How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last?- [Detailed Guide]

While you’re all set to buy a speaker, it’s normal to be worried about its longevity. We know how bothersome it can be. 

So you want to know how long do Magnepan speakers last?

The Magnepan speakers, or as they call it, Maggies are high-quality speakers that last up to 12 years. You can expect almost 10 years of longevity for the floor-standing and on-wall speakers at least. And the center-channel and bass-pannel speakers are sure to last at least 6-8 years. 

But knowing only this much won’t do you any good. Don’t worry though cause we’ve written a whole article for you. 

Magnepan Speakers Longevity- Quick Overview

Undoubtedly, Magnepan speakers are one of the highest quality speakers out there. 

So, how long do good speakers normally last? For a high-quality speaker, you can expect it to last for even 40-50 years.  

Thus, it’s expected that you won’t have to worry about them for decades. 

But still, we know how important it is for you to be sure about this before purchasing. Because you wouldn’t want to keep investing continuously in these speakers. 

Thus, we have prepared an estimated chart based on the warranty and other factors.

Speaker ModelLongevity
Floor Standing10-12 years
On wall7-10 years
Centre Channel6-8 years
Bass Panel6-8 years

Although just this quick look won’t do you any good. But don’t worry cause we’ve taken the initiative to further explain things. 

Magnepan Speakers Longevity- Detailed Overview

The longevity of these speakers varies on their unique features and the circumstances they are used. Here’s someone sharing 35 year old Magnepan Speakers!

Thus for the main four types of speakers, Magnepan has to offer, the longevity is different. Be sure to go through all of it. 

Floor Standing Longevity:

Let’s start with the prime speakers of Magnepan. So, how long do floor-standing Magnepan speakers last? For floor-standing speakers, they are sure to give you 10-12 years of uninterrupted service. 

The company itself provides the original owner with a 5 years warranty. So, it’s highly likely even for double this time, you won’t face any problems. That is in normal circumstances. 

Magnepan speakers
Source: Magnepan

On-Wall Longevity:

So, how long do on-wall Magnepan speakers last? You can expect them to last 7-10 years at least. 

Now questions might arise why is the estimated time a little less for on-wall speakers? For that, we have to know the prime factors of maintaining a speaker. 

So, how to maintain my speakers? The most important factor for maintaining speakers is keeping them clean. 

Be sure to keep them dust-free and clean them regularly. 

This is the problem you might face with on-wall speakers. Since it’s mounted with the wall, the backside is hard to clean. It’s common to save yourself this hassle after a hectic day. 

Thus it’s hard to maintain on-wall speakers compared to floor-standing ones. So, to be extra cautious, you can expect it to last lesser than floor-standing speakers.  

Center Channel Longevity:

Now, let’s come to center-channel speakers. So, how long do center-channel Magnepan speakers last? For the center-channel speakers, you can expect them to last between 6-8 years. 

The official warranty given to the original owner for these speakers is 3 years. Thus, with proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about them for almost double the time. 

The center-channel speakers are comparatively small and lightweight. It’s usually used with sub-woofers.

Thus it is quite easy to maintain. Although the internal quasi ribbon tweeter is a complicated feature that can be of some concern. 

So, what is a ribbon tweeter? 

Ribbon tweeter is a very thin diaphragm that supports the planar coil. The coil is made of aluminum vapor deposition and exposed to powerful magnetic fields.  Thus, with overtime use, you may face issues with it. But this is worth the deal. Because this feature helps produce high-frequency sounds. 

Now you know how the center channel Magnepan speakers produce crisp sounds. Even though the feature can hurt the speaker’s longevity. But, no one can deny the supreme listening experience it provides!

ribbon tweeter
Source: Magnepan

Bass Pannel Longevity:

Finally, how long do bass-pannel Magnepan speakers last? Again you can expect them to last at least 6-8 years. 

For the bass-pannel speakers, Magnepan provides 3 years warranty for the original owner. Thus you can be sure for almost 6-8 years and more that they will function properly. 

