Is Tower Records Legit? Clearing Out The Doubts!

Tower Records has been in the business of selling vinyl records for decades. They were a get-to-go place for audiophiles and vinyl lovers.

Unfortunately, it shut down in 2006 and declared bankruptcy. However, after their re-emergence in 2020, music lovers have doubts about their new legitimacy.

So, is tower records legit?

As an online vinyl shop, Tower Records is one hundred percent legit. They are operating online worldwide. And they do not sell any fake or illegal records. Moreover, they have an exclusive section for rare records. Also, discounts happen sporadically. So, it’s definitely worth checking out.

This is a short summary of their business. Stick with us till the end to find out more about them.

Is Tower Records Trustworthy? Busting the Myth! 

Tower records physical store
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Yes, tower records are trustworthy in most cases. It has mostly positive reviews on different review sites. Aside from that, they sell records and vinyl at a great deal. In some cases, they are $5-7 cheaper than other stores. They are definitely not a scam company.

Still can’t believe the statement? Here is an audiophile amazed by the collection of tower records-

This clears out any doubts about the tower record’s legitimacy. But are they good for buying all types of records? Are they the same Tower Records that closed in 2006? 

Is tower records online legit like before? Yes, tower records online is also legit as its previous venture. 

The Goods & Bads of Tower Records

There are a few things that make Tower Records a very ideal place to shop for records. Also, there are some bad sides as well that put a mark on their reputation. 

Besides, they shut down in 2006 for some reason. That may also be a reason for some doubts and questions.

Hence, let’s go through the pros and cons of Tower Records.

2 Major Legitimate Factors of Tower Records:

After going through legitimate ratings and reviews, we have jotted down two legitimate facts about Tower Records. These two things made them become very popular and boom, just like pop-market became legitimate overnight.

Organized Collections & Exclusive Items: 

We all have our favorite CD and vinyl shops. Especially if you are an audiophile, you must have spent a significant amount of time in stores.

Every vinyl and CD fan will want a huge collection of records. Tower Records excelled in this segment very well.

Tower records website
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Small, independent record shops will always have your heart as a record collector. Tower Records was the place to look for books that were hard to come by in the chain stores. 

The service at such mom-and-pop stores was always friendly and accommodating. Employees at tower record shops tended to stay in the same roles year after year. There are always a couple of folks who go out of their way to be nice.

The records and vinyl were very well organized on shelves alphabetically. This made it easier for people to search for their specific demands. 

Hence, tower records became so popular over time.

Apart from this, they bring exclusive Vinyl and CDs which you cannot find elsewhere. Audiophiles would line up outside the stores just for this reason.

Great Customer Service:

The second best thing about Tower Records is its customer service. Most of the customers of Tower Records will return to purchase them again. Even after going through reviews from different sources, their customer service is greatly highlighted.

Tower records site review
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The delivery service of Tower Records is super fast. This stayed on even after its re-emergence as an online store in 2020. 

Their support staff is very responsive and cordial. Most of the customers say that their problems are solved very quickly. Their delivery service does not get stuck in the USPS system. 

Most deliveries are made within 48 hours of ordering. This makes them a fan favorite among audiophiles.

2 Deal Breaking Factors of Tower Records:

The pros of Tower Records are definitely interesting and reassuring. But their cons are equally disappointing, like the muffled sound of Spotify

Let’s have a look at those disappointing deal breakers.

Mismatched Vinyl:

As good as their delivery time was, their product matching suffered sometimes. There are multiple reviews and occasions when the customer got different products. They ordered one record and got another one.

This is very disappointing after waiting for 2 days for a product. Hence, some customers vented their frustrations. 

Also, in some cases, the staff were late responding and the change process took 4-5 days. This seriously creates a negative impression. Especially when you are in a rush or on a tight schedule.

Faulty Vinyl Shipment:

This is a nightmare for both the seller and the customer. Imagine, you have ordered your favorite piece of record and you receive a faulty copy.

This will be the most disappointing experience for any user. And Tower Records has a bad reputation for this.

Some of the users complained that they received faulty copies of records. In the worst case, the record discs may get broken in transit. 

Some people also said the deliveryman broke the copies while delivering. Also, the customer response is slower at times.

Should You Order from Tower Records? 

Yes, you should order from Tower Records if you are careful. 

Tower Music’s motto is “Know Music, Know Life”. This reflects the store’s desire to spread an appreciation for music among all customers. Tower records is still in business for its greater customer support.

Ordering from tower records website
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With this as a guiding principle, they’ve become a top pick among internet stores selling music on vinyl. The company’s website is attractive and easy to navigate.

The delivery time is also fast; it takes 2-4 days max to deliver their products. The customer service rating is mostly positive, with some rare mishaps.

Overall, if you are a record collector and an audiophile, you should buy records from them. Also, they have some exclusive records that you won’t find elsewhere. Hence, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Tower Records Have a Return Policy?

Yes, they do have a return policy. You have 7 days to decide if you wish to keep the item or send it back. With the condition that the original package is unopened and undamaged. Send an email to to let them know you’ll be coming back.

Are There Any Tower Record Stores Left?

After the demise of the CD around the turn of the millennium, Tower was forced to declare bankruptcy. By 2006, they had shut down their remaining stores in the United States. The last surviving Tower Records store is located in Tokyo, Japan.

When Did Tower Records On Sunset Close?

Tower Records has been a landmark for music lovers of all stripes for many years. This is thanks to its bright yellow sign with red letters, which has stood on Sunset. But in a dramatic turn of events, Tower Records’ Sunset Boulevard store shuttered in 2006.


That will be all on is tower records legit. Yes, they are legit, and it is a great place to buy vinyl.

However, do take into consideration the delivery time and delays during rush hours. But do check out their exclusive content.

See you soon.

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