FiiO M17 vs SP2000: Better Portable Audio Player?


Want to play high-resolution music or media files? You’re probably confused about which device to use. You could be a music enthusiast or a professional who works with sound systems. 

Regardless of who you are, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for. 

So, which is better, FiiO M17 vs SP2000? 

Between the FiiO M17 and SP2000, the FiiO M17 has a better Bluetooth version, screen size, expandable storage, and weight. However, the SP2000 has better internal storage and faster charging. But when it comes to price the FiiO M17 is much cheaper. 

We’ve discussed these factors in detail throughout the entire article. Do stick with us till the end to find what you’re looking for. 

So, let’s hop in. 

Quick Comparison 

When you are browsing high-end Digital Audio Players you’ll certainly stumble across two devices. These are the FiiO M17 and Astell & Kern SP2000. 

But the very first confusion of every digital audio enthusiast is choosing between DAC or DAP.

Then when the decision comes to DAP then these two devices are supreme. 

Let’s look at the factors that differentiate these two devices at a glance. 

Factors FiiO M17 Astell & Kern SP2000
DAC Chipset Dual ES9038PRO 32-BitAKM AK4499EQ Dual DACs
Screen Size5.99”5.00”
Bluetooth Version5.04.1
Charging Time 4.5 Hours2.5 Hours 
Built-in Storage64 GB512 GB
Expandable Storage 2 TB1 TB
Weight14.49 oz / 410.8 g21.5 oz / 610 g
Price $1600 to $1800$3300-$3500

FiiO M17 vs SP2000: Head-To-Head Comparison

Now let’s move on to a more detailed head-to-head comparison between the two. Both the FiiO M17 specs and Astell & Kern SP2000 specs are top of the line. 

Before moving to the details, remember one thing. Even though DACs are worth it DAPs are clear winners in most cases. 

Now let’s head towards the details. 


The performance of each DAP varies on various factors. You need to consider the DAC chipset, power output, and processor.

The DAC chipset used by Fiio M17 is Dual ES9038PRO 32-Bit. The device is equipped with Octa-core Snapdragon 660 SC. At 32 ohm, the power output will be 3 watts.

On the other hand, SP2000 is also equipped with an Octa-core processor. However, it uses Flagship AKM AK4499EQ Dual DACs. Also, at 32 ohms the power output is 800 mW. 

Many users prefer AKM AK4499EQ Dual DACs. Also, SP2000 consumes less power than FiiO M17. 

However, FiiO M17 uses a Snapdragon processor. Hence you get a powerful device just like any premium android phone. 

Winner: It depends on the brand preference of the processor.

UI Experience

The FiiO M17 runs Android 10. Which is considerably newer. And the UI isn’t cluttered with bloatware unlike some of its rivals. It has a straightforward, user-friendly UI.

When it comes to SP2000 you’ll also get a user-friendly UI. But you’ll find it slow and choppy at times.  

I didn’t find this issue while I pitted Fiio X1 against X3. That’s because they are from the same brand unlike these two.

Winner: Fiio M17

Screen Size

When considering the screen size the winner depends. It depends on whether you prefer a larger screen size or not. 

But if you think of it in general terms it’s the bigger the better. 

The screen size of the FiiO M17 is 5.99 inches.

Source: blog.son

On the other hand, the screen of SP 2000 is smaller compared to the FiiO M17. It’s 5.00 inches. 

Winner: FiiO M17

Bluetooth Version

When it comes to Bluetooth the FiiO M17 edge ahead. 

The FiiO M17 comes with Bluetooth version 5.0. Which is more recent than the Bluetooth system of SP2000. 

SP2000 comes with Bluetooth Version 4.1. 

Winner: FiiO M17

Charging Time 

When it comes to the time required to reach full charge, the SP 2000 edges ahead. 

Once you plug in the FiiO M17 it’ll take about 4.5 hours to fully charge it. It’s quite a while if you think about it. 

