Fiio M17 Vs iBasso DX300: Head-To-Head Comparison

The production of high-end DAPs is so frequent now that it’s hard to keep track. Fiio and iBasso have been reigning over the DAP market for a while now.

Their newest addition is becoming people’s favorite in no time. And by that, we are referring to the Fiio m17 and iBasso dx300 series.

So, which one is better among Fiio m17 vs iBasso dx300?

Fiio m17 has a large connection interface than iBasso dx300. It has more output ports and a way stronger internal structure. iBasso dx300 has a similar pitched sound performance to Fiio m17. However, iBasso provides more RAM space and has a bigger screen size than Fiio m17. 

Curious to know more regarding the topic? Then keep reading until the end.

Let’s begin!

Fiio M17 Vs iBasso DX300: Quick Comparison

Before we rush to our main discussion, let’s take a glance at some key differences between Fiio m17 and iBasso dx300:


Fiio M17

iBasso DX300



Dual ES9038Pro DAC chipset 

4x CS43198


Qualcomm 660 SoC

Qualcomm 660

Sound quality

4 GB

6 GB


64 GB+46 GB memory card

128 GB+ Micro-SD



Black, Blue


156.8 mm x 88.5 mm x 28 mm

162 mm x 77 mm x 17 mm


610 g

300 g




Headphone Output Ports

6.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm, 2.5mm

4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.5 mm 


Ready for the real discussion? Let’s start.

Fiio M17 Vs iBasso DX300: Detailed Comparison

Listening to music has never been easier with the emergence of smartphones and other e-devices. So people might think the days we used digital audio players are over.

But the truth is the total opposite of it. With the latest designs dropped in the market, DAP manufacturers are doing better than ever. The qualities are rising with each new release that it’s hard to keep up. So, we constantly need DAP for better sound.

Not long ago Fiio m15 was the talk of the market. But with the latest release of m17 Fiio toppled over its own records. The same goes for the iBasso dx300 series.

Fiio m15

These are two of the most popular DAPs at the moment. So, naturally, there would be a comparison between them. You’re at the right place if you wanna learn the detailed differences between them.


The body of Fiio m17 is made from aluminum. To be more precise it’s called CNC machined aluminum. Its weight is about 610g. 

Having an aluminum body can make it easily heat up after long sessions of use. For that, you can get a cooling stand for your Fiio M17.

The finishing of Fiio m17 has a lot of angular and straight lines. It has a nice 3D black glassy finish in the rear. Due to its size and weight, it’s not as pocket-friendly as other portable DAPs. 

You can secure your Fiio m17 display using a glass protector.

But that’s not the case for iBasso dx300. It’s comparatively smaller than Fiio m17 and weighs about 300g. Unlike the size differences in Fiio m17 to HiBy r8 iBasso dx300 is rather bigger.

The frame of iBasso dx300 is made from CNC carving aluminum. Same as Fiio m17. But the casing has a solid shiny metallic color without any patterns on it. It’s available in black and blue colors.


Fiio m17 has one of the best layouts among other series. Its dimensions are 156.8 mm x 88.5 mm x 28 mm. Its design is totally different from its predecessor series Fiio m15.

It also comes with a lot of output ports. Single-ended ports are 6.5 and 3.5 mm. Balanced ports are 4.4 and 2.5 mm. This is something that differentiates Kann alpha from Fiio m17.  

Due to having such a high number of ports, the Fiio M17 tends to collect a lot of dust. To tackle that, you can use anti-dust plugs to cover up the ports. 

However, a recurring query many buyers ask for is:

Is Fiio M17 waterproof?

Technically, the Fiio M17 is sweat and waterproof to some extent. Thanks to the FW1 circuit board that uses waterproof nano-coating and glue. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about mild water spillage or sweat. But being soaked in water can seriously damage your Fiio M17.

Even if you have many different sized cables it won’t be a problem. It also has a massive screen of 5.99”. It has both a physical key button and multi-functional key buttons. 

There’s also a volume button on the sides with the analog potentiometer volume knob. But what makes it stand out more is its LED side grills. 

This unique specification of Fiio m17 gives it a gaming setup look. That definitely creates some bias in the consumers.

