FiiO M11 vs iBasso Dx160: Which One Brings Up-to-date!

Regular users like audiophiles own a better choice of sound quality. So, you may hear brand names through them while buying an audio player. Still, you wish to see the comparisons before getting on board, don’t you? 

We understand your dilemma! Here’s our brief in this article to make your experience more rhythmic!

So which one would be splendid between FiiO M11 vs iBasso DX160?

Well, let’s not consider these ordinary. Several features are there to amaze you! Similarly, these have got differences in RAM, display, and other technical specifications. iBasso DX160 serves users as a lightweight device. But in terms of format support, FiiO M11 outplays other audio players!

Interested to know more? Then this article suits you perfectly! 

We have arranged in-depth discussions to fill your boot in! Let’s dig deeper!

FiiO M11 vs iBasso DX160: A Quick Glimpse!

With a superabundance of attributes, these DAPs are highly famous and top the user’s demand. 

Traits that run as user-friendly are needed to be spot on! That’s where our research lies! So, let’s get a quick recap of FiiO M11 vs iBasso DX160 from the table!

Comparing AspectsFiiO M11iBasso Dx160
Case/Build QualityAluminum caseAluminum case
WirelessBluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 4Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 5
Operation MethodTouchscreen with volume wheelTouchscreen
Screen1440 x 720 resolution1080×1920 IPS screen
User InterfaceAndroid 7.0Android 8.1
Battery Performance3800 mAh3200 mAh
DAC2 x AK4493EQ 32-BitUnspecified
Memory SlotDualSingle

Got some snippets? We totally get your back even if you didn’t catch it! Tons of info remaining on our bag to spell yet! It’s time to move on our focus into the detailing. 

FiiO M11 vs iBasso DX160: Detailed Comparison

You just saw the quick comparison, now let’s look into the details-

Build Quality

Starting this comparison with iBasso DX160 which holds a massive improvement. Previously, what you could find in the DX150 and DX220 is quite one-dimensional. 

Look at the DX160 upgraded DAP, it comes with a brushed aluminum case. CNC carve aluminum here ensures quality and longevity. 

You will find nicer bonded glass too. Some simple revamps have made it a different DAP. Color varieties are also available. So, a good-looking device with top-notch build quality is visible. 

Meanwhile, FiiO launched M11 as their giant DAP. Comparatively, it goes far higher in size than models like Fiio M6, M7, etc. You must know the difference between FiiO M17 and FiiO M15 while comparing it to iBasso!

Along with that, carrying a big-screen consisting of an 86% screen ratio is something else! Also, its aluminum cases and glass panels on both sides match perfectly. 

Panels are seamlessly integrated. And wedges are the tiniest. As a result, you will find no gap while scrolling the screen from top to bottom. 

Wondering which durable protective case you should choose? Well, get through this product suggestion table!

Keep your amplifier player safe and secured!

Well, controlling the volume is another level of fun in the FiiO Brand

What you could find in the volume tabs inside luxury cars lies here! Yes, changing the volume tabs or wheels offer some resistance that brings a premium impression.

Winner: Both.


First of all, the drawback you will notice is that no modular amps are there. So, these DAPs can not satisfy those who are fond of AMP modules

The iBasso brand used to come with AMP7, and AMP9 on its previously launched- DX220. Similarly, FiiO brought amps on the X7 series. 

However, FiiO M11 has a 1 x 3.5 mm single-ended headphone output. Along with that, a Pentacon balanced output includes the list. Same goes for iBasso DX160 too! 

Meanwhile, iBasso carries only one micro-SD port. Relevantly, it’s not attached to a rubber cover which may feel generic to you. But the ultra-high capacity compensates for the flaws. 

In the meantime, FiiO M11 serves two microSD slots! Well, if you look at the playback controls of these, both ease your work. 

Anytime you can control it blind-wise. Having simple switching between play/pause, next and previous, keeps work easier.

