Fiio X1 Problems: 5 Problems With Easy Solutions

A good portable DAP needs no introduction. And Fiio X1 is a bang for bucks to fill our busy day with music. 

With all its sound quality and features, this is a perfect portable music player. With the budget compromise, comes a few problems. Which are often confusing to navigate and solve.

Let’s have a look at some common reasons for Fiio X1 Problems.

Fiio x1 will have Bluetooth connectivity issues if the device fails to identify the card. There is also the problem with the dead screen than can render Fiio X1 unusable. Oftentimes, a simple reboot or hard reboot can fix the issue. Be sure to keep a backup of your files before committing a hard reset.

In this article, I will offer all the solutions I’ve found to work for the Fiio X1 problems. 

Read through to find out!

5 Common Fiio X1 Problems: With 5 Equally Easy Fixes!

Considering the affordable price, Fiio X1 offers a great option to anyone who’s looking to enjoy good audio for a modest budget. 

However, it’s somewhat unrealistic to expect the product to be flawless. If anything, the Fiio X1 is prone to some common errors and issues found in mid-tier DAPs. 

There are 5 common issues users have faced so far. 

Let me remind you though, that not everyone faces these problems. Rather, this is a collection of problems users have faced so far including me.

Here’s a summary of fiio x1 problems and solutions – 

Fiio X1 ProblemsSolutions 
Fiio X1  Bluetooth ProblemsReset the dap
Fiio X1 scroll wheel problemDisassemble and clean the wheel; if it doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer
Fiio X1 TF card not foundInsert the card properly and format it elsewhere
Fiio X1 Won’t Turn OnReset the device, Replace the battery
Fiio X1 won’t connect to the PCReplace USB cable, Hard Reset Fiio X1

Let’s surf through the problems and the solutions together.

Fiio X1  Bluetooth Problems

Fiio X1 isn’t known to have any Bluetooth connectivity problems. However, X1 2nd generation, Fiio X1 ii has the problem. 

It’s basically failing to connect with other devices, and cars through Bluetooth. The DAP and other devices would detect each other. But they’d fail to successfully pair and play music.

Here is the solution


If you have bought the model before 2016, unfortunately, there is no solution available. You’ll have to move on to a later model to be able to use Bluetooth connectivity.

Because the software at the moment was incapable of successfully connecting to other devices through Bluetooth. The engineers then went to work on the FW software. Compared against X1,Fiio X3 holds out much better.

The later versions are free of Bluetooth problems. 

Although, you can try resetting or hard resetting the DAP for once. But it bore no result for me. So, I can’t vouch on the solution.

Fiio X1 Scroll Wheel Problem

Fiio X1’s attractive feature was that it brought back the scroll wheel. But the problem arises when you try to use them efficiently. It doesn’t work properly. 

A fiio x1 in hand picture

The scroll wheel helps you to navigate through the menu and playlists. What happens is it won’t take you to where you want to go.

Here’s the solution – 


The first solution, contact the Fiio manufacturer to get your scroll wheel repaired.

Because the DIY solution isn’t easy and chances are it’ll get busted. But if you’re in for it anyway, here’s the method for you – 

  1. Hold the fiio x1 and firmly and press the center button lightly while rotating it counter-clockwise. 
  2. See if the top of the button is loose. If so, then remove it. 
  3. Get a small flat screwdriver and use it as a prying tool. Remove that wheel by prying between the black disc and the wheel. 
  4. Separate the wheel mechanism slowly and gently pry out that metal piece. 
  5. See if there’s a black plastic ring inside. Lift it up. 
  6. Clean up everything thoroughly. Don’t use any water. Brush out any dust. 
  7. Use electronics cleaner to get some of the shine back in the metal ring. 
  8. Reassemble everything back together. 

If it doesn’t work after that then there’s only one solution left. Move on to a better model with a scroll wheel if that’s a must for you. 

Fiio X3 iii does a much better job at working with a scroll wheel. Mostly because it’s a later, more developed version of the X1 model.

Fiio X1 TF Card Not Found

Both Fiio X1 and the X1 ii have exhibited this issue. When you insert an SD card, it says that ‘TF card not found, insert one’. 

Try this process to solve the problem – 

  • Make sure the card is inserted fully. Insert the card upside down.
  • Format the card elsewhere. Format the card into FAT32, not exfat. It has a better chance at being detected by your DAP.

If these don’t work, it means your DAP is broken or damaged. You can also try updating the firmware to see if that works. 

Fiio X1 Won’t Turn On

If your Fiio X1 is not turning on, it’s probably due to the device battery running out of charge. Problems with the charging port or the charging adapter itself can result in your battery failing to charge itself. 

In the case of a dead battery, there’s nothing much you can do other than replace your Fiio X1 battery

Weak output power can be yet another reason for the Fiio X1 turning on the problem. 

