FiiO M17 vs HiBy R8: Get the Best Listening Experience!

Whenever we are comparing two beasts of music players, all we see is the sound quality. But there is much more to understand to know the prominent player. 

FiiO and HiBy R8 are excellent listening devices. But the slight differences make one better than the other.

So, Who do you think will win between FiiO M17 vs HiBy R8? 

FiiO M17 comes with a heavier weight with Dual ES9038PRO DAC chipsets. It contains a wider screen than the HiBy R8. But the sound quality of both of the players is excellent. FiiO M17 has more controlling options whereas the HiBy R8 lets you alternate the audio easily. M17 is a cheaper option.

Looks okay so far. But there’s more to unveil! We’ve gathered this informational debate so that you can pick the winner!

FiiO M17 vs HiBy R8: Quick Comparison

Before jumping into the details, let’s begin by familiarizing ourselves with the basic differences.

We have compared the two music players side-by-side So, let’s not wait any longer and go through the Fiio M17 and Hiby R8 comparison– 

FeaturesFiiO M17HiBy R8
DesignHeavier weight (612g)Lighter weight (425g)
ChipsetsDual ES9038PRO Dac Chipsets.Dual AK4497EQ Dac Chipsets.
ControlsMore buttons, sleek controls Fewer buttons, fine control movements
Display5.99” widescreen.5.05” display. 
Sound ImpressionClear and dynamic sound.Dynamic Range and power.
Functionality Supports Android, Pure Music, USB DAC, SPDIF-RX, and Bluetooth 5.0Supports HiByLink, DLNA, Airplay, WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0 
Storage Capacity Built-in 64 GB, Expendable 2 TB4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, 2TB SD Storage. 
Check AvailabilityCheck Price On AliexpressCheck Price

Looks like this is going to be a very close battle. The two music players look to have rivaling specs, making them go head-to-head in every field. 

Now that you know the notable differences, let’s go over the detailed differences. 

Fiio M17 vs HiBy R8: Detailed Comparison

You might be wondering: What’s all the fuss around Fiio M17 and HiBy R8?

Well, performance-wise, the two music players can give each other a good run for their money. And looks like they both fall into the same price range as well! 

So we decided to run an elaborate comparison between the two music players. Let’s see which one has the edge over the other!

We already mentioned the key differences between the two. You have the idea, right?

But let’s look at the detailed differences to clear all of your confusion!


The first factor we look at while buying is the design. So, let’s talk about it now!

What you’ll notice first about the M17 is it’s a massive size. Weighing around 612g, the device is built like a brick. In fact, the Fiio M17 is the world’s biggest portable music player to this day. It has a 9200 milliamp battery pack in it.

The buttons and ports are on every side of the M17. There are a few lights to make the device more interesting on the bottom left side of the player.

FiiO M17 has a broad selection of four different ports. It has 6.5 and 3.5 mm ports. It also has balanced 4.4 and balanced 2.5 ports.

Unfortunately, this many ports can be a dust magnet if left in open for long. Luckily for you, you can get anti-dust plugs for Fiio M17 ports.

You might question the worth of  DACs for enhancing sound quality. But don’t forget that, M17 also comes with dual ES9038PRO Dac Chipsets. 

Now, if we take the HiBy R8 in hand. We will see it is also a pretty big boy but lighter than the M17. It weighs around 424g. This can reach the 500g mark if you’re looking to encase it with a Hiby R8 protective casing.

 It has a 10000 milliamps battery packed in.

Size and weight comparison between
Size and weight comparison between Fiio M17 and HiBy R8

HiBy announced that they tried to make this device more masculine. It means the audio gears are changed in many ways. For example, it has fewer ports than the M17.

In the R8, there is a tray for micro SD on the left side. The volume knob is on the top with a well-defined rotation.

There are four buttons that protrude more on the upper side. So there will be no accidental clicks.

Now, let’s look at the ports of the R8. It has a USB C port, along with a Phone out, and a balanced phone out. And the other two ports are line out and balanced line out. 

So, if we are looking for a winner here, FiiO M17 wins. Because it provides you with a user-friendly design. 

Winner: FiiO M17

Control System:

FiiO M17 has many controlling options on the built-in wide 5.99” widescreen. You can easily secure the delicate screen with available M17 screen protectors from Aliexpress. It also has some extra controls like “In-Vehicle Mode” for your ease.

Control System

Here are some Fiio m17 technical specifications:

FiiO M17 has altered DSD, it changes all the music to DSD64. But it can get the device quite hot. There are six different modes on the device.  There are two pages of settings so it becomes more flexible as you are using it more often.