Winner: FiiO M11



A 1080×1920 IPS screen of DX160 delivers broader angles to view. The retina display also stays high-quality, having 445ppi. 

Having sun-light tolerance with top-notch brightness is what we like the most. You will have an excellent browsing experience under the sun. 

On the other hand, picture definition satisfies users in Fiio M11. With a 312ppi, it brings 1440 x 720 resolution. Viewing YouTube videos here with the highest pixels is something for the eyes.

Also, take a look! In size comparison, 5.5″ M11 tops over DX160. And yes, size does matter too! 

Winner: FiiO M11.

User Interface

In comparison to UI, more specifically the Android OS, DX160 brings the most updated version- 8.1. Meanwhile, you barely get any restrictions in streaming online apps. 

Along with the MQA formatting, the audio ratio is highly compressed. Welcome to this HD music era! CPU/RAM of the iBasso ensures you have a seamless journey overall. 

Interestingly, no Google Play Store service is available! But in the long run, things don’t get squeezed for this unavailability. However, its APK Pure installation does the trick!

Mango player is another inclusion carrying 2.1.2. version. Similarly, FiiO Music compensates for Google features in the M11 model. FiiO Music App has many songs of your choice too!

Winner: iBasso DX160.

Battery Performance

This aspect has been underrated while comparing. Durability, smoother UI, etc., have a great dependency on the battery shelf. 

FiiO M11 wins over this segment with a 3800 mAh battery. Meanwhile, DX160 lacks the top-notch battery standard carrying 3200 mAh. 

However, this is capable of running for 12 hours continuously in a single mode. If users like listening in low-gain mode, the time falls 2 hours shorter.

Other models have different battery compatibility. For example., FiiO X1 compared to FiiO X3 has different compatibility.

Always choose the one with better battery life.  

Winner: FiiO M11.

Final Verdict

If you are still reading this, it’s time for our recommendation. We got attracted to FiiO M11 for its great UI and well-built quality. 

However, comparing it against several PMPs, you may find it less good. But the articulated and subtle sound system, and extended functions, will make you go for it. 

Also, availability has been an issue for the FiiO M11 to a certain extent. It was last available in October 2021.

Meanwhile, DX160 provides a robust sonic signature along with great specifications. But the average battery shelf is its pivotal drawback. 

According to the price, FiiO M11 is a little bit expensive. We recorded its price at $685 back in October 2021. Meanwhile, iBasso stayed around $273. 

Also, remember our table that we talked about at first? Well, acknowledging every aspect we recommend FiiO M11.


Moreover, we recommend the Astell&Kern Portable Music Player to keep on your wishlist. Apart from its high-end quality, you get bit-to-bit playback up to 32bit per 384kHz! 

Winner: FiiO M11.


Will I Get Spotify in the FiiO M11?

Yes, this audio player has a vast collection of different application platforms. From DLNA, UPnP to AirPlay, all are included here. Also, users get access to high-definition streaming sites to choose their songs from! Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Napster, TuneIn, are the big names in the list. 

Is iBasso The Right Brand To Buy My Audio Player?

This Chinese brand is popular for providing stunning DAPs, In-ear monitors, and even amplifiers. Audiophiles find comfort here as it updates new technologies in the players regularly. Vast collections such as DX160 and DX220, are hyped products. Top-notch service and a long warranty keep users engaged.

What Does A Lossless Audio Player Bring?

It’s entirely a unique process in the middle of audio compression. Consequently, users enjoy the real quality of sound as it serves as a fine compressed digital audio file. In summary, no detail gets lost in the audio track by its data algorithm. A lossy file stays half of the original records in size.

Final Words

We have tried letting you know every possible aspect of FiiO M11 vs iBasso DX160

However, there are tons of things we missed. But the key aspect you may understand here hopefully. 

Here’s our bonus tip- always check which setup you are using! 

Now, it’s time to wrap! Happy listening!

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