, remove the terminal. Then, get a new terminal and attach that with the yield transistor.

Your Fender Supersonic 22 will again turn on by following the troubleshooting method.

Troubleshooting 2 of 4: Fender Supersonic 22 Gets Too Hot

While jamming, you touch any metal part of Fender Supersonic 22. And, you felt it is hotter than usual. Well, that’s an issue. Although guitar amplifiers get hot, when it exceeds the usual temperature, they will sound bad.

Firstly, your fender supersonic 22 is hot for poor air ventilation. You may be keeping the amplifier in a confined place. 

Lastly, speakers can be wired to a non-impedance cord. For this reason, your speaker will receive more input and consume more power. Hence, your Fender Supersonic 22 is hotter than usual.

Let’s check some steps to avert the problem.


Firstly, you can turn off the amplifier to lower the temperature. You can do it after a couple of hours of using it.

Secondly, use fans to keep the temperature in control. Many suggest getting 3-5” PC fans for this. Also, keep the amplifier in an open space.

Lastly, make sure the speakers are connected to an impedance cord. Also, keeping the bass low can resolve the issue.

Source: musicradar.com

Troubleshooting 3 of 4: Footswitch Issue

For Fender Supersonic 22 footswitch is an essential tool. It helps you to switch between channels and gain distortion. But, it is prone to some issues.

For starters, The footswitch can be broken. The flimsy footswitch is easily broken. When the signal is dropped, you will notice this problem. It will no longer have its normal click when you put your foot on it.

Let’s see the solution to the issue.


To begin, open the pedal and inspect the footswitch’s connection. You will need to purchase a replacement. 

After that, put it in the proper spot. Make sure everything is aligned perfectly or else it won’t work. 

Finally, use a soldering iron to reattach it to its original location.

Troubleshooting 4 of 4: Low Volume

Is Fender Supersonic 22 volume level too low

Well, if that’s the case it is tied to equalizer settings. Another possible thing can be the connection of your guitar and amplifier is loose.

Let’s see how to fix the issue.


Firstly, you need to set your equalizer of Fender Supersonic 22 correctly. Otherwise, for different genre songs, you will get low volume. The good news is, guitar amplifier eq settings are easy to set.

Lastly, make sure the connection between your guitar and amplifier is not loose. Eleven if it doesn’t fix the issue, then you need to get a new instrumental cord. Luckily, you can get the Fender instrument cable.

That’s all about the step-by-step troubleshooting of Fender Supersonic 22 problems. The solutions will come in handy. 

Maintenance Guideline

Fender Supersonic 22 is still a widely popular guitar amplifier. Yet the amplifier is a very sensitive musical instrument. So, you need to properly follow a few maintenance tips. Those are given below.

Keep Water or Other Liquids Away

If you don’t want your amplifier to get damaged, then keep water away from it. Your Fender Supersonic 22 will get short-circuited if water is poured all over it.

Keep It Clean

You have to keep the guitar amplifier clean. You can use a microfiber cloth for it. We recommend using Quickie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Also, clean the internal parts once every month using dust-off can air.

Turn It Off After Using It

Make sure to turn off the guitar amplifier after using it. Otherwise, the amplifier will keep on using power and get hot.

You should have understood the maintenance guide. Now let’s move to the question and answer section.

Source: themusiczoo.com


How Much Power Does Fender Supersonic 22 Require?

Fender supersonic 22 requires 22w of output wattage. For this reason, the series is named Fender Supersonic 22.

Is Fender Supersonic 22 a Tube Amplifier?

Yes, Fender Supersonic 22 is a tube amplifier. Released in 2006, the all-tube amplifier became popular and is a favorite to many guitarists.

How Many Channels Does Fender Supersonic 22 Have?

Fender Supersonic 22 has 2 channels. Those are called “vintage” with two swappable voices, and, “burn”.


That’s all about Fender Supersonic 22 problems. Here is a tip, always try to keep gain low and adjust the volume accordingly. That way you will get better sound from Fender Supersonic 22.

Take care!

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