This can either happen automatically or for your usage. Yes, your usage could also be responsible for this if it is rough. And this can lead your fiio x1 to stop working.

But if your usage is fine then there might also be issues with other parts. And parts like the IC are the crucial ones.

Compared to Fiio x7 or Sony a55 or other notable DAPs, Fiio X1 tends to face this issue in larger volume due to having inferior hardware.

Take a look at how I solved this problem – 


You basically can not fix internal issues yourself. But what you can do is reach out to an expert. They would surely resolve the particular issues.

Also, you can use some covers to keep your Fiio X1 a bit stress free.

Sometimes, you just need to reset your Fiio X1 manually to turn it on. Because there might be issues that prevent them from turning on properly. Take a look here to reset it.

The first thing you got to do is locate the Fiio x1 reset hole. It is the same as all the other appliances. 

Picture of an Fiio X1
Source: head-fi

If you are not sure how to locate it, you may also follow the manual’s instruction book. You can find this reset hole on the side. And it is in between the volume and power button

Now, insert a thin pin into the reset hole and give a gentle push to it. Keep the force to press it as long as it takes to light up the screen. 

Once you see the screen light up, the device will start turning on. And finally, you would be able to turn on the Fiio x1.

Make sure that your Fiio X1 doesn’t get into any sort of contact with water. Fiio X1 is not waterproof, just like most other DAPs on the market. 

Exposure to water can damage the device, rendering it unable to turn on. So, to be extra safe, you might want to grab a waterproof case for your Fiio X1.

Fiio X1 1 Won’t Connect To Computer

If your Fiio X1 doesn’t connect to the computer, it’s likely a software or hardware problem. 


Check the cable and USB port of the computer. If this USB cable is faulty, replace the cable with a USB cord for Fiio X1.

Use an alternate USB port for connecting your DAP to the computer. 

For software issues, you will have to factory reset Fiio X1. 

There are only a few steps to factory resetting the Fiio X1, let’s get right into the mix-

  1. Turn the Fiio X1 on. 
  2. Navigate to settings and click on it. 
  3. Get to the bottom where the factory reset option is located. 
  4. Press on factory reset. Then press again to confirm. 

Voila! Your Fiio X1 is good as new, It will not have any problems with connecting to your computer now. 

Fiio X1 White Screen

The white screen seemed like another very common issue for Fiio X1 users. Take a look at this user below – 

This problem has no solution, unfortunately. You’re better off trying your luck with the warranty. 

This concludes all the problems of Fiio X1 and their solutions. Additionally, you must keep updating the firmware to avoid further software malfunction. I also added the instruction for putting music into the DAP in the next section

Updating Firmware

Updating firmware is essential for keeping your Fiio X1 up and running. You only have to follow these easy steps to do so- 

  1. Get a TF Card (micro SD) and flash it to the FAT32 File system. You can easily do it with your computer and a card reader.
  2. Download the firmware file from Fiio’s official website to your computer. Then decompress the file. 
  3. Then copy the decompressed x1.fw file to the TF card. 
  4. Now, turn the Fiio X1 off and install the TF card. 
  5. Finally, Hold the upper left key of the scroll wheel and press the power key to turn the Fiio X1 on.
  6. The Fiio will update and then restart on its own. 

You now have an updated Fiio X1. As a result, you will not face any problems that are recurring in the past versions. 

Extra Tips 

The tip I have for you is that do not buy the Fiio X1. It is riddled with many issues both big and small. Not all of them are yet solvable. 

Instead, I have a few DAPs for you that will bode you better than the Fiio X1-

  • The Shanling Q1 is a DAP that will satisfy all your needs while not losing out on portability. It offers a comparatively bugless experience. 
  • The Hiby R2 is an entry-level DAP that doesn’t lose out in terms of features or pricing compared to the Fiio X1.
  • The Hidizs AP80 Pro X is slightly higher in the budget stair. However, it offers just more. 


Is it worth it to use a lossless music player?

Yes, it’s worth it to use a lossless music player. The first thing is this device is easily portable for a user. You can get qualitative sound and music on it. These have also got storage to keep your songs. You can also choose a music player from a wide range. Thus, these music players are great.

Are all the lossless music players compatible with all devices?

Almost every lossless music player is compatible with every device. But there might be some exceptions that are too rare. Because you can buy any lossless music player for your device. You may connect them to your device either by Bluetooth or other connectivity. 

How can I add my playlist to the Fiio x1?

To add songs, format your Fiio X1 and drag and drop the file in the folder. Unfortunately, you have to manually transfer the songs one by one as Fiio X1 doesn’t allow transferring an entire playlist. 

End Note

That covers our take on all the common Fiio X1 problems along with the solution.

We believe you get rid of the problem that you were concerned about. You can get any information about any of your concerns like this. So, make sure to check it out if needed.

All the best!

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