LG Quad DAC vs DAP: Which Is Better for Audio?


LG phones were very popular for audiophiles. Because those were equipped with the best audio drivers. But, many people are confused between LG phones’ DAC and DAP.

So, which is better for audiophiles LG quad DAC vs DAP?

LG Quad DAC use the ESS Sabre DAC chipset whereas, different DAP uses different DAC chipset. Also, DAP has more runtime than LG phones. Nevertheless, you will get software updates and support with DAPs. But with LG phones it will be discontinued. Yet, you cannot make calls like LG phones with DAP.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to gain more knowledge before you buy something. 

With that said, let’s get started.

Quick Comparison

LG quad DAC phones are still considered as best phones for audiophiles. But with the discontinuation, many people are confused is it still worth it or not.

So, how does LG quad DAC compare with other DAPs on the market? Well, we need to find that out. 

So, let’s see a quick comparison between LG Quad DAC and DAP.

Differentiating FactorsLG Quad DAC PhonesDigital Audio Players (DAP)
SizeLarger than a DAPCompact
DAC ChipsetESS Sabre Depends on the Model
Battery Capacity5000 mAh2400-3200 mAh
Battery Runtime5 HoursMore than 7 hours
Storage64 GB-128 GB (Expandable to 2TB)2 GB to 256 GB (Expandable Storage Available)
Call CapacityAvailableUnavailable
PriceCheck Now on AmazonCheck Now on Amazon

This quick comparison is very enlightening. Yet, you need to dig deeper for complete knowledge. So, before moving forward take a look at this graph: 

Now in the next section, I will compare LG quad DAC phones with DAPs.

So, let’s move on.

In-Depth Comparison

We all know that DACs are worth buying. With the introduction of quad DACs, LG stepped up its game. Audiophiles were pleased with such a revolutionary change in the phone.

Source: androidauthority.com

Since it got discontinued, many still want to buy the phone. Because the quad DAC feature can play Hi-Res audio files with ease. But should you get an LG phone or DAP?

Well without waiting any longer, let’s find out.

DAC Chipset

Another vital thing to consider is the DAC chipset. Each DAC chipset has different processing power. Hence, I will address this factor too.

The DAC chipset of LG phones is ESS Sabre. ESS Sabre is an outstanding DAC chipset with patent technology. It can sample of 32-bit HyperStream architecture built. However, you won’t get new LG phones with better ESS Sabre chipset.

That’s why it’s a crowd favourite among audiophiles. 

On the other hand, each DAP is equipped with a different DAC chipset. You get ESS Sabre, Cirrus Logic, AKM, etc. You can choose DAPs based on DAC chipsets. With LG quad DAC phones, you won’t get the luxury.

Also, knowing the differences between Cirrus Logic and Realtek are important. That way you can consider the best DAC system for any of your devices.

Summary: DAPs have a wide range of DAC chipset options. Whereas, LG Quad DACs are powered by ESS Sabre.


Another key factor is the battery. Whether you go out for morning walks or travelling, battery life can be an important factor. So, let’s address this factor.

The battery capacity of LG quad DAC phones is 5000 mAh. The flagship-level phone is equipped with a large battery, but there’s a catch. 

The LG phones are equipped with OLED displays. As a result, its battery run time is around 5 hours. 

Source: phonearena.com

However, this is not that big of an issue as you can easily get a power bank to combat this problem. From my experience these are the best power banks on the market as of now: 

On the other hand, DAPs are equipped with smaller batteries than 5000 mAh. But due to amazing software optimization, it can last up to 7 hours. Also, the display won’t cause the battery to drain fast.

Summary: LG quad DAC phones are equipped with larger batteries than DAP. But, DAP has a longer runtime than LG quad DAC phones.

Software Support

One of the key element is software support. Let’s face it, no technology is perfect. Some bugs will slow down your device. But, with software updates, your devices will remove those bugs. As a result, software updates and supports are very necessary.

