Logitech G930 Physical Problems: How To Solve Them?

Buying a new gaming headset with basic expectations is often frustrating. That’s because it starts showing malfunctions which are not at all expected. These physical problems are not at all expected from a headset like Logitech G930.

However, these problems are still there. And we know that it’s making you regret your decision.

But, don’t throw it out yet. We’ve got you on this.

So what to do when you’re facing Logitech G930 Physical Problems?

When you’re having physical problems with the Logitech G930, you can use an older version of LGS to solve this. You can also update drivers and remove electrical interference. Furthermore, adjust sound enhancements from enhancement tabs.

But it needs to be known which solution is for which problem. Also, there are many other physical problems and solutions of G930. So what are you waiting for? Dig right in!

What do we mean by physical problems?

Headsets don’t last a lifetime. After a certain period of use, they all face issues. Even speakers last less than 20 years so it’s stupid to expect a flawless headset.

Here, we’ll be talking about the physical problems of Logitech G930. By physical problems, we mean Logitech G930 hardware-related issues. Although these issues are hardware-related, their solutions are not necessarily hardware-related. These can be fixed by some quick software troubleshooting.

The physical problems we’re gonna talk about are buttons not working, the microphone not working, low volume, etc.

Physical Problems Seen in G930

Now we will talk about the physical problems seen in G930 in detail. We will also include some useful Logitech G930 repair tips with the problems.

Volume Too Low

One of the common problems users complain about G930 is its ridiculously low volume. This problem is not faced by everyone. Some of the G930s have this problem. Others work just fine.


The reason behind Logitech G930 low volume is the new version of Logitech Gaming Software(LGS). The regulations for sound loudness by the EU are implemented in these versions. It prevents the headset from being too loud. For that, the newer versions of LGS software prevent the loudness of sound. 

Another reasons for this problem can be due to your customized Logitech G930 setup.


The loudness problem can be solved easily on G930. For these, follow –


The first and easiest fix is to reset Logitech G930 headset. Many times, the software and hardware have trouble catching up. Which in turn lowers the volume. Once the device is rebooted, the volume becomes a bit louder than before.

How to reset Logitech G930 headset?

The reset button is a pinhole on the USB driver. Press it for 1-2 seconds and the headset will reboot. If luck is in your favor, rebooting will troubleshoot the volume problem.

Adjust Enhancement 

The newer version of Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) makes the enhancement tabs go away. For that reason, the different levels of sound remain constant. You cannot increase them.

We’ve come up with 2 solutions for this. One is without installing LGS and the other is after installing an older version of it. 

Without LGS-

If you don’t want to use LGS anymore, simply uninstall it. In order to uninstall LGS, go to Start and type “apps and features.” There you can find Logitech Gaming Software. There’s a small box under it named uninstall. Click on uninstall. After you’ve uninstalled it, the enhancement tab will come back. Increase all enhancements as you need. 

Your volume will increase by increasing enhancements through enhancement tabs. Slide up all the bars in the tabs until you hear your desirable volume. 

With LGS-

If you want to keep using LGS and have louder sound, you’ll need older versions of it. You’ll need the 8.58.183 version of LGS. After you have installed this, follow these steps-

  • Go to Playback Devices
  • Right-click on properties 
  • You’ll see the enhancement tab. Check box Loudness Enhancement.
  • Turn on EQ

Now, raise all the sliders as high as you can and check if your sound has increased. Adjust it as per your convenience.

Only One Earpiece Working

In the g930s, there’s a high possibility that the faulty one would be the right earpiece. Most users have faced no sound coming out from the right one. However, you can also be left with a Logitech G930 left ear no sound.


This is surely a hardware problem in most cases. Although, if you’re lucky, then you are probably having a Logitech G930 driver problem. And drivers can be easily troubleshot without digging in the hardware fixes.


In order to fix this issue, use a generic driver instead of a Logitech driver. For this, do the following things-

  • Go to the start menu and select Device Manager.
  • Select Computer and then Computer Management.
  • Go to properties and then select Logitech G930. Select drivers and then update it through USB audio drivers.
  • After the update is completed, set the new driver in default.

If the problem still persists, there are hardware-related issues. For this go to the service center. 

Sound Cutting Out

The 3rd problem we’re gonna talk about is the sound of Logitech G930 cutting out. You could be in a crucial moment in-game suddenly the sound has cut out. You’re not able to hear your enemy’s footsteps anymore. As annoying as this problem is, we have the solution for you.


Logitech G930 is very much vulnerable to electrical interferences which can lead to your Logitech G930 disconnecting. The main reason for sound cutting out is the wifi hindrance. It also takes place if your USB root hub is on. 


To solve this problem, you can remove the electrical interferences. But if that doesn’t work, follow these instead-

  • Plugin to a different port
  • Update Logitech G930 driver
  • Turn USB Root Hub off
  • Change Audio Settings

These should solve the connecting issues of G930.