But what about iBasso dx300 dimensions?

The iBasso dx300 has a dimension of 162 mm x 77 mm x 17 mm. It’s definitely bigger than its previous series and comes with decent output options, It supports 4.4, 2.5, and 3.55 mm outputs. 

That pretty much covers all the basic options you need. It also has a massive screen of 6.5”. iBasso dx300 also has the best screen according to many users.

There are volume control, play, and pause buttons. There’s also a gold-plated mechanical knob for volume control. The iBasso dx300 has a decent design overall.

Fiio m17

Key Specifications

Fiio m17 specs include a highly-optimized internal structure. It has a portable desktop-class player. The internal settings consist of a dual ES9038Pro DAC chipset.

The CPU is from the Snapdragon Qualcomm 660. It uses the upgraded THX AAA-788+ op-amplifier. The voltage noise is low thanks to the high-end op-amplifiers that have been used. 

Thanks to the majestic QCC5124 flagship chip it supports almost all type of Bluetooth transmission. Its technical specs are definitely indisputable.

But can you listen to Spotify with Fiio M17?

Yes! Fiio M17 supports a wide range of platforms. That includes Fiio Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, and most importantly, Spotify. With Fiio M17, you can also play natively DSD files, making it a multitasking beast!

iBasso dx300 on the other hand has a 4x CS43198 chipset. It runs on Qulacomm 600 CPU. Thanks to that it runs pretty fast just like any modern smartphone. 

It also supports almost all kinds of streaming providers. One thing that iBasso dx300 tops over Fiio m17 is the storage. It has 128 GB along with a micro SD card.

Thanks to the impressive battery life of 12-15 hours, you don’t have to worry about battery backup for iBasso dx300. iBasso dx300 charging time is also fast. Recording almost 80% charging rate in an hour and a half.

Sound Performance

Fiio has provided better resolving and more powerful sound performance in m17 than m15. M17 delivers clear sound that has a much better texture.

Unlike the predecessor series, harmonic dissonance is no longer an issue. The vocals have a solid-state THX color calibration with excellent harmonic balance.

The sound comes rather deep and punchy and not overly warm. It’s such a good match with headphones like Diana V2. 

Despite having all that cool features, can Fiio M17 be used as a DAC?

Yes, the Fiio M17s USB DAC mode can convert the DAP into a high-quality DAC. You can use the Fiio M17 as a DAC with both computers and home sound systems. 

The iBasso dx300’s sound performance is a lot similar to Fiio. It gives a distinctive and rather sharp sound performance in high tonality.

The mids give a linear and flat sound and deliver clear voices with a wide soundstage. The low tonality has a solid deep sound performance. Altogether it has a perfect score on sound performance.

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So, Who Wins?

Both Fiio m17 and iBasso dx300 are the best hi-end DAPs that one can have. It’s hard to crown one over another since both are such excellent products.

But eleven so if we are to select one it would be Fiio m17. It’s the latest addition in the Fiio DAP series that has outdone all other predecessors.

Fiio DAP series

It’s a desktop-class performer with an attractive design and has a large connection interface range. It’s also fast-paced and has an excellent delivery set.

The newest additions in features certainly put it ahead in the run. But let’s not undermine iBasso dx300 either. This beast has already secured the best DAP award in its name.

So, the final call is yours. No matter which one you choose your money won’t be wasted.


Is iBasso dx300 Being Discontinued?

Apparently yes. It’s being discontinued at the moment. This is due to having a problem with the Cirrus logic DAC chip. They have a chip shortage. So, further production hasn’t been announced.

How to Update iBasso dx300 Firmware?

Download the updated version in the internal memory or root folder of the SD card. Now go to the android OS and press the settings option. From there click system, followed by updater then local update. Reboot after installation.

How to Do a Factory Reset on Fiio m17?

To factory reset, hold the pause button with the power button simultaneously for 10s. If it’s in the off state, hold the previous track button with the power button. Choose factory reset/wipe data.


That’s all from us about Fiio m17 vs iBasso dx300. Hopefully, we were able to help you make a decision on which one to choose.

Although they are quite expensive they are worth the price. Hope you have a great experience with your purchase.

See you next time!

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