JBL 4311 vs 4311B: Which One to Choose?

You’re setting up your home studio and looking for some vintage monitors.

After hitting google you find two popular options: JBL 4311 and 4311B. 

But are you confused between JBL 4311 vs 4311B?

There are a lot of differences between JBL 4311 and 4311B. The JBL 4311 offers a metallic grungy sound whereas the 4311B has a softer sound. JBL 4311 has a low mid-frequency bump. However, the 4311B has a 3 dB bump. The 4311 has a damp distorted feel compared to 4311B’s clear and accurate output. However, the 4311 comes $300 cheaper than the 4311B.

That’s just a sneak peek. Stick with us for a few minutes to find out more about the two monitors.

Let’s begin.

JBL 4311 vs 4311B: Quick Comparison 

Before we jump into the detailed comparison, let’s have a look at this quick comparison.

Aspect JBL 4311JBL 4311B 
Woofers JBL 2213JBL 2213H 
Magnets Alnico magnetsFerrite or Ceramic magnets
Mids LE5-2 LE5-10
Price $700- $800$999- $1100

Now, let’s jump into the main part of the discussion.

JBL 4311 and 4311B
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JBL 4311 vs 4311B: Detailed Comparison 

Comparing the two monitors is really tough. They share the same specs almost everywhere.

However, there are some critical differences between the two. Here we’ve discussed the head-to-head comparison for your convenience.


The first difference between the speakers is the woofers. Although both speakers have a wood woofer box than fiberglass that adds to the vintage feel. 

JBL 4311 comes with 2213 woofers. On the other hand, the JBL 4311B has 2213H woofers.

The 2213H woofers are rated at 100W each and can handle more power than 2213. It’s also on the heavier side.

Hence, if you want more power and loudness, choose the 4311B. Otherwise, the 4311 will be adequate.

Summary: The winner of this segment will be the JBL 4311 for its 100W loud woofers.

JBL 4311
Source: AudioScope


Another critical difference is the magnets. The JBL 4311 comes with Alinco magnets.

On the other hand, JBL 4311B features Ferrite/Ceramic magnets.

Alinco magnets are older and vintage. It was first featured in the 50s and 60s.

The voice coil’s effect decreases the magnetic field of the alnico magnet. Hence, the speaker becomes less effective and the voice coil moves less.

Alnico is much easier to lose its magnetism than Ferrite magnets. The states of the domains change much more quickly. As the voice coil moves to its mechanical limit, there’s little or no compression. 

The ceramic magnet doesn’t cause compression. The sound is clearer than it would be with an alnico magnet.

If you want a clear sound, pick 4311B. Or else, pick 4311 if you want a more vintage sound.

Also, you can upgrade both sets with a high pass filter for better sound quality.

Summary: The winner of this segment will be the 4311B for its ceramic magnet and sound clarity.


The mids control the frequency response of the monitors. Hence, they’re very important for sound quality. 

The 4311 has LE5-2 mids whereas the 4311B has LE5-10 mids.

A LE5-2 will bump the midrange balance by 1 dB. This is very close to the original and can be adjusted by mid-level control.

On the other hand, LE5-10 has a bump of 3 dB. This can be differentiated easily.

SuIf you want a good frequency response, choose the 4311. Otherwise, 4311B will do for you.


Tweeters in your speakers are not just passive parts. Most full-range speaker systems can’t work without them.

The JBL 4311 features a LE 25 tweeter whereas the LE 25-2 is used in 4311B.

The sound of the LE25 is more open and airy. It sounds a bit more metallic, bright, soaring, and off-key than LE25-2.

LE25-2 has a sound that is less sensitive, softer, grayer, and more precise than LE25.

Summary: If you want precise sound then pick 4311B. However, if you want metallic and soaring sound then pick 4311.


Finally, it all comes down to the money battle. After all, you might’ve different budgets and preferences.

The JBL 4311 is the cheaper option. It’s priced around $800 a pair. Hence, it wins the economical battle.

However, JBL 4311B comes at a price of around $1100 a pair. It costs $300 more than the 4311 version. 

Summary: If you want an economic build go for the 4311 version. If you don’t have any problem with the budget, go for 4311B.

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JBL 4311 vs 4311B: Which One Should You Pick? 

Before giving my opinion, here’s someone using the beautiful JBL 4311B speaker.

JBL 4311 and 4311B have similar configurations and the differences are hardly noticeable. However, there are some core differences that set them apart.

The 4311 is an inexpensive vintage monitor with a low midrange frequency and metallic tone.. It has a retro feeling to the sound and is ideal for old-schoolers.

However, if you want a monitor with softer, less sensitive, and accurate sound, pick the 4311B. But keep in mind that the monitors are $300 apart in price.

Hopefully, this will help you with the decision-making. 


Why Is My JBL Monitor Audio Not Working?

If the monitor’s speakers don’t work, it’s usually because the settings or cables are set up wrong. You can fix this problem in a few ways. You can check your connections, adjust the volume, and run a sound test. You can try using something other than your monitor to play sound.

Are JBL Studio Monitors Better Than Speakers?

It is better in terms of raw audio quality. Home stereo speakers are often made to boost or improve the sound. Studio monitors, on the other hand, don’t boost sound at all and keep all frequencies flat. What you get is sound that is more pure and clean, which makes mixing better.

Can I Use Normal Speakers As Studio Monitors?

You can use regular speakers as monitors in a studio, but the sound would be off. Studio monitors try to make the sound that was recorded sound as close as possible, without adding much to the original signal. However, normal speakers enhance or boost the original raw sound.


That will be all from our side regarding the JBL 4311 vs 4311B debate. Hopefully, this article will help you decide on the best one for you.

Make sure your workspace has appropriate acoustics for the best sound quality.

Have fun with the music, See you soon.

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