HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S: The Ultimate Battle Of High-Ends!

High-end headphones come in a wide variety, and many are equipped with numerous high-tech functionality. So choosing a high-end headphone can be perplexing.

But, which wins the battle of overall sound quality- HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S?

Sennheiser HD800S is the overall winner of HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800s. The runner-up is HIFIMAN Arya Stealth. It also has an edge over the HD800s when it comes to neutral sounds and power requirements. Finally, the Arya v2 comes in last place and it is not officially available any more on the marketplace.  

We’ve compiled the proper and more detailed distinction between the three down below. So let us not waste any time and get right to work-

Key Takeaways

  • Both HIFIMAN Arya and Arya Stealth are equipped with new planar drivers.
  • You need amps for these headphones to reach their full potential.
  • You get a detachable microphone with every headphone.

HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S: A Quick Comparison!

Sennheiser HD800S has higher sensitivity and impedance compared to Arya Stealth and Arya V2. That makes the HD800s harder to drive than the latter while giving it a boost in sound quality if it’s driven right. 

While the Sennheiser has a clear disparity with the latter, Arya v2 and Arya Stealth are similar in specs despite their difference being larger than Sennheiser HD 58X and HD 6XX. Though, Arya Stealth is slightly easier to drive thanks to its lower impedance and higher sensitivity.

Let’s take a quick look at that distinction alongside the HD800S-


Sennheiser HD800S

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth




1/4" plug, 4.4mm plug

Dual 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm (1/4″)

1/8" connections  &  1/4" connector













Power Requirements








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Furthermore, to make the comparison even clearer, here’s a graph comparing the three based on my rating out of 5- 

Hifiman Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S: Rated out of 5!

So, without further ado, I’ll move on to how these numbers make a difference in the performance of the headphones. 

HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S: A Detailed Comparison!

In a detailed comparison, HD800S wins in Sound Quality, Connectivity, Build Quality and Comfort, Sound stage, and technical performance whereas Arya stealth wins in costs and power requirements.

Here’s a deeper look into how it all pans out-

Sound Quality

Sennheiser HD800S has the best sound quality out of HD800S vs Arya Stealth vs Arya V2. It is closely followed by Arya Stealth with Arya v2 falling a bit short. 

I’ll start off with a table comparing the audio aspects of the three, based on a rating of 5- 

AspectsSennheiser HD800SHIFIMAN Arya StealthHIFIMAN Arya V2
Sound Stage54.74.5

To explain the reasoning behind my rating, Here’s a Harman-adjusted audio frequency graph of the three, where the blue lines are Sennheiser HD800S (L and R respectively). 

Harman Adjusted Audio Frequency Response graph Comparing HIFIMAN Arya, V2 and Sennheiser HD800S

According to the graph, The Sennheiser HD800S has better details, clarity, and separation with a much larger soundstage compared to the Arya Stealth. Whereas the mids of Arya v2 are slightly blurrier, and the trebles are slightly duller compared to Arya stealth. 

Furthermore, here’s a graphical chart comparing the three based on a rating of 5- 

A chart comparing the audio quality of the 3 based on a rating of 5

I’ll perform an individual analysis of the different headphones to make it easier for you- 

Sennheiser HD800S

If I have to review the Sennheiser HD800S- It has powerful highs, well-detailed mids, and disappointing lows. That makes it amazing for listening to acoustic, as well as rock music. Though, EDMs will sound a little stale because of the lack of bass. 

Here’s a Harman-adjusted audio frequency response graph of the Sennheiser HD800S- 

Harman Adjusted Audio Frequency Response graph of Sennheiser HD800S

The graph translates to clear vocals and excellent instrumental separation as well as brighter trebles. Furthermore, the HD800S is tonally rich and natural, I prefer that.  

However, the HD800S has linear bass with little depth. I had expected a bit more defined bass but it is an open-back headphone, so this much is fine. Basically, the HD800S gives the best of every world aside from bass. 

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth

I was impressed reviewing the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth because of a decent, punchy bass for an open-back. It also has detailed mids as well as a somewhat bright treble. 

That makes the Arya Stealth perfect for EDMs while being not too bad for Rock, Metal, and the like either. Here’s a Harman-adjusted audio graph backing up my facts- 

Harman Adjusted Audio Frequency Response graph of HIFIMAN Arya

According to the graph, Arya stealth has decently defined bass for an open-back and it has somewhat consistent mids that make up for good details. The instrumental separation is clear and the sound stage is pretty big and airy. 

I’d call Arya Stealth the jack of all trades, yet the master of none because of its well-rounded performance that does not excel in any aspect but also doesn’t fall short. 


The HIFIMAN Arya V2 has a warmer overall tonality and passable bass along with good details. You can use it to listen to all the music more or less, however, it won’t feel as good as the other two. 

