Ikko OH10 vs 7hz Timeless: Best of the Best?

With the IEM market getting more competitive than ever, audiophiles are comparing famous IEMs to pick the favorite. This is making it easier for random customers to pick their preferred product. And it’s also pushing the brands to aim for supreme quality.

So, which one will win the game ikko oh10 vs 7hz timeless?

The Ikko oh10 comes with better cables and operates at a higher frequency than 7hz Timeless. But on the other side, the 7hz timeless has better drivers and superior sensitivity. The two IEMs have similar levels of resistance and possess the same impedance.

Now that was only a quick preview of what’s about to come. We’ve taken great care to establish a detailed comparison between the two IEMs. It’ll help you choose the better IEM of the two.

Let’s get started!

Ikko Oh10 Vs 7hz Timeless: Quick Comparison

The whole IEM earphone market got saturated with a boatload of producers. And each different maker has a twist of its own. But in general, IEMs are fantastic for those who prefer good-quality audio. 

All of us has different music taste. Some are bass-heavy, whereas someone can prefer crystal clear persistent audio. So, the IEM world is here to deliver all different kinds of earphones to us. 

Source: head-fi.org

With the release of 7hz timeless, audiophiles have been curious to know how it fares up with other IEMs. Especially IEMs that are at a close price bracket as the 7hz timeless. So we did some digging and found Ikko oh10 to be the closest rival to 7hz timeless.

And here we are with the great comparison between Ikko oh10 and the 7hz Timeless. Both are excellent IEMs but have some contrasting features. 

In the table below, we distinguished the two IEMs based on some common factors. Have a look:

Factors Ikko oh107hz Timeless
Frequency Response20Hz-40kHz20Hz-20kHz
Driver Type10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver14.2 mm Balanced planers driver
Detachable Cable DesignYes Yes 
Cable4 strands of 8-purity high-purity oxygen-free copper plated Specially customized 6N OCC Hakugei cable

So, that was the short comparison between both of the IEMs. But wait! That is not all. Below we have a fully extended comparison based on the factors we have just discussed. 

Ikko Oh10 Vs 7hz Timeless: Extended Comparison

Ok, now that you are here, let’s get into it. We’ve talked about all the factors in detail to help you get a deeper understanding of their differences: 

Frequency Response

The frequency response is how much high pitch IEMs can produce. Human ears can hear up to 20khz from 20hz. 

Now, what’s the Ikko oh10 frequency response rate?

The Ikko oh10 frequency response ranges from 20hz to 20khz. That is at the same range that humans can hear. But on the other hand, the 7hz timeless can produce from 20hz to 40khz. That is double the maximum Ikko can output. 

But outputting up to 40khz doesn’t really always necessarily enhance the listening experience. Humans can hear only up to 20khz. If anything, exceeding the 20khz sound frequency can make the experience veer off the rail.

Here are two graphs comparing the frequency response of these IEMs-

Source: https://squig.link/

And here’s a graph adjusted for Crinacle –

Source: https://squig.link/

However, due to offering a vast array of frequency ranges, we’re handing this round to  the 7hz timeless 

Driver Type

The driver is what produces the sound. That’s the component that projects the sound of the IEMs. So, the quality of the driver matters a lot. 

There are many different types of drivers out there. It all sounds a bit different.

But What driver does Ikko oh10 have? 

Ikko oh10 uses a 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver.

That’s a mouthful. But the Ikko oh10 specs say that it’s a great performing driver. 10 mm for earphones are pretty big. Also, using materials such as titanium can enhance the audio quality. 

On the other hand, the 7hz timeless specs include the use of “14.2 mm Balanced planers driver”. So, the drivers are bigger than the Ikko. Having bigger drivers produces more thumpy sounds

So, the 7hz timeless takes the crown this round as well. 

Source: hifigo.com


Driver sensitivity is the ability to convert electrical power into sound. Also, this says how much power the driver needs. 

The Ikko oh10 driver sensitivity is around 106dB where “dB” refers to decibels. That is the unit used to calculate how loaded the sound is. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the 7hz timeless. This IEM can produce up to 110dB. Having this little difference in sensitivity doesn’t really make much difference while listening. In reality, it’s really hard to distinguish 4dB of difference. 

 The difference in decibels between ikko oh10 and 7hz timeless

However, for bringing more to the table, the 7hz timeless wins. 


The cable is as important as the drivers and other parts. It connects the IEM drivers with the music source. So it’s important for the cable to be good. For a better music experience, a clean and damage-free braided cable is important. 

The cable used in the Ikko oh10 claims to have “4 strands of 8-purity high-purity oxygen-free”. This means that there are 4 wires each for one ear and it’s oxygen-free. This makes the IEM capable of transporting the frequency disturbance-free. 

