Jabra Headset Not Working- Quick Diagnosis & Easy Fixes!

You got yourself a Jabra headset, and it’s a pretty good one. You can use both wired and wireless. So far it was going quite well. But then it started to show some errors.

So what can be the reason behind your Jabra headset not working?

Jabra headset may not work if it is disabled from the control panel. You can enable it easily by following a few steps. Also, the listen-in feature of Jabra headsets might make you think it’d gone bad. And updating your drivers and firmware is also a good way to start troubleshooting.

Well, that’s just the gist of the basics. But to fix the problem, you need to know a bit more. And that’s why we have this article for you.

So let’s jump right in!

What Are Some Common Problems in Jabra Headset?

A good headset is the best friend for most audiophiles out there. A good headset will set the mood differently. However, with Jabra headsets, you may face some problems. Such as this guy,

The most basic problems that can occur are difficulties in wireless pairing, audio quality, and microphone. Problems are caused by many reasons. 

Finding out the cause of the problem makes it easier to solve it too. Sometimes the solution could be as simple as turning a button on and off again.

Firstly we can try checking out the Jabra headset drivers. Most times a simple driver update fixes all problems. Windows and Mac both have different drivers for this.

You must make sure you choose the right one. Alongside that, there could be a hardware problem or it could just need a reset.

Do not get too worried about your fav headset. You should read the article thoroughly and match the problems with yours. And then we will propose some of the solutions that you can try to get your headphones back.

Error Diagnosis & Trying Out Appropriate Solutions!

There are some basic troubleshooting that you should be able to do. These quick checks and fixes will solve your problem most of the time.

But if these don’t fix or at least don’t pinpoint the origin of the problem. Then it might be bad news for you. Because that might point to the fact that your headset is totally dead.

But before we jump to extreme conclusions, let’s just take a look at the fixes we can try. Because one of them might work and get our headset fixed.

1. Update Your Drivers:

Just like any tools or hardware, there is also some software involved in that. Which lets your device function with another device properly. This necessary software to run your device is called drivers.

Now, an important thing to remember is, that Jabra headset drivers windows 10 will surely be different from mac. Because drivers are designed to mainly aid the operating system to run.

An outdated driver could be the cause behind your headphone not working properly. And to fix this, you need to download and install the correct driver. The process is quite easy.


Firstly you need to find out the model number of your headset. Because the drivers can be different for each model.

Then you need to visit the official website of Jabra and search for drivers. And you’ll most likely find a list of drivers for various devices.

Find and select the driver that is meant for your headset. And download it and install it.

Sometimes after installing the drivers, your pc might need a restart. And after that, the drivers will be properly installed. And you’ll have your problem fixed.

2. Configuring Sound Settings:

When you are using your headphones with your windows computer or mac. The sound systems for both internal and external devices can be controlled using the settings.

There are various functions and settings that you can tweak with. Like enabling or disabling a device. Or changing and fixing the volume of the device.

Sometimes by default or due to any misclick, your headphones could be disabled. And that will result in your headphones not working.

There aren’t any visible signs that this happened. So you need to check it out for yourself and see if this is the problem.

Let’s see how we can gain access to the sound settings on our windows pc.


First of all, you need to press the windows key and r button to open the run command box. And there you can write the control panel. Which will then redirect you to a page with various system access.

There you’ll find an option called sound. Click on that. Another tab should open which includes options such as playback and recording.

In the playback tab, these settings deal with the output sound through the headphone. And the recording tab handles the voice input through the microphone.

You need to find the name of your devices in the device list. Both the playback and recording tab will show the name of your jabra headset if it’s connected properly.

Then you need to click on that and see if it’s enabled or disabled. If it is disabled you need to click on it and make it enabled.

After that, you need to open your volume mixer settings. There you’ll find the volume controls for all the available devices.

Turn up the volume to the fullest for the devices you want to use. And now your jabra headset should work perfectly.

Configuring Sound Settings
Source: Driver Easy

3. Resetting & Reconnecting Your Headset: 

Sometimes when you’re using your headset for a long time. If you’ve kept it connected to your device for a long period of time, then the connection can have some problems.

Or it could just have a hard time connecting. You could find your jabra headset not connecting to pc.

Also, there could be various glitches and sound problems while using your headset. 

If you’re facing similar problems, then a system reset fixes the problem most of the time. 

This is actually one of the first things that you should try out. Because it’s really simple to do, it takes very little time. And it fixes the problem most of the time.


Resetting is pretty much the same for most headset models. There could be a dedicated reset button in some headsets.