To back my logic up, here’s a Harman-adjusted graph- 

Harman Adjusted Audio Frequency Response graph of HIFIMAN Arya

The Arya V2 Has slightly more disappointing bass than the Arya Stealth. The inconsistent mids can also distort some instruments, but I have not personally faced that issue. 

On the other hand, the highs point to a weak point in the treble. Arya V2 falls especially hard when it comes to treble because of the harsh dips in the 8-10k kHz range. 

This is why it had to get reworked to the version of Arya we see today, in other words, the Aria Stealth. 

Our Take:

The Sennheiser HD800S has better overall audio quality than Arya Stealth and Arya V2. That’s because the HD800S is better in both mids and highs compared to Arya Stealth and Arya V2. 

The Runner-up is Arya Stealth. That’s because Arya Stealth is better in lows than the HD800S and is better in every aspect compared to the Arya V2. 

Finally, Arya V2 comes last. I would not recommend it to the audio quality department. 

Power Requirements

The Sennheiser HD800S Requires has the highest power requirements when compared to Arya Stealth and Arya V2. That’s because of its higher impedance and Sensitivity. 

Here’s a table comparing the Power requirements of the three-

AspectsSennheiser HD800SHIFIMAN Arya StealthHIFIMAN Arya V2
Power RequirementsVery HighLowLow

High impedance Headphones require high-powered DAC Amps. There is no way around it. There’s a reason behind it. Let’s study that now- 

Sennheiser HD800S

Sennheiser HD800S has a sensitivity of 100dB and an impedance of a whopping 300Ω. That’s why the power requirement is exceedingly high. 

Higher impedance makes it hard for electricity to flow in a device and that’s why it requires more electricity in the process. 

An Image of HIFIMAN Arya
Moon Audio

So because of 300Ω, the HD800S requires a ridiculous amount of electricity from AMP and thus a higher power requirement to function properly. 

Arya Stealth and Arya V2

Both Arya Stealth and Arya V2 have similar impedance as well as sensitivity, which are around 90dB and 35Ω. So, as the impedance is not that higher than the sensitivity, Both Arya Stealth and V2 don’t require much power to run. 

As I’ve mentioned before, as the lower impedance does not require a lot of electric flow to work, Arya V2 and Arya Stealth are pretty easy to run in comparison to the HD800S. 

Our Take:

Arya Stealth and Arya V2 win against Sennheiser HD800S when it comes to power requirements because they have a lower impedance in comparison. 

Talking about power, If you want to get the most out of these headphones, amps are a must. With properly matched amps, both of these drivers will provide the maximum benefits of these headphones.

  • And I believe the Schiit Asgard 3 does an excellent job for the HD800S. Without tubes, this amp is the best option for under $500. The HD800S will have a softer edge and a more relaxed, less slammin’, and less cutting sound.
  • People generally prefer Burson Soloist 3X amps for both Arya Stealth and Arya (V2). These amps undoubtedly bring out the best of Arya headphones. 


Sennheiser HD800S has better connectors compared to the other two. The HD800S has dual-sided ODU connectors for headphones and two non-microphonic flexible cables.

One cable has a single-ended quarter termination, and the other is balanced at 4.4 millimeters.

HIFIMAN Arya and HD800s
Source: YouTube

Both Arya(V2) and Arya Stealth, on the other hand, use much more common and convenient dual-sided 3.5-millimeter connectors. But, the included crystalline copper cable is a little short and stiff.

It can quite inconvenient for some users. They may have to look for an aftermarket solution.

Build Quality & Comfort

HD800S has a  better-built quality and comfort level. The HD800S has a sizable weight advantage over both of the Arya headphones. Arya(V2) and Arya Stealth can slightly press on your jaw and temples. Whereas, HD800s evenly distribute weight and clamp force.

In terms of build quality, Arya(V2) and Arya Stealth are very similar except for the stealth magnet installation in the Arya Stealth. Despite the use of plastic in their construction, these headphones have a solid build and structure.

HD800S is the most premium quality headphone out of the three. But it is also the most fragile. This is primarily due to the metal mesh used in the construction.

It takes up the majority of the rear side of the driver. It is easily scratchable and dent-prone. It is also more brittle and vulnerable to tearing out due to the unreinforced connectors.

HD800s on head
Source: Headmania

On the other hand, Arya had a really poor track record when it came to driver longevity. They have attempted to change that with Arya’s Stealth.

Both businesses have a strong warranty policy in case you encounter any problems. Moreover, their customer service is excellent and quick. 

So, there’s no need to worry in any case of mishaps. But Sennheiser has a 2-year warranty, compared to 1-year for HIFIMAN products.

Regarding comfort, these headphones are among the best and incredibly convenient to wear during all-day listening sessions. But if comfort is a priority, HD800S is our choice.

Warning: Using headphones for too long can cause headaches.