You also get the option to go with either Spinfit or JVC spiral dot when it comes to buds.

Also, the best feature of the cable is perhaps its braided look which makes the IEM a premium look. Nonetheless, braided cables come with their own disadvantages as it’s hard to clean braided cables.

On the other side, the 7hz timeless uses a “Specially customized 6N OCC Hakugei cable”. It’s their in-house cable made just for their own line of IEMs. the 7hz timeless review says, since this cable is made specifically for this IEM, the compatibility is great. 

And it is indeed!

Despite that, if you’re looking for 7hz timeless cable upgrade options, there are plenty to choose from!

The great thing about today’s IEMs is that you can easily upgrade the cables. For many, the Linsoul Tripowin Zonie is the top choice for upgradable IEM cables. It’s braided and provides durable shelter as well as top-notch audio output for your IEM.

Even so, the Ikko oh10 has the better overall cable setup. So they take this round.


The impedance is another meter to judge the capability of the drivers. It represents the figure of how difficult it is to power the drivers. The smoother the delivery, the smoothers the sound. Also, a lower number indicates a positive outcome in this case. 

But does impedance affect sound quality?

The impedance doesn’t make any significant difference in sound quality. While there are some merits to having less impedance, its effect is very minuscule and almost ignorable. Compared to speakers, IEMs maintain a uniform impedance due to requiring less power.

For big speakers, good impedance resides around 2, 4, or 8 ohms. But since the drivers are small for earphones, the number is much higher. It usually sits about 12 to 50 ohms. 

Both Ikko and timeless IEMs run on 18 ohms of resistance. That is a pretty good figure for earphones or IEMs. a lot of IEMs have the same impedance. 

In this case, it’s a tie between the two IEMs.


Having a price tag of around 190-200 makes the ikko oh10 a bit pricy for average users. It almost matches the price of the famous Moondrop moonriver 2 DAC. The same can be said for 7hz timeless which comes with a slightly bigger sum besides its name. 

Good news! Linsoul is running a limited-time discount on the 7hz timeless IEMs. So if you want to cash in on that sweet-sweet discount, hop in now!

But no matter how pricey they are, both IEMs can pack a heavy punch when it comes to sound quality.

Despite that, if you’re not that keen on spending $200 after IEMs, we got some cheaper options for you! We went all out in search of IEMs under $200 that provide similar listening experiences to those two. And boy oh boy did we find a bunch of options to choose from!

After assessing all the available reviews and online opinions, 3 particular IEMs made it into our final shortlist. Check them out!

These are the best IEMs just under $200. You can enjoy a great time with these IEMs and they can compete head-to-head with the two IEMs in question.

We don’t recommend going any lower than this range of IEMs if you’re really up for some quality listening experience.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable going over the $200 budget, we recommend the Fiio FH5s IEM to you. It’s the best IEM around that price range and very few will argue about that!

So, which one to choose?

So, which one should you pick up?

Firstly, both IEMs are great. But they both perform a bit differently. The sound in the 7hz timeless is kind of mid-heavy. Where the sound produced by the Ikko is really sharp. 

If you’re up for higher quality bass and beats, picking 7hz timeless is a no-brainer. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the finer details of music, you should choose Ikko oh10.

Source: headphonesty.com

Both IEMs can output at a really high volume. You can use both of the IEMs in day-to-day life. Also, you can use it to monitor your uprising music channel. So, don’t be afraid when picking any of the IEMs. 

If you want to upgrade this, you can do it like upgrading Moondrop Aria.

That’s everything on these IEMs. 


Can I Upgrade My IEM Cables?

Yes, you can upgrade your IEM cables with many other options from the market. The cables are the most fragile part of an earphone. They withstand most of the abuse from our day-to-day use. You can change the cables as you want after the existing one gets damaged. 

Do Different Cables Impact the Sound of My IEM?

Definitely! A low-quality cable can cause distortion and increased noise in the sound. Replacing it with a quality cable can improve the sound quality as well as remove some of the distortions. This mostly depends on the components used in the building of the cable.

How Reputed is Ikko as an Audio Accessories Producer?

Ikko is an online-based known for delivering good quality IEMs and sound accessories at a low cost. They are relatively new in the music accessories industry but slowly gathering a good reputation. Ikko has a decent following as well for their quality IEM lineups.


So, that’s everything regarding the Ikko oh10 vs 7hz timeless debate. Hopefully, you’ve come to your own conclusion and managed to pick your winner. 

If you’ve got the option, try out both IEMs to decide which one fits better with your taste. 

Have fun jamming!

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