If you don’t like to wait as much, you should try the SP2000. It only takes around 2.5 hours to get it fully charged. 

Faster charging means you can enjoy more time with your device. So, if you think you have less patience then you should go for the SP2000.

Winner: SP2000

Built-in Storage

Now, let’s talk about the built-in storage capacity of both devices. In this regard, the SP2000 has a massive advantage. 

The built-in storage of the FiiO M17 is 64GB. Which is itty-bitty compared to the SP2000. The SP2000 has a built-in storage system of 512GB. 

Now, do consider that sometimes you don’t need such a massive storage system. You could be one of those people from whom 64GB should be enough. 

But generally, people prefer larger storage capacity. Why? Because they can own a huge collection of music from the media player. 

Winner: SP2000

Expandable Storage 

Now, both the devices have the option to expand the storage.

You can expand the FiiO M17 up to an additional 2TB. Which means you’ll get the total storage capacity to about 2TB plus the built-in 64GB. 

However, you can expand up to 1TB as external storage for the SP2000. This means you’ll get the total storage capacity to about 1TB plus the built-in 512GB. 

So, let’s say you want to expand the storage capacity. In this regard, you’ll get the option for larger external storage for the FiiO M17. 

Many around the world suggest Fiio M17 as their top pick for multipurpose uses.

Winner: FiiO M17


Now let’s talk about the weight of the devices. 

The FiiO M17 is the lighter of the two. 

The FiiO M17  weighs around 14.49 oz or 410.8 grams. On the other hand, the SP2000 weighs around 21.5 oz or 610 grams. 

When it comes to weight it’s the lighter the better. A lighter weight means it’s easier to carry and handle. 

So, the winner here is the FiiO M17

Winner: FiiO M17


Lastly, comes the price. There is a big difference in price between the two devices. 

The FiiO M17 price rounds up to approximately $1600 to $1800. Which is not less by any means. Considering you’ll be spending quite a lot of money on just one device. 

However, the Astell & Kern SP2000s price could possibly break the bank. As it costs around a staggering $3300-$3500. This is almost double compared to the FiiO M17. 

Winner: FiiO M17

FiiO M17 or SP2000: Which One is the Better DAP?

See the better device depends on your preference really. Both FiiO M17 reviews and Astell & Kern SP2000 reviews are good.

Some of the FiiO M17 features top the Astell & Kern SP2000 features. Such as the FiiO M17 has the latest Bluetooth and a bigger screen. Besides, it has the option of greater expandable storage. And it has a lighter weight than the SP2000. 

Moreover, the M17 is available even in Aliexpress.

Similarly, the SP2000 also has a few better features compared to the FiiO M17. Such as faster charging time and greater built-in storage.

But most importantly, consider the price of the devices. The SP2000 costs around $3300-$3500. On the other hand, the FiiO M17 costs around $1600-$1800. 


What is the battery capacity of FiiO M17 and SP2000?

The Battery capacity of the FiiO M17 is 9200 mAh and the SP2000 is 3700 mAh. This indicates that the FiiO M17 has a much bigger battery capacity. Therefore, it has a greater runtime compared to the SP2000. This means a fully charged FiiO M17 will run longer than a fully charged SP2000. 

Is the SP2000 Roon Ready? 

Yes, the SP2000 is Roon Ready. A Roon Ready audio device has the capability to run Roon’s Audio distribution technology. The tech is called RAAT. This means that the device can play a very high-quality sound. As well as, run the Roon software smoothly. It’s a great added feature for audio devices. 

Which does the SP2000 use? 

The SP2000 uses an Octa-core processor. Which is used in Galaxy Smartphones. Octa-core processors use 8 cores to process the system. The higher the cores, the heavier task a device can run. It solves the lagging and hanging problems of the device. Which makes the interface smoother to operate. 


By now you should have an idea regarding FiiO M17 vs SP2000.

Bonus information for you is that both the devices contain a type-C USB port. 

That’ll be all from us. Hopefully, this helped you get your answer. Catch you another time. 

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