Technical Performance

HD800S ultimately has the advantage in terms of resolution and perceived image clarity. It excels at bringing all the complex vocal and instrument tones to the surface. 

This gives them a solid foundation and creates a clear picture of the music. The HD800S can produce the most unobtrusive listening effects when used with the right tracks.

But the Arya (V2) and Arya Stealth also have distinctive detail retrieval capabilities compared to other reference models like Tygr 300r. These are some excellent performers for under $2,000.

Soundstage Imaging & Layering

The Sennheiser HD800S is better than both Arya Stealth and Arya V2 in Soundstage Imaging & Layering as well as Instrumental Separation. However, Arya Stealth is still better than the Arya V2 in this department. 

The HD800S is wider and more spacious compared to the Arya headphones. In addition, it has the most accurate imaging. That also gives it a more detailed edge in intricate sounds and musical passages. That gives it a spot above Arya Stealth and V2. 

However, Arya Stealth performs significantly better than Arya V2 when it comes to reproducing intricate musical passages. 

Source: Head-Fi


With a heavier snap and little more kick, HD800S comes in first place in dynamics compared to Arya Stealth and Arya V2. The HD800S, Arya Stealth, and HIFIMAN Arya have incredibly thin dynamics. The strongest sense of punch and slam, however, is not present in any of these.

If you want headphones with a more satisfying physical sound impact, these aren’t the ones for you. Instead, you can look for Focal or Odyssey headphones for such requirements. They have significantly more energetic and engaging dynamic presentations.

Pro Tip: Use an equalizer to find your sweet-sounding spot.


In a Cost Analysis, The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth is better than the Sennheiser HD800S because of how cheaper it is. Arya Stealth costs around $1300 whereas HD800S costs around $1700. There are additional costs too. 

In a HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S situation, Sennheiser HD800S loses out only in the cost factor. After you take additional costs like Amps and preamps into consideration, the costs of HD800S goes to upwards of around $2000 whereas the Arya Stealth costs a total of around $1500-$1700 even with the additional costs.

The reason I didn’t mention Arya V2 is that it is not officially available anymore since the revision, Arya Stealth got released. 

When purchasing high-end headphones, price is extremely important. You obviously expect a certain level of quality for the high price. 

Let’s move on to the final verdict. 

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that Sennheiser HD800S is the overall winner and you should buy it. However, if you’re constrained by a budget, then go for the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth. I would recommend against getting an Arya V2. 

Just like the Tygr 300R and Dt770, It can be difficult to choose between the Arya headphones and the HD800S if you think about the budget. But audiophiles rarely care about budget, which is why I gave the crown to HD800S. 

Therefore, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for cheaper IEM alternatives, then ThieAudio Oracle MKII, DUNU SA6, and Moondrop Variations are the best of the bunch

Do you want a headphone that naturally provides smooth transients, detailed retrieval, and dynamic driver decay? And if you do not mind sacrificing a little bass, then HD800S is the one for you. Here’s someone rocking with their HD800S.

Arya headphones, on the other hand, are excellent quality headphones with reliable audio performance. They are a great option for those who prefer a tonal balance that is slightly tilted counter-clockwise.

Additionally, a full bass experience is provided, along with some additional brilliance to highlight the instrument’s overtones. And out of the two Arya headsets, we suggest Arya Stealth over Arya as it performs notably better.

Don’t forget that just like how the DT 770 Pro needs DACs, these headphones need DACs too. 

Special Edition HD800s.
Source: Headfonia


Is HIFIMAN Arya A Good Gaming Headphone?

Yes, it is an excellent gaming headset. If you want top-tier audiophile gaming headphones, the HIFIMAN Arya is a no-brainer. But it does come at a high cost. As long as your budget allows, you can find a good Over-Ear Planar Magnetic headphone in HIFIMAN Arya.

Is Arya Better Than Ananda?

The HIFIMAN Arya is better planar magnetic headphones for neutral sound than the HIFIMAN Ananda. Both headphones are well-built and comfortable. However, the Arya sounds more neutral and consistently delivers bass and treble.

Is It Better to Have An 80 Ohm Or A 250 Ohm Resistance Headphone?

The 80 Ohm version is better for leisurely listening because it produces more bass. You’ll also get more out of 80 Ohm while listening to music or gaming. However, if you’re looking for studio headphones, the 250 Ohm pair will be better. Because 250 ohm comes with a wider frequency response.

End Words

That was all about HIFIMAN Arya vs Arya Stealth vs HD800S. Between Arya Stealth and HIFIMAN Arya, there is no doubt that Stealth is the better choice for any audiophile. But, the HD800S is more distinct and gives good competition between the three.

It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Hopefully, you now have a clear idea of which you want to choose.

Do let us know which headphones you ultimately chose and why in the comments. Until next time!

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