By 2021, LG decided to stop producing and manufacturing phones. This also implies that compatible android based LG phones won’t get proper software updates. 

Even though LG still updates and will update till Android 13. But users face many bugs and issues with those phones. However, after Android 13, you will be on your own.

On the other hand, DAPs are always getting updates. New DAPs are also introduced from time to time. That simply helps you to claim warranty and software support from the company.

Summary: DAPs will keep getting software support. Whereas, LG quad DAC phones will be discontinued.


Any modern device’s storage is one of the main concerns. That way you can store as much data as you want.

With the default storage of 64 GB-128 GB, LG quad DAC phones can expand storage to 2TB. Thanks to such freedom, LG phones can store as much data as you need. 

Compared to mid-range DAPs and  LG v60, most DAPs have less default storage capacity. In the case of LG V60 vs Fiio M11, Fiio M11 has only 2 GB of storage. But, you can expand the storage up to 4TB with an external memory card. 

Here are some good quality LG DAC phones on the market as of now: 

Not just Fiio, other mid-range DAPs can expand up to 4TB of storage. That is enough for you to carry as many audio files as you want.

Summary: The expandable storage system, DAP easily beats LG quad DAC phones.

Sampling Accuracy

For any DAC to sample audio well enough needs better software compatibility.  That’s why most DAPs include in-built media playing software. But, let’s see the sampling accuracy of LG quad DAC phones and DAPs.

The sampling rate of LG quad DAC phones is mindblowing. Yet, it lacks sampling accuracy. Because many third-party media players cannot perform up to mark. Also, the default media player of LG phones isn’t loved by many.

The sampling accuracy of DAPs is top-notch. With the lossless files being properly utilized, you will have an immersive experience. 

Better knowledge about bass ext can help you understand this better.

Summary: DAPs sample audio files better than LG quad DAC phones.


Lastly, let’s address the price. Price should justify the device’s quality and usability. Hence, let’s talk about this.

The price of the LG quad DAC phone ranges from $150-$350. However, most LG phones are pre-owned. 

On the other hand, good DAP prices start from $100. It can go all the way up to $5000 for professional usage. But, compared to $150-$300 DAPs, you will find new and improved ones on the market.

I’ve done my fair share of research on this and found these DAPs to work exceptionally well: 

These choices will definitely not disappoint you! 

Summary: DAPs have more evenly priced than LG quad DAC phones.

That’s all regarding the in-depth comparison. Also, using IEM earphones in any situation will give better audio output.

If you are still confused, then don’t worry. In the next section, I will give my final thoughts.

So, let’s move on to the next section.

So, Which One Should You Go For?

Each device has there own advantages. So which is better LG Quad DAC phones or DAP? Here’s a tableau that summarises all the details: 

Just for listening to the audio, DAP will be the best option. It has better battery runtime, immerse listening, versatile options, and better software support.

Nevertheless, if you want a phone, go for LG quad DAC phones. You will accomplish every task at ease using it. But the drawbacks are many for LG quad DAC phones. Yet, it also gives crisp and accurate audio with the proper software.

Whatever you choose, go with what you need. Choosing DAP over LG phones can give you satisfactory results.


What Do DAC Channels Mean?

DAC channels can sample the numerical analogue output and convert it to the voltage output. Every DAC has many channels. That way DAC can quickly run FLAC, AALC, etc. lossless audio files.

Does Every Phone Or PC Have DAC?

A DAC and an amplifier are integrated into every computer or phone. So your headphone won’t need a DAC. However, getting an external DAC may significantly increase sound quality. 

Is FLAC Compatible With the Car’s Music Player?

Yes, FLAC is compatible with the car’s music player. In addition, any lossless audio files can be played on cars. Because most modern cars are equipped with digital user interface music players.


That’s all regarding LG quad DAC vs DAP. We hope we cleared all of your questions regarding this. 

Here’s a bit of advice, try to use an equalizer. That way, you can enhance your audio experience significantly.

Have a good day. Leave a comment if you have any more queries.

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