Again, there are all the least expectations you can have. Magnepan is quite confident about its speakers. They clearly state that it’s unlikely you’ll need service for them. 

Even while searching for pre-used speakers, you’ll find that almost all are in prestige condition. This proves that with proper care, Magnepan speakers will be your companion for a long time. 

Are Magnepan Speakers Worth It?

In short, the answer is a big Yes. Magnepan speakers offer natural and musical sound with amazing transparency and response. Although Magnepan isn’t really known for its bass, it’s still worth it. 

I’ve looked into how long other speakers last too for comparison, you can use that at your convenience.

As engaging and price efficient as the speakers are, it’s surely a good deal. Also, for some models, you can use a free trial option to evaluate them better. You can readily observe the amount of detail and precision they offer. 

Also, as discussed before, you won’t have to worry about them too much. In terms of longevity, they are quite reliable. People even purchase refurbished speakers and are still content with them. 

5 Tips to Extend Speaker Longevity

Even with all the estimates, if you mistreat your speakers, they might fail. So, what can I do to prolong the life of my speakers? Here are five tips you can follow:

Keep Speaker Clean:

As said before, it’s of utmost importance to keep your speakers clean. So, what happens when you don’t clean speakers regularly? 

If you don’t then the accumulated dust might mess up the wire connectors. This in turn disrupts the signal and causes unwanted sound. Also, excess dust might hamper the speakers and wires themselves. 

So, clean the speakers with dry cloths, vacuum cleaners, dust pads, etc. Regularly cleaning them will keep you out of many problems.

Protect from Heat:

It’s essential to ensure that the speakers aren’t directly in contact with sunlight. If they are, then the excessive heat might hamper the electromagnetic voice coils. 

Keep them in a comparatively cooler environment. For that speakers, the cover will come in handy. Thus, some of the best speaker covers are listed below.

To protect your speakers from dust and harsh temperatures use PRORECK Speaker Stand Cover. You can check the price on Amazon.

For the perfect scratch-resistant cover, go for KISSTAKER Speaker Fabric Cloth Cover. You can check for availability on Amazon.

If you’re located in bad weather conditions or traveling, then check out SoundCover Speaker Covers. You can check the price on Amazon.

Protect from Static Electricity: 

Dry air actually works as an insulator. Thus too much static electricity might build up in your speakers causing the system to burn up. 

Thus it’s advisable to use a humidifier to lessen the dry air. Also, you might use anti-static floor mats. 

Ensure Ventilation:

While setting up your speakers, ensure proper ventilation. The airflow will help to keep the speakers cool. 

Also, for speakers that are not mounted, place them a little away from the walls. This will better ensure the airflow. 

Protect from Power Surges:

Finally, it would be wise to invest in a USP and voltage regulator. This will ensure that your amplifier and speakers don’t face current irregularities. 

Thus, your whole system would be protected from unusual casualties. These steps should also be effective on how long your speaker component lasts.

Protect from Power Surges
Source: Sound & Vision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Magnepan speakers manufactured?

White Bear Lake, Minnesota is home to corporate and manufacturing enterprises. It’s a tiny town north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Magnepan’s current plant includes administrative and engineering offices.  It’s more than 50,000 square feet because it outgrew its initial facilities.

Is Magnepan LRS a good speaker?

After just two bars, the flat Magnepan LRS will have you in awe. Undoubtedly, it sounds, unlike anything you have ever heard. It has a sound image that is open and weightless but also incredibly precise and detailed. Also, it has a beautiful midrange sound that is crystal clean and precise.

Is dust bad for speakers?

Dust is the number one adversary of speaker performance. Thus, it’s not only a decorative issue. In extreme circumstances, too much dust may harm the speakers themselves. When speakers aren’t in use, keep them in a protective case to prevent dust. Also, clean the speakers to prevent accumulation.


Now we’d like to hear from you. 

Were we able to solve all your queries regarding how long do Magnepan speakers last?

Here’s an extra tip for you. When setting up your Magnepan speakers, keep them 60% apart from your distance from the speakers. 

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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