Is Popmarket Legit? Clearing Out the Doubts!

Popmarket has been in the audio record selling game for 12 years now. However, audiophiles and enthusiasts still tend to lose their way of authenticating their credibility. Well, there are certain reasons for that actually.

Now, is popmarket legit?

As an e-commerce store and merchandiser, the pop market is hundred percent legit. They have their head office in Shepherdsville. On top of that, they don’t sell fake or illegitimate stuff on their sites. However, they do have some allegations among the consumers because of not delivering the orders.

Although you got your answer in short, it’s not the end of it. You still have to know whether they can be the worthy supplier of your next audio package. So, let’s learn more about this company.

Is Popmarket Trustworthy? Busting the Myth About the Site!

Obviously, you’ve heard of a bunch of rumors and speculations about the pop market’s services. You may also have read a bunch of pop market reviews to know their deal. 

But you still can’t seem to know the answer to the question, “Is popmarket trustworthy?”

Yes, in most cases, the pop market is definitely trustworthy as a site and audio items provider. They are obviously not a scam company to horde your money. You can get almost 60-70% of their best deals or pre-orders. They also provide merchandise for many famous artists.

Still can’t believe my words? Well, here’s an audiophile getting a stellar deal from pop market and confirming that they’re legit-

So, there’s almost no doubt that the site is legit, just like how legit Tower Records is. However, is it a good source for all of your audio gear items? To get the answer to your question, you’ll have to check the next segment.

The Goods and the Bads of Popmarket

There are many characteristics of the pop market that make it unique and dangerous at once. Popmarket has a wide range of pop vinyls records and audio accessories which is obviously a plus. But at the same time, it can fail to deliver your products.

So, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of this popular e-commerce site.

2 Major Legitimate Factors of Popmarket:

I’ve listed down two of the most highlighted positive attributes of the site. Let’s go through them one by one-

Insane Discounts & Deals:

The prime reason for the pop market to become this famous is their insane pricing! There are very few sites that can offer such low prices for vinyl or CD records. Moreover, the list of their vinyl, CD/DVD collection is massive.

Even their added merchandise and accessories are a major plus. You can get premium-quality t-shirts and audio instruments just from the website. They have sales every weekend, so keep an eye out for that on the site. Otherwise, you might even miss a once-in-a-lifetime deal!

Here’s an unbelievable offer on Rolling stone’s Some Girls on the site-

Rolling stone’s
Source: Popmarket

Some albums are even discounted 60-70% of their original price! So, you can probably understand why people go crazy about this e-store.

PopMarket Promo Code:

Another great thing about the pop market is the promo code giveaways. They send a butch of promo codes to their loyal customers in the mail. You can avail the promo codes once you’re confirming your orders.

The best thing about promo codes is that they can reduce the product prices heavily. So, you don’t have to wait for expensive mars volta vinyl records anymore. Because you can get them from the pop market at a very affordable price tag!

However, the promo codes come with a time limit. Moreover, the promo codes can be conditioned as well. If that’s the case, you might be able to use those with selected products. So, you should use them before the offer runs out.

2 Deal-breaking Downsides of Popmarket:

While the advantages are definitely enticing, the cons are equally disappointing. So, without further ado, let’s check out the deal-breaking attributes-

Popmarket Backorder:

One of the most disappointing things about the pop market is the backorder issue. Many users and customers have complained about this on many occasions. That they had pre-ordered their favorite album records but the shipment was lost in the multiverse.

Well, not really multiverse but you get the point. They didn’t get their products even after months because of no popmarket tracking orders. While this incident can mostly be seen in the pre-order units. Regular orders are generally shipped within a week or so.

popmarket tracking

Still, this is a big downside of the pop market nonetheless. Also, other items such as audio accessories are not recommended to purchase from the site. Because they are almost similarly priced compared to other sources.

So, products like cleaning agents are best to order from Amazon. It’s really important to have good cleaners with you. Otherwise, your vinyl records can get severely damaged. Have a look at these cleaning kits you can get at a reasonable price-

Now, let’s move on to the next disadvantage of this site.

Customer Service:

Ah! The agony of the users who had to face popmarket customer service is painful indeed. Why am I saying that? You’ll find out in a bit.

While the pop market offers a refund policy, their customer service is absolutely rubbish. Many tried to contact the office after not receiving their products. The company told them that the order will be delivered within a few days.

However, the orders did not get delivered and the company was contacted again.

To their utter surprise, the company completely shrugged off the pre-order claims. Pop market argued that they were late to order and nothing can be done! So, you have to be careful about that too if you want to order.

Should You Order from the Popmarket?

Now, the moment of truth about popmarket. What should be the final decision about this trusted yet shady e-commerce store? I think the decision boils down to your preference and patience.

For example, the site obviously has tons of unique albums on CDs and vinyl. However, if you want vinyl or FLAC at the same site, this is not the one. You have to look at other sources like Amazon for that. 

Again, too good to be true discounts, the pop market is your only option in the market. There’s literally no other e-commerce store that can match their pricing. However, the low prices come with a big catch.

If you can wait for months for pre-orders, then you’re free to order from the sites. Otherwise, you should refrain from pre-ordering anything from the pop market. Not only does it fail to deliver your products but it can even feign ignorance too!

So, be absolutely sure before you go down that path.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is the Popmarket Located?

The pop market is located and headquartered in New York, USA. Since its inception in 2010, the online e-commerce store has been selling audio items. When the site became popular, it started to directly sell from the audio labels and distributors. However, there’s no physical store of the company.

How Long Does Popmarket Take to Ship its Packages?

Well, there are no official shipment delivery days guaranteed by the company on its page. The lower 48 states in the USA can get free standard shipping. They also deliver to many countries. However, their reputation for not delivering items months after their delivery date is not uncommon.

Does the Popmarket Have a Return Policy?

Yes, the pop market does indeed offer a 30 days return policy on all the items. However, there are certain conditions to the return policy. They don’t take any damaged or open products back. On top of that, you’ll have to email their office with order details. Otherwise, you can’t avail the return policy.


I don’t think now you’re having any second thoughts about the “is popmarket legit” question. 

But keep that in mind the orders you make come with high risk! Even more so with their pre-order campaigns. 

So, make sure you are absolutely sure about ordering from them!

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