Fiio X1 Won’t Turn On: A Detailed Guide With Solution

A portable music player can drive our hectic time into a playful one. And Fiio x1 is one of the drivers on that playful track. 

With all its sound quality and features, this is a perfect portable music player. But if you see this not turning on, what would you do? Panicking would be the most common reaction, right!

Well, it’s not a biggie, you can try fixing it by yourself. 

So, what to do if the Fiio X1 won’t turn on?

There can be several reasons behind Fiio X1 not turning on. However, you can easily fix these issues all by yourself. In order to do that, you need to reset your Fiio X1. But before that, you need to make sure your device is fully charged. Once it is fully charged, reset it and turn it on.

There are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want to execute this task properly. We have all of the details you require.

So, get started now!

Why Does the Fiio X1 Not Start?

Fiio x1 is definitely one of the best lossless music players currently. But there may still be Fiio x1 turning problems for a few reasons.


Take a look below to know about some of the common reasons for these devices.

Reason 1: The Device Not Charged Properly

The most common issue for your music player not to turn on might be related to charging. This issue can happen if you fail to charge Fiio x1 properly.

Sometimes, the device does not get charged properly due to a couple of reasons. The charger might be faulty or there may be issues with cables. 

The device not charging properly can also happen for fiio x1 output power problems.

Not only that but there may be problems you aren’t aware of. Like, you may not know how long to charge the device.

And as a result of these, your music player would not be charged properly. Due to this insufficiency, there would be a problem turning on the music player. 

Thus, charging your music player properly is quite crucial for turning it on. So, ensure that you are well informed of the situation.

This type of issue can also be seen while comparing Fiio m11 and dx160.


Replace the charger if it is found to be defective. If you believe the cable is causing you problems, replace it as well.

In such a case, below are some of the best Fiio X1 charging cords.

But if you think there are no issues, it might be the charging duration. So, make sure to charge the device properly.

Reason 2: Internal Issues

If you see that the device doesn’t turn on, it’s not always a charging issue. 

The most common issue for your music player not to turn on might be internal. There might be internal issues that you are not aware of.

This can either happen automatically or for your usage. Yes, your usage could also be responsible for this if it is rough. And this can be responsible for fiio x1 stopping working.

But if your usage is fine then there might also be issues with other parts. And parts like the IC are the crucial ones.

And these problems generally occur more with Fiio x1. You rarely face these issues while comparing between Fiio x7 or Sony a55.


You basically can not fix internal issues yourself. But what you can do is reach out to an expert. They would surely resolve the particular issues.

Also, you can use some covers to keep your Fiio X1 a bit stress free. Here’s a look at a dope modded and covered Fiio X1.

Reason 3: The Other Device You Trying to Connect to Is Faulty

When you see the music player not turning on, you’d definitely think it’s the device. But the truth is it could also be the one you’re trying to connect it with. This could be the device that you are trying to connect it to.

For example, you might want to connect Fiio X1 with your computer. But the bluetooth of your pc can be faulty.

Yes, you read that right! If the other device is faulty, your music player would have a problem turning on. Although this is a bit uncommon of an incident, it actually happens at times. You never know this could be a fault of your Corsair Void Pro Headset.

And for issues like these, you need to fix the other device. Thus, you would be able to turn on your music player properly.


If you are sure about the other device’s fault, fix it. Try to address the issue first and then go accordingly. If you think that it needs professional assistance, go ahead.

How Do I Turn On My Fiio x1?

If you see that your Fiio x1 does not turn on, do not be sad. Because you can actually fix this. And you would not have to do anything complex or hard. 

Rather, you can just follow our method to turn on your Fiio x1. We tried to cover the method with steps in detail. So that you can understand it easily. 

Reset The Music Player Manually

Sometimes, you just need to reset your Fiio x1 manually to turn it on. Because there might be issues that prevent them from turning on properly. Take a look here to reset it.

Step 1: Locate The Reset Hole

The first thing you gotta do is locate the Fiio x1 reset hole. It is the same as all the other appliances. 

If you are not sure how to locate it, you may also follow the manual’s instruction book. You can find this reset hole on the side. And it is in between the volume and power button. 


Now, put something thin to see if it tends to turn on. 

Step 2: Connect The Charger

At this point, you need to connect your Fiio x1 to the charger. Because you must make sure that your music player is not out of charge. 

And ensure that the device is fully charged. When it starts charging, you can see it on the display. 

Whether the device turns on or not, you would be able to see the charging bar. And you would understand when this is fully charged.

If you think there is a problem with the charger, replace it right away. Not sure about the replacement? No problem! Take a look here for an idea!

Hope this helps!

Step 3: Insert A Thin Pin into The Reset Hole

Once you see the charge is full, you can try to turn it on. Take a thin pin for this so that you can insert it into the reset hole. 

Now, insert it into the reset hole and give a gentle push to it. Keep the force to press it as long as it takes to light up the screen. 

Once you see the screen light up, the device will start turning on. And finally, you would be able to turn on the Fiio x1.

So, these are the steps to follow to turn on Fiio x1 by resetting it.


Is it worth it to use a lossless music player?

Yes, it’s worth it to use a lossless music player. The first thing is this device is easily portable for a user. You can get qualitative sound and music on it. These have also got storage to keep your songs. You can also choose a music player from a wide range. Thus, these music players are great.

Are all the lossless music players compatible with all devices?

Well, almost every lossless music player is compatible with every device. But there might be some exceptions that are too rare. Because you can buy any lossless music player for your device. You may connect them to your device either by Bluetooth or other connectivity. 

How can I add my playlist to the Fiio x1?

You can easily add your playlist to the Fiio x1 music player. But you have to add the songs individually. At first, format it, and then this would show up as X1. Then you just need to drag off the files and drop them down to the folder. Once you complete doing this, you get your playlist on the device. 

The Bottom Line

Now you know why fiio x1 won’t turn on! And with that coming, you now know how to fix it too. 

We believe you get rid of the problem that you were concerned about. You can get any information about any of your concerns like this. So, make sure to check it out if needed.

All the best!

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