How To Connect Subwoofer With Two Inputs? 3 Easy Methods!

Is the subwoofer you’re using not giving you a certain oomph? You might think that the sub is malfunctioning.

But maybe it’s not the issue of the subwoofer. Maybe your subwoofer has two inputs and you just need to connect it properly.

So, how to connect subwoofer with two inputs!

Basically, the two inputs of the subwoofer are LFE mono and stereo inputs. Using these two together produces better sound. You can connect the sub to the receiver with LFE mono to the subwoofer’s number one output. Or you can use a y-splitter. Also, you can connect using the preamp outputs of the receiver. 

So let’s not waste any more time! And start trying to fix the sound quality of your subwoofer in the easiest way.

Why Do My Subwoofers Have Two Inputs!

You might get confused after seeing the two inputs of your subwoofer, right! This is especially important if you’re connecting two subs of 15 inch or 12 inch. Learning this would be much easier for getting the maximum audio output. You might have the question of why my subwoofer has 2 inputs? 

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But it’s not an issue to be confused about. There are some particular reasons behind having a subwoofer with two inputs.

Reason 1: Mixing Two Signals

Two inputs in your subwoofer allow for the down-mixing of a two-channel stereo signal. Which converts into a mono signal. 

This mono signal retains all of the stereo signal’s original information. This is handy if you just have one subwoofer and a stereo sub-signal.

Reason 2:  LFE mono and Stereo Reproduction

Two inputs in your subwoofer enable the reproduction of LFE mono and stereo. When employing two subwoofers, a Y-split LFE signal from the processor sub output can be used. 

It is also feasible to link the sub on the left side to the processor’s main-out left. The output is also used to connect an external effect block to the left front speaker. The right side may be done in the same way. 

It has a special benefit to it. You can maintain both the specialized LFE signal and your left and right stereo bass. This results in a 3D bass rendering that many will consider a major improvement.

Reason 3: Sensitive Adjustment

The subwoofer’s sensitivity may be increased thanks to the dual input. If the sensitivity isn’t adjusted properly your sub might rattle at a higher volume.

 Normally, a mono LFE subwoofer signal from the processor would suffice. You can use a Y-splitter if your CPU has a very low output.

I’ve used the Mediabridge™ Ultra Series RCA Y-Adapter for my PC’s sound system. It creates no sound distortion and the build quality is premium as well.

The subwoofer sensitivity is doubled by utilizing both inputs with the same mono signal. This indicates that only half of the signal intensity is available to drive it to maximum output.

However, even after connecting both inputs, you might not be satisfied with the sound quality. In that case, if you want to add another subwoofer to your system, here are the experts’ picks.

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3 Easy Ways to Connect Subwoofers with Two Inputs.

We hope by now you’ve already got that why you have two inputs in your subwoofer, right! So, you should be happy now. Generally, users think that subwoofers with multiple inputs are more compatible with more receivers.

So if you already have a receiver you don’t need to worry at all. You can still connect a 6.1 speaker to a 7.1 speaker receiver without any problem whatsoever. Just follow any of these three following procedures. And you will get the answer to how do you hook up a subwoofer with two inputs!

Unlike connecting a 6.1 speaker to a 7.1 receiver, connecting subwoofers with two inputs is relatively easy.

We are going to explain the easiest ways to connect a two-input subwoofer. But before that, you’ll need to buy two extra components.

You can also use these components to connect an old subwoofer to a new receiver.

The reason behind mentioning the good quality is pretty simple. If the quality of your cable is good, then you can use it for a longer period of time. 

Also, you’ll get a good connection for the subwoofer. In turn, you’ll get better sound quality from your subs.

Method 1: Using Mono Input Port 

We have already mentioned you will need an RCA cable to connect your subwoofer to the receiver. This is the easiest way to connect your subwoofer with the receiver. 

Just follow these simple steps accordingly. 

Step 1: You will find subwoofer number one output on the backside of your receiver. Take one part of the RCA and put it to the subwoofer number one output port.

Step 2: Now take another part of the RCA cable. There should be inputs in your subwoofer one is  “LFE mono” and another one is “stereo”. You need to put the RCA to the LFE mono port.

Now connect your speakers and check the sound of the subwoofer. Is it good! Then it’s done you don’t need to do anything else.

But if you are not getting the expected sound and bass let’s get into the next method.  

Method 2: Use A Y-splitter  

Sometimes hooking up your RCA cable direct to the subwoofer can produce low sound. Even though you set all the volume too high. Then you need to use a y-splitter.   

Let us tell you how you are going to use it.

Step 1: On the underside of your receiver, you’ll discover the subwoofer’s number one output. Connect one end of the RCA to the subwoofer’s number one output port.

Step 2: Attach the single side of the y-splitter to the RCA cable.

Step 3: Now put the two inputs to the LFE mono and the stereo input of the subwoofer.


That’s it you are completely good to go now. Generally, there shouldn’t be any more issues with the low sound now.

Method 3: Using Preamp Outputs   

Yes, you read it right! You can use the preamp’s output of your receiver to connect the subwoofer. 

Generally, there should be a left preamp output and a right preamp out on the receiver. Some receivers have more preamp output for your front left, front right, center channel, etc.

Let’s assume your receiver has only left and right outputs. So follow the following steps to connect with the preamp output. 

Step 1: Insert the RCA cable to the right preamp port of the receiver. You’ll find it at the back of your receiver.

Step 2: The other part of the RCA cable should also insert into the right (stereo) input. Which should be on the backside of the subwoofer.

These preamp outputs are for basically if you have multiple speakers.

Make sure you connect the right output of the receiver to the right input of the subwoofer. And left one with the left input of the sub. 

These are the easiest ways you can connect your subwoofer with two inputs. And don’t forget to clean your music system properly. 

Also, wire management is another big issue if you have a big sound system consisting of many components. You can try labeling the wires as this guy did.


Why do subwoofers have left and right inputs?

Because the subwoofer’s main purpose is to produce low bass tones. It requires a low-frequency audio wave transmitter. An LFE cable combines the left and right channels. Which enables a single cable to equally disseminate the signals to the subwoofer.

Can I connect a subwoofer to line out?

Yes, you can. Connect the subwoofer to the AV receiver via a subwoofer cable (RCA cable). That runs from the receiver’s subwoofer output to the subwoofer’s line input. Klipsch subwoofers can be linked via the LFE channel. With both the white and red RCA connections in a stereo pair.

Can you run two subs off a 5.1 receiver?

An RCA y-adapter may be used with a soundbar, stereo, or home theater receiver. That has a single wired subwoofer preamp output. This will divide the subwoofer output signal. That allows two subwoofers to be connected to a single subwoofer output.


Hope you have got why your subwoofer has two inputs. And how to connect subwoofer with two inputs! Don’t rush just follow the steps accordingly to get it done.

If you have any more queries please drop them in the comment section. 

Till then enjoy your music.

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