It can also help to fix any issues regarding Logitech G930 noise.

Random Turn Off

Random turn-offs of this headset are quite frustrating. Now, this is a software-related issue. It has some common troubleshooting. We’ve mentioned them as solutions to other problems as well before.


The main cause of random shutdowns are:

  • Driver problem
  • Using the new version of LGS 
  • Electrical interference 

These are the most common reasons for most of the problems faced in G930.


To troubleshoot this problem, the first thing to do is remove electrical interferences. We’ve already talked about how to do that.

If the problem still persists, then it’s the software that’s causing this problem. For that, you can use an older version of LGS. (You can try 8.58.183). They are mostly free of bugs.

If it’s still randomly turning off, update all your drivers. If your drivers are already updated, they’ll show a message if you try to update them.

Connecting Issues

Logitech G930 connection issues are yet another common problem a lot of the users face on a regular basis. This is followed by the dongle making beep sounds before turning off. And again making beep sounds after turning on. This is quite annoying to face. 


G930 faces this connecting issue whenever Windows is updated to 10 from 7/8. The new adaptability of g930 is very poor to windows 10. It happens if you were already using it in another version of Windows before. 

Other reasons can be turnoff interval time and a new version of the driver. Moreover, USB root hub power management turned on and weak USB Hub are also the reasons.


How to do if Logitech G930 keeps turning off?

Firstly, you can update your drivers to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then use even older drivers than what you were using.

If the problem still persists, then follow these instead-

Change turnoff interval time

Logitech G930 shuts down after every 15 minutes. So to remove this, go to program files on the local disc. After that, find Logitech gaming software and go-to resources. Select G930 and then manifest.

You will find a file named Device_Manifest.xml. Open it in Notepad and set the battery turnoff interval to 0. This will solve the disconnection after every 15 minutes.

USB Root Hub Power Management

The USB root hub has its power management option which allows it to randomly turn off. For that, you need to turn the USB power management off. To turn it off, follow these –

  • Go to device manager.
  • Select Universal Serial Bus Controller. You’ll find a USB root hub there. 
  • Go to properties and select power management.
  • Under power management, a box will come labeled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” Uncheck it.

It won’t turn off now for USB Root Hub Power Management anymore.

Buttons Not Working

The buttons of g930 can stop working if there’s too much electrical interference. Here the problem is not with the buttons. It’s with the headset’s vulnerability to interference. For this, remove electrical interferences as we mentioned earlier. 

If it doesn’t help, update your drivers to solve the problem.

If the buttons still don’t work, then there are hardware issues. The buttons have been damaged. You should take your headset to Logitech support. If there’s a warranty left, you can get it fixed by them.

You can also fix your Logitech G930 buttons not working by updating your drivers.

Microphone Not Working

Logitech G930 mic not working is rather rarer than most other problems in g930. However, it’s the most crucial one. We understand the level of frustration people get when others can’t hear them.


The microphone stops working once windows are updated to windows 10. It also happens if the microphone settings are not adjusted correctly. Sometimes, if the drivers are not updated, it causes the microphone to not work too. Apart from all these software-related causes, the mic can also not work if water enters it. Or through depreciation over long-term use.


Here’s what you can do when your Logitech G930 mic stopped working:

The most common problem here is when the microphone is not allowed access. If your computer doesn’t allow the microphone to gain access, it won’t work. So the first thing you should do is allow microphone access. You can find it in settings.

If none of these work, uninstall Logitech gaming software. After that, go to the device manager. There you will find audio and game controllers. Once found, select uninstall the driver. Finally, select “remove g930”. After it’s removed, install LGS again. Restart your computer.

Lastly, the microphone can stop working if water gets inside. Though G930 is waterproof on the surface, there are always ways of water entering it. In that case, try to dry your headset off. If it still doesn’t work, you should take it for repair.

Not Charging

If you’re having problems with your Logitech G930 not charging, then the charging port might’ve broken. It’s not working anymore. However, this is not always the only cause. The wireless charging hub could also have gone wrong. 


Sometimes the charging problem occurs because of software-related issues too. To solve this, try resetting the headset. It’ll troubleshoot the charging issues automatically. Holding the pinhole in the USB for 1-2 seconds will reboot the headset.

The next thing you can do is change the USB cable used for charging. Sometimes the cable might be faulty which causes the charging issue.

The final solution we’ll suggest is soldering the charging port. But it’s very likely to mess it up if you do this on your own. The soldering points are very tricky to find on the insides. So take the headset to a service center for the most effective results. 

Are There Better Headsets In The Same Budget?

We know how frustrated you are with your G930. However, we’ve listed some headsets which don’t have these physical problems like g930. Let’s have a look-


Now we’ll be answering some of the most common questions about G930.

Can you use Logitech G930 without receiver?

No. You cannