Stuck With KEF LSX Problems? Here are The Solutions!

KEF LSX is the smaller speaker of the sound system giant KEF. Users adore the compact size of the LSX model. However, the users have been reporting some problems with the speakers.

Now, what are the KEF LSX problems? 

One of the most common KEF LSX problems is it keeps getting back to basic mode. By factory resetting, you can fix this issue. Another problem of KEF LSX is the control app issue. Two apps are required to play music on KEF LSX. So, it takes lots of time to set up. Using the Bluetooth connection only on your iOS can remove the issue. Lastly, a broken network card of KEF LSX is a major issue. You need to send it back to the company for an exchange or a repair.

I’m sure that’s not enough for troubleshooting the KEF LSX. 

This article is all about solutions to the KEF LSX speakers. If you’re looking for solutions, this is the right place. 

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3 KEF LSX Problems and Solutions

KEF speakers are great and have long been in the market. However, the most persistent problem of KEF LSX is connectivity problems. And the issue comes in 3 different ways. 

One small note, we recommend using the speakers with the computer. Because the speakers work flawlessly with computers. You can use an optical cable or aux cord to connect the speakers. 

Computer owners with LSX speakers have reported great reviews on the speaker. Both on the sound quality and connectivity. So, you won’t face any kind of problems with the PC connection.

The next segment is all about the problems and solutions. 

Problem 1: Default Back To Basic Mode

Connect the LSX with subwoofers and amps, and try to play some music. But the KEF streaming app keeps going to basic settings.

The settings keep going back to default mode. No matter what setting or how many times you reset it.

It’s quite a persistent issue that can’t be solved by reinstalling the app. 

Even if you clear the cache files, delete all the files associated with the app. The app setting will go back to default, basic settings mode. 

Head over to the next section for the solution


When your KEF LSX keeps going back to basic mode, it’s time for a factory reset. 

Not the app, but the speakers. Here’s how to reset your KEF LSX speakers

  • The LED light above the reset button on the back of the Master Speaker flashes orange. When it flashes, press and hold it with a paperclip or pin for around 5 seconds. Watch the LED light until it stops flashing.
  • The Master Speaker’s LED indication should glow white and orange.
  • To configure the speakers, open the KEF Control app. And follow the on-screen directions to set up your LSX speakers.
A picture of back pannel of KEF LSX
Source: TheNextWeb

Problem 2: Control App Issue

KEF LSX speakers require 2 different apps. And many users dislike the extra app and the time it takes to play some music. 

Then comes the trouble of the KEF Control app. Which sets up the speaker with your device – phone, laptop, or tablet.

The first problem the KEF control app creates is the wifi connection problem with LSX speakers. 

The problem goes like this – it shows on the speaker that wi-fi is connected. But the app on the other hand shows that there’s no wifi connection. 

As a result, the KEF streaming app can’t play any music. Basically, the synchronization between the app and the speakers is funky. 

The second problem is only for Tidal users. Tidal connect app lets you connect with your music player.  

KEF LSX Tidal Problem is that Tidal connect is unavailable to KEF LSX. Even if you manage to connect, Tidal connect won’t play music on the speakers. 

The final problem is the iOS version of the KEF connect app. The KEF iOS app and streaming app don’t work properly at all. 


For the KEF LSX wifi problem, do the following

  • Get the latest firmware update (5.1)
  • Then try to connect via wifi again. It should work fine now.
  • Use the speakers over a 5GHz wifi connection.
  • Make sure it’s a private wifi network. Because office or public network’s additional security steps can prevent the LSX from connecting. 
  • If you want to connect in the office or public network, take help from the administration. They will help you go through the authentication steps. 

For Tidal users with LEF LSX, here’s what to do- 

  • Connect LSX speakers via Bluetooth connection. The sound quality is as great as it is over the wifi connection so don’t worry.
  • Switch to other streaming apps like Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, KEF stream app, and such. 

Lastly, here are the solution for iOS users with LSX

  • Download KEF connects and KEF stream apps on one of your android devices. The devices can be tabs or phones.
  • Set up and connect the LSX speakers. You should be able to play music with no issue.
  • Use the BlueTooth connection to play music from your iOS device.

As opposed to the Martin Logan speakers against KEF, their own apps don’t cause such problems.

A picture of KEF LSX Control app interface
Source: YouTube

Problem 3: Network Card Broken

If the above solutions aren’t working, you must contact the supplier or KEF customer support. They’ll diagnose the speaker’s network card. And later tell you whether the network card in the speaker is broken or not. 

Still if why you’re unable to connect KEF LSX to your device or wifi? 

A broken KEF LSX network card can be the reason. If the factory resetting or setting the application didn’t work, then the card is broken. Unfortunately, the DIY process is too risky. You can damage your speaker and surely will void the warranty. 

Here’s a person who faced a similar issue. 

So, what’s the solution? Let’s find out.


If you figured out that the network card in the speaker is broken. Send it back to the supplier for repair. 

They’ll either repair the network card or replace the LSX speakers. And it’ll be free of cost, only if you have a warranty. You can check about the warranty of KEF speakers on the official KEF website.

However, for no warranty fixing the KEF LSX card can cost around $10-$15. KEF will repair the speakers for you.

Make sure to check the connectivity of your repaired/replaced speakers to ensure there’s no trouble. 

That’s all regarding the troubleshooting of KEF LSX problems. You may consider changing your KEF LSX. Well, it is one of the best speakers you can have. However, here are some alternatives for KEF LSX.

A picture of a pair of KEF LSX speakers
Source: Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my KEF LSX?

RESET resets the LSX system to factory settings, removing network data included. The reset indication is above the reset button, which is located beneath it. Up until the RESET INDICATOR flashes, press and hold the RESET button. When the light stops blinking, the reset is finished.

Can you use KEF LSX without an app?

You can’t use KEF LSX without an App. Because oddly, KEF decided LSX needs 2 apps to play audio. The first app, KEF Control App, is for setup and connecting the speakers to wi-fi. The second one, KEF Stream App is what you will always need to play music. Without the app, you can’t play any music.

Is the KEF LSX Speaker Good? 

Sound quality-wise, KEF LSX speakers are really good, even for that high price point. However, KEF LSX is notorious for connectivity problems. KEF strangely has made it required for LSX to use 2 apps to play audio. The connector app on top of that is faulty and needs multiple re-installation. 


Hopefully, we have covered all the KEF LSX problems and solutions for you. 

For such a high price, KEF apps should be buttery smooth with setup and everything else. Ending the article with a bonus tip, use it as a wired speaker. 

Did any of our offered solutions help you with your problems? Let us know.

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