Fiio M7 vs Sony NW-A55: Which Audio System is Worth Investing?

Buying a music player ain’t that easy. Things get messier when you have to think about battery, memory, interface, hardware, etc. you have to consider.

Fiio m7 vs Sony NW-A55, which one you can go for?

Fiio m7 can offer you an excellent audio system than Sony. On the other hand, Sony has a much better memory and storage feature than the Fiio m7. It takes only 2.5 hrs to charge Fiio M7, whereas you will need at least 4 hrs to charge Sony NW A55. Thus, the clash continues.

To get all these features, you must have a specific span of knowledge about them.

Relax, you don’t need to be a phone geek now. The article here has only sufficient information that will free you from the grasp of indecision!

Let the comparison begin!

Quick Peek

Let’s start our comparison battle with a quick review between Fiio M7 vs Sony NW a55. After all, both Fiio M7 and Sony NW a55 are two of the best audiophile digital music player.

Here’s what I got on a quick peek:

FeaturesFiio M7Sony NW-A55
Storage2 GB16 GB
Size of display3.2 inches3.1 inches
Charging timeNot more than 2.5 hrsAround 4 hrs
Spotify UsageUnavailableAvailable
Operating systemDeeply customized androidSony original OS
PriceAround $350 -380Around $350-400 

This is an overall comparison you can see in an instant.

Detailed Comparison

We have seen a quick review of the two music players. Now, it’s time to get intense. As they both are from different brands they will have major dissimilarities. The contrasts will be quite relatable with the detailed comparison between FiiO M11 and iBasso Dx160.

What You Get

The first thing that you encounter when you order a music player, is the packaging! 

When you unbox the paper box of Fiio M7, obviously you will find the walker itself. 


That’s not it. You will also get a cable with a USB adapter, a screen protector, and a card for a warranty. 

Last but not least, a guide for the user.

Now, let’s open the Sony box. Once you open the Sony NW-A55 box, beside the music player, you will find a USB cable, a manual for the user. 

Also, you will get an additional paper with startup instructions.

Memory and Storage

You are using a walker, but how many songs can you actually hear? Here comes the storage. 

Sony NW-A55 has a very exquisite storage feature. The walker allows you storage of a maximum of 16 GB. 

Besides, if you need more space, the Sony NW-A55 also enables you to use an external micro SD card.

Unfortunately, Fiio M7 has a rather controversial storage feature. The basic music player has a very small span of memory, only 2GB. This is one of the Fiio M7 problems.

You can’t put too many songs in the M7. Such shortcomings compared to Sony NW a55 SD card capacity can be frustrating for some.

However, you can use micro SD cards and upgrade the storage of the walker. 

If calculated hypothetically then the storage can be almost 512 GB. Pretty mixed vibes, right?

So, A55 with great built-in storage or M7 with small storage that can be upgraded? Your wish.

Want to fit thousands of music with a huge storage capacity? You should check out our recommended list of 64 GB Micro SD cards:

Broaden your horizon with more music!

Music features

You brought the music player just for nothing. Definitely, you will seek music features.

Fiio M7 has a lot of music features. There are various play modes, sorting of song searching, and more. Sony NW A55 is also no less in this case. 

Here’s a full list of the music features provided by both Fiio M7 and Sony NW-A55:

Music featuresFiio M7Sony NW-A55
Play modeLoop, shuffle, sequential, single-loop, loop allShuffle, playback, repeat off, repeat 1 song, selected range
Song searching methodAlbums, folder, artists, genre, playlist, favorites,Releasing year, artists, album genre, SensMe channels
Accessible featuresFiio music app, FM radioSpotify, FM radio

So, check the music features and then choose your favorite player!

Design and Input

The very thing about anything that would draw one’s attention is appearance. Yes, it’s the layout of the music player that you would definitely think of first.

Let’s see what Fiio M7specs shows us. Initially, it came with 3.2 inches of display. The resolution is 400×800 pixels, making it one of the best portable music players.

It has a touch-screen feature. So, you don’t need to worry about being clicky. 

Plus, there are buttons as well. There is a top, left, and a dialer for volume. You can start, stop or go through the songs list using the left button. 

The top button is to turn the music player on or off. And the dialer is for tuning the volume.

The Sony NW-A55 has a display of 3.1 inches. The resolution of the display is 800×480. Along with the screen-touch feature, there are also side buttons for quick functions.


You can play, pause, and change the playlist with those buttons. However, instead of a roller like Fiio M7, there is only a button for controlling the sound.

Sound Quality

Now comes the prime comparison, the sound quality, and music features.

Undoubtedly, Fiio M7 is well known for its sound quality. The sound is very smooth, free of static noises. Various sound features are available. 

You can enjoy heavy metal music with bass, and soft music with mid-range. The treble is also smooth. 

However, what is special about Fiio M7’s sound is its background noise suppression feature. You will hear no background noises while listening to the song. 

Now, for impedance, The output power of Fiio M7 is 32 ohms per 130 mW. 

Speaking of which, Sony NW-A55 can give you a more output impedance in a ratio of 16 ohms per mW. 

Thus, Sony allows you to use high impedance headphones than Fiio M7!

In this case, Sony NW-A55 can give you a different sound vibe than Fiio. You can feel a more soft and warm sound while using the Fiio M7. 

The bass is more like a snap. There is a stereo surround sound system available as well. 

The noise cancellation system has multiple options such as bus, plane, office, train, etc. You can tune the level of noise based on your choice.

So, get some great v-shaped headphones, and then select the walker that has the proper sound quality you need.

So, Which Should be Your Preferred One?

This is it! All the comparisons are done. Now it’s time to choose. If you want a better interface, and sound quality with zero noise then Fiio M7 is the best shot for you. 


Or, you can go for the Sony NW A55. You will get better storage and lastly, access to all your favorite Spotify playlists! You can also use Shanling M2X as a Sony NW A55 alternative.

This way, choose the music player of your dream, play music, and keep the house music alive!


Can I Upgrade my Fiio M7?

Yes, you can. You need the firmware software for this. Download the firmware APK and save it to the SD card. Unzip the APK file. Then install the software. Once it is done, go to the technical support. You will find the update option there. Simply click it and the update will be done.

Can I See Lyrics at Fiio M7?

You can see lyrics while listening to music in Fiio M7. For that, you need the lyrics file of the songs. Put the lyrics file along with the song file. Now, go to the display where the playing menu is available. Swipe from right to left. Once you do this, you will start seeing lyrics.

Is There Wifi in Sony NW-A55?

No. The A55 supports Bluetooth, but there are no options for using wifi. Sony NW-A55 has features like NFC and Bluetooth 4.2. Moreover, you can even use AAC. So, you can only use Bluetooth headphones, but no headphones that support the wifi system.

Final Symphony

That’s all I got on “Fiio M7 vs Sony NW-A55”. Still, if you are not clear, you can go to any music prodigies. They can really give you some harmonic suggestions.

Now then, I should be going.

It’s been a long time since I listened to The Weeknd on my walker!

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