But in nearly all of the headsets, you can do the reset the same way. That is using the multifunction button.

The multifunction button will be located on the side of your headset. This button has lots of functions that work with pressing the button for different lengths of time.

If you press and hold the multifunction button for more than 10 seconds. Then your headset will take a system reset. And you need to wait until it comes back alive again.

After it has finished rebooting, you can connect it again and start using it. 

If you’re using a cabled connection, and you think the problem is coming from the connection. Then you can try changing the USB port on the device you’re connected to. 

Most of the time when using the headset in wireless mode, you’ll be using Bluetooth connectivity. 

Bluetooth isn’t free of problems either.  And an easy fix is to reset the Bluetooth again.

You simply go running and search for Bluetooth settings. Then search which devices are available. Then you can reset it by clearing all the devices from bluetooth.

Then you reconnect using your Bluetooth again freshly. And now it should work just fine as before. 

jabra headset not connecting
Source: WiKiHow

4. Listen-in Feature Turned On:

This feature can be found in most of the newest and high-end Jabra headsets. The high-end headsets have lots of perks, like Dolby. Though it’s debatable if having Dolby is worth it.

This feature is quite underrated and that’s why it’s forgotten most of the time. And that can make you feel your Jabra headset not working mac and windows alike.

What this feature does is, it allows you to listen to what is happening around you while you’re wearing the headsets. But it might make you think that your Jabra headset mic not working properly.

So basically it mutes all music and calls but doesn’t pause them. So if you find your Jabra headset not working with youtube, this might be the reason.

This is practically very convenient if you’re walking in the street. Or if you’re listening to something and someone comes up to talk to you.

And if you somehow turned this feature on but forgot about it, you will find your Jabra headset not working with teams or any other calling apps.


The solution is simple. You just need to turn the settings off when you want to listen to your audio.

In the headsets, there should be a dedicated button on. Which turns on and off the listen-in feature.

So if you see there isn’t any audio coming but your audio is playing. Then you should check if the listen-in feature is on or not.

Simply turn the feature off and now you can hear through your headset normally again.

Jabra headset
Source: Jabra

5. Updating the Firmware:

This is a basic solution for a plethora of problems out there. Sometimes if you had an older version of firmware installed and you’re using the latest device. The incompatibility of the firmware could cause some connectivity problems.

Luckily, the solution is pretty straightforward. You just need to update your firmware. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.


Firstly you need to have the Jabra direct app on your computer. This is a central app that you can use for all your Jabra devices.

After opening the app, you can connect your device and it should show up. You click on it and you’ll see an option called to check for updates.

After clicking on that, you’ll see that it has shown the available updates that you can do. Click on the update now button to update.

After you’ve finished updating click ok. Sometimes you’ll need a system restart for the changes to take place.

Updating the Firmware

And now your headphones should work perfectly! That should mark the end of your jabra evolve 65 troubleshooting.

Well, that’s how you get your headphones to work again! But every piece of hardware like the speakers in your headset has a lifetime. So there could be hardware problems as well that need to be fixed professionally. Furthermore, the issue may lie with The Tascam US-4×4 instead if you’re using that setup and the problem still persists.

However, if you

Despite the issues, the Jabra headsets are very reliable. Let’s see some of the best Jabra Headsets out there.

For isolating the crowded office completely, go for Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Wireless Headphones.

You’ll get premium musical experience with Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones.

To boost your productivity with a comfortable headphone, check the Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired Headset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Fully Charge Your Jabra Headsets?

No, fully charging anything is a bad idea. Because if you overcharge then it will shorten your battery life. So if you keep your Jabra headset plugged in to fully charge it, you can overcharge it quite easily. And you should never let it charge overnight.

Can You Use Two Bluetooth Headsets In The Same PC Simultaneously?

Well, no you won’t be able to do that. Because using your computer’s built-in Bluetooth driver you can use one bluetooth headset at a time. However, you can use one wired headset and another Bluetooth headset simultaneously using the sound control panel. 

How Far Is The Range Of Jabra Bluetooth Headsets?

Typically consumer-grade Bluetooth headsets have a small range. They are typically good for 10 meters distance. After that, the sound starts to get distorted. But high-grade Bluetooth headsets can have a range upto 150 meters, but it might be affected by walls, electromagnetic waves, wifi signals, etc.

Wrapping up

Well, that answers why your Jabra headset is not working. And using the easy fixes you’ll be able to get it to work in no time!

Until next time, best of luck!

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