how long do sonos speakers last

How Long Do Sonos Speakers Last [ Explained]

Many people don’t want the best-in-class speaker in the world. They just want a decent sound system to handle their entertainment purpose.

Speaking of durability and economy, Sonos speakers come up on the top list.

Your curious mind might think, “ How long do Sonos Speakers Last?”

The longevity of a Sonos speaker depends on some factors. Battery capacity, environment, volume, and even voltage play a role. A fully charged Sonos speaker lasts around 10-11 hours on moderate usage. With heavy usage, the playtime reduces to 5-6 hours. Moreover, they have a lifetime of 5 years.

We will tell you about the longevity and the battery backup time of Sonos speakers. 

Also, we have discussed some tips and tricks to prolong the lifetime.

Let’s start.

Longevity of  Sonos Speakers According to Types

Sonos made a breakthrough in the audio industry in the early 2000s. They literally invented the multi-room speaker configuration. Listening to music at home was more effortless than ever thanks to them.

Sonos is great because you can connect many Sonos speakers to the same Wi-Fi network. You can play music effortlessly in sync across the house. 

If you choose, you can have them all play different music. Furthermore, it’s all managed via a mobile app.

With all these features all at once, you might be curious to know about their longevity. This varies from product to product. For your convenience, we have collected information for all types.

Before we jump into the core discussion, we should look at this quick info table.

Speaker Type Heavy Use LongevityLight Use Longevity
Car Speaker5 Years at least Up to 10 Years 
Bluetooth Speaker 2-3 Years4-5 Years 
Home Speaker 5 Years (Modern Ones)10+ Years
Outdoor Speaker5 Years Up to 10 Years

Now, it’s time for more detailed discussion.

Bluetooth Speaker
Source: RTINGS

Longevity of Sonos Car Speakers:

Sonos is well known as the multi-room audio maestros. However, they are relatively new in the car speaker industry. They debuted in the car audio industry with Audi EVs.

Sonos car speakers are branded as “Premium Sound System”. Sonos has implemented its 5-year policy on car speakers too. They have put a guarantee of 5 years for their premium car systems.

Hence, you can expect at least 5 years from the Sonos car speakers.  This is regardless of the usage pattern. Sonos speakers are durable and can last up to 10 years with light use.

Longevity of  Sonos Bluetooth Speakers:

Sonos design one of the best Bluetooth speakers. They provide a flawless multi-room audio experience. Another benefit of Sonos is that they have speakers for every range of users.

The Sonos Move is a bright example of a Bluetooth speaker. It’s durable and weatherproof. Moreover, It has a long playtime of up to 11 hours.

If you play Sonos Bluetooth speakers on moderate volume, it will last 4-5 years without any hassle. They also have a 5-year policy which ensures at least 5 years of product lifetime. Sonos S1 lineup will get 5 years of support from the company as well.

However, if you play the devices on full volume all the time, it will last 2-3 years. This is because the internal components wear out fast due to heavy pressure.

Longevity of Sonos Home Speakers:

Powerbass subwoofer sets may not be the best, but Sonos home speakers are the best ones. They are durable and provide excellent sound quality. Nevertheless, wireless pairing is far easier than other competitors.

Sonos has discontinued its legacy lineup of home speakers and moved on to the modern lineup.

However, the legacy speakers may become obsolete over the years, they are the most durable ones.

Sonos legacy speakers can last more than 10 years on light to moderate usage. However, Sonos has declared the lifetime of modern speakers as 5 years

This 5 years lifetime is calculated regardless of heavy or light usage.

Longevity of Sonos Outdoor Speakers:

With the Sonos outdoor speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of high-quality audio. High humidity, water, salt, heat, UV radiation, and cold temperatures are all handled by these speakers.

If you put them in your backyard, they can last for months. These speakers were made by Sonos and Sonance. And they were made to work best with the Sonos amp for rich sound.

Sonos Outdoor speakers have a lifetime of 5 years with heavy usage. This is when you play them on full volume and for a prolonged time. 
However, if you play them moderately, they can last up to 10 years. This is thanks to superior weatherproofing technology.

modern speakers
Source: The Verge

Longevity of Sonos Bluetooth Speaker’s Battery

A speaker’s battery is very vital for its performance. A speaker with a good battery can not only last longer but also provide excellent sound. 

A speaker’s battery life depends on the usage style. If you use your speakers on full volume all day long, it will last less. Surely, you don’t want to end up like this person.

On the other hand, running your speakers on 50% volume will give you good playtime.

Sonos is well known for its long-lasting battery life. To make things easier for you we have noted down the battery longevity in this table.

