How To Clean Braided Cables?- In A Snap of Time

We often use braided cables in our chargers and earphones. But we don’t know how to clean them.

We know many of you have been through this problem already. Well, no worries! We’ve got our back. 

So, how to clean braided cables?

To clean braided cables you can follow 2 methods: use bleaching powder and vinegar or use hand sanitizer. First swipe the cable with a damp/moist towel a few times. Then apply hard pressure. Use a microfiber cloth. You can use a tissue. But there’s a chance the tissue will tear off and make a mess.

Does this information seem helpful to you? Superb! Then spare a few minutes for us. 

Because we are going to show you a full in-depth process of how you can clean braided cables? 

And that is also without doing any harm to the cables. Follow the lead!

How To Clean Headphone Wire That Is Braided?

Braided earphones or charger cables are really fascinating. But cleaning braided cable is not an easy task. You have to be careful about so many things. Because your simple mistake will damage the braids. 

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Braided cables are very popular these days. They even come with fast charging options.

But to clean, first and foremost, do not attempt to remove the dust like any other cable. Since it will rip a few of the braids with it. Just treat the cable like any other fabric. 

But be careful! That doesn’t mean you can put it on a washing machine though. However, apply a good cleaning agent or detergent to wash them.

Before we jump to the cleaning process, we need to arrange some ingredients first. Let’s have a look at the checklist:

You can use these methods to make the cleaning agent and wash the braided cables.

Method 1: Clean A Braided Cable Using Bleaching Powder and Vinegar

Wondering how to clean braided cables with vinegar and bleaching powder?

Well, make a cleaning agent solution using 1 spoon of bleaching powder and half a cup of vinegar. Then damp a tiny piece of cloth in that solution. Take that cloth and rub the dirty part of the cable. Thoroughly rub it all over the braided cable. 

This way, the dirt will come off.  

Method 2: Clean Braided Cable Using Hand Sanitizer

Do you know you can use hand sanitizers for cleaning headphones? It works like magic! It makes the wire as clean as the new ones. And it doesn’t do any harm to the cables as well. 

Simply apply a small amount of hand sanitizer to a tiny piece of clean cloth. Then rub the cloth to the length of the cable and repeat the process. It will remove all the specks of dirt left on your braided cable. 

My earphone cords now look almost brand new. 

If you have any stains on your braided cable, you can remove them as well. So, how do you remove stains off white braided headphones or charger cable? 

Here is the solution explained step by step:

Step 1: Point Down The Mesh Side

First, you need to make the braided cable of your charger or your headphones point down. The mesh side of the braided cable should be pointing down.

Step 2: Remove Dirt

If there is any hard or tough dirt on the cable, you can use a pin. This should be done delicately and in all corners of the cable. You’ll be able to assure the cable’s survival in this manner. 

The mesh screens are where you should concentrate your efforts. In order to clear out all of the trash and dirt that has clogged the holes. Don’t forget the cable when you’re working on the upper side or braids of the cable.

So, remove any leftover dirt and dust from the wire mesh with a bent hairpin. Or you can use a paperclip and some blu-tack as well, in case you don’t have any pins.

Step 3: Use Sanitizer

Lastly, to neatly clean the braided cable, you can use sanitizer. Take a tiny handkerchief and make it wet with denatured alcohol or sanitizer. And then clean the braided cable and wires off quickly.

Step 4: Dry Out The Cable

Once you’re sure there’s no soapy residue left on your braided cable or wire, dry them out for around 25-30 minutes. We don’t suggest exposing them to direct sunlight. After everything has dried fully, you may reassemble anything you disassembled.

Following these steps, you will be easily able to make your braided cables clean.

If you want to consider buying braided earphones, Moondrop KXXX or starfield is great options to go with. But keep these cleaning hacks in mind before purchasing one.

Method 3: Clean Braided Cable Using A Nail Polish Remover

You may not know but nail polish remover is also a great cleaning agent. It works as effectively as hand sanitizer does. Nail polish remover is really efficient. 

Use a cotton ball and a few drops of liquid. You may erase any color from your headphones or charger, volatile or non-volatile.

Dirty cables may certainly cause discomfort, itching, and severe allergies. Which could be a health hazard. There are additional important reasons to clean the dust from your cabless on a regular basis. Such as:

If you keep your cables clean, they will not itch or irritate your skin or ear. It will appear as good as new if you wipe all the unpleasant stuff out of your braided cables. Cleaning dirt from your braided earphone or charger cable will help extend their life. And also it will make them last longer.

If your cables are dirty, other items may become contaminated when you use them with your charger or earphones. As a consequence, it’s a good idea to keep your earbuds or headphones braided cable clean on a regular basis.

Voila! You’ve successfully cleaned your braided cables at home without causing any harm. It’s time to insert your braided charger or earphone into your smartphone. And breathe in the fresh air while listening to your favorite music. If you’re tired of cleaning these cables, then try out some good Kz speakers this time.


What is the best way to clean corroded cable without touching it?

You can clean the corroded cables of your headphones without touching them with some kitchen items. These are readily available in your everyday kitchen. Two solutions are used in this process: usual table salt & vinegar. Any vinegar will work, including balsamic, rice, and white vinegar.

What is the best way to clean the circuit board?

The best way to clean the circuit board is to use a gentle brush and a lint-free cloth. You can use a blow dryer to clean the dust.

What can you do with power wires that aren’t in use?

Unused cables can be stored on a shoe rack. Consider a hanging shoe rack to keep unneeded wires, cords, as well as cables in garages, supply closets, and other places. Each bag is ideal for a single wrapped cable length seen in a house or small business.

Final Words

We genuinely hope that our methods were able to help you with answers to your questions. You now know everything there is to know about how to clean braided cables

Next time, be careful while cleaning your braided cables and follow the instructions.

Until then, best wishes!

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