On the other hand, HiBy R8 also used a more recent Snapdragon Chipset with Android 9. But you can easily upgrade the latest firmware on the R6 and R8

For FiiO M17, it’s also the same. If you’re looking for Fiio M17 performance upgrade,  keep an eye on the FiiO M17 software release date.

But the major difference is that you will find only five options when you pull the bar from the top. Which is really less as compared to the M17.

There are also not many applications here.

Naturally, the winner of this section is FiiO M17. After all, it is providing you with flexible control. In addition, Fiio M17 comes on top in the Fiio m17 vs HiBy R8 display specifications battle.

Winner: FiiO M17

Sound Impression:

Here comes the most important factor to look at. The sound impression.

As the M17 is a flagship model, it comes with overall excellent sound quality. 

Not only this but also FiiO M17 comes with excellent low THD measurements. It also provides a THX-based amp, enhancing the overall quality of audio. 

So, if you are listening to the M17, you’re listening to a super clear and uncolored sound. A low gain mode and a desktop mode are there for you.

The high b signature sound of HiBy R8 is on the warmer and analog sound side. Many audiophiles prefer to choose Analog over digital volume control.

But what we can appreciate here is that there is much less coloration compared to the R6. R8 is using a polite version of tuning, but it’s engaging. You can use an IMR Opus Mia for example.

R8 provides absolutely excellent sounds and suits low frequency as well.

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They’re both tied in this section. 


As we already mentioned, the FiiO M17 offers better flexibility. There are multiple functions for you to look at in M17.

Rather than having the FiiO app, this device can install apps from the play store. It also supports Pure Music, USB DAC, and SPDIF-RX. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The drawback of the M17 is it doesn’t have the latest SOC. FiiO M17 has SnapDragon 660 available. But it has a dual 9038 pro and a THX AAA 788 plus.

But the HiBy R8 comes with a great amount of additional audio functions. For example, if you need additional power you can go for “Turbo Mode”.

FiiO M17 has SnapDragon 660

You can also install Plug-ins system-wide in the R8. There are many different sound-altering settings in this which many users will like.

So it comes down to the fact that the HiBy R8 does have a better function system.

Winner: HiBy R8


When it comes to pricing, the two IEMs are sold almost around a similar price range.

You can get your hands on Fiio M17 from anywhere between $1700 to $1800. On the other hand, the HiBy R8 might come out a little expensive, pricing around $1800 – $1900. 

The pricing can vary depending on the buying platform and available discounts.

From the looks of it, the M17 is much cheaper. But it doesn’t compromise any of the features.

So you are getting a cheaper device with more features and functions. 

Now, in terms of which one’s the cheaper option, it’s FiiO M17.

Winner: FiiO M17

Which One to Choose?

We are closing in towards the end. Now it’s time to choose a winner between FiiO M17 and 

If we look at the design of M17 we can see it has a heavier weight with Dual ES9038PRO Dac Chipsets. The design of the device is much better than the R8.

Next up, FiiO M17 has a flexible control system. It contains a lot more modes. It’s more user-friendly than the HiBy R8. So if you’re a regular user looking for a good music experience, go for Fiio M17. It’s cheaper too!

Fiio M17

The sound impression of both devices is dynamic. They both provide great uncolored sound.

In terms of functionality, HiBy R8 provides many more options for alternating your audio.

Like messing around with the sound settings a lot? Then you should pick up the HiBy R8 for yourself!

And considering everything, we can say that FiiO M17 is the winner. Hiby R8 is excellent too but the features and options are better in M17.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is FiiO FH5S worth the price?

Yes, the Fiio FH5S is Fiio’s best value-for-bucks product till this date. FiiO IEMs usually come up with a high price tag. But now, you can finally enjoy high-quality and coherent sounds, thanks to Fiio FH5S. 

How Good Is FiiO FH5?

FiiO FH5 is for listeners who want high-quality sound on the go. But if you are looking for a serious kind of audio mixing it’s not for you. It will provide great sound on your commutes but is not great for mixing.

Is HiBy R6 Better Than R8?

Well, not really. R6 delivers the sound of harmony, in a bold, muscular visual version. It also has a Dual ES9038Q2M. Individually he is a great player. But if you compare it with the R8, you will see a lot of upgrades in that. 


Now you know what to choose when it comes to FiiO M17 vs HiBy R8. Pretty sure that you already understand everything about these two portable players.

Choose your preferred option and listen to your favorite song!

Have a great time with your listening experience!

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