Speaker Type Heavy Use Battery Time Light Use Battery Time
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 6 hours 10-11 hours
Home Bluetooth Speaker 5-6 hours Up to 10 hours
Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker4-5 hours8-10 hours 

Well, why not dive into more details!

Longevity of  Sonos Bluetooth Speaker’s Battery:

Sonos is very famous for its wireless Bluetooth speakers. They pioneered the multi-room speaker configuration through wireless connectivity. 

Sonos claims that their Bluetooth speaker batteries will last 900 full charge cycles. On a full battery, modern S2 Bluetooth speakers will give you 10-11 hours of playtime on moderate usage. 

Heavy usage will give you around 6 hours of playtime. A speaker test by CNET reviewers gave 6 hours and 24 minutes of playtime with heavy usage.

Longevity of  Sonos Home Speaker’s Battery:

Sonos home speakers are popular for their durability and connectivity. It is not only durable but also allows easier connectivity. They are also equipped with a decent battery.

For example, the Sonos Move is a portable home speaker with a 2400mAh Li-ion battery. This allows up to ten hours of uninterrupted listening experience. But if you are using it heavily, the time will come down to 5-6 hours

Longevity of  Sonos Outdoor Speaker’s Battery:

Sonos and Sonance produce outdoor speakers jointly. They provide crisp clean hi-fi sound with excellent weather protection. The mute button on blue yeti may not work, but this one will definitely.

Sonos outdoor speaker has a whopping 36Wh battery. This is ample for outdoor sound systems. It can provide up to 11 hours of battery backup with moderate volume.

However, do keep in mind that the backup time may vary according to outdoor weather. Moderate weather will give you the best battery backup. 

Moreover, Harsh weather conditions like too hot or too cold will drain the battery faster. Also, the outdoor charging docks are not waterproof like the speakers. Hence, keep the dock carefully in a secured area.

Sonos Home Speaker
Source: BBC

How to Extend the Life of Your Sonos Speaker?

Every speaker system has an end-of-life ( EOL) time. Sonos speakers are no exception. However, you can use some steps and tips to extend the lifetime of Sonos speakers.

  • Using speakers for a long time may put pressure on the internal components. Using them at regular intervals is a good idea. This will help to extend the life of the speaker.
  • Try not to run the speakers on full volume for a long time. This wears out the components and reduces battery time. It is recommended to use 50% volume most of the time.
  • Sonos has a feature called Trueplay that can tune your speakers to their environment. This is applicable to every space, even if they are in a cabinet. To make sure each speaker in your Sonos system sounds its best, go to Settings. Select System, then Select Room, then Trueplay, then Trueplay tuning. Just do what it says.
  • Do not charge and play your speakers simultaneously. This may heat up the components. It may even burn some ICs. It is best not to use speakers while charging.

Sonos speakers can last a long time if you follow these guidelines.

Are Sonos Speakers Worth It?

Sonos speakers are durable and not too heavy, which makes them easy to move. This does not mean the sound quality is compromised. 

They can be put almost anywhere, from on top of your TV to against the wall. It can provide the best listening experience anywhere in the room.

Sonos speakers are one of a kind because they can connect to your computer wirelessly. This happens through a wireless network name. This is called the Sonos Auto Tusher Connection (also known as Wireless Connect).

Definitely, Sonos speakers aren’t the cheapest ones out in the market. But the price difference isn’t enough to hurt their quality or performance.

If you want a good sound output at a reasonable price, Sonos speakers are worth it. They provide durability and weatherproofing with a decent battery backup.

Some of the best SONOS speakers are listed below.

Sonos speakers
Source: CNETs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Sonos Speakers Go Out of Date?

Technically, Sonos speakers don’t go out of date. Old Sonos speakers aren’t necessarily out of date, but they do have the best use date. Sonos support their speaker for up to 5 years after halting production. Hence, they don’t necessarily go out of date. But it is best to use them before the support ends.

What’s The Difference Between Sonos S1 And S2?

The capacity to add and update features is the primary distinction between the two. Sonos has two controller apps, the S1, and S2. The S1 app is for legacy devices and S2 is for modern devices. Legacy devices get support for five years after production shuts down. After that S1 devices do not receive further updates.

How Many Sonos Speakers Can I Group Together?

You can group up to 32 speakers using Sonosnet. The system works by adding a single speaker at first. Then it sequentially adds other Sonos speakers to the system. Hence, a speaker mesh network is created. A dedicated secure mesh line is used for this purpose.


Now you should be able to know how long do Sonos speakers last. If you want an immersive sound experience, Sonos is the way to go.

They have the best theater sound quality and the highest-resolution speakers on the market right now.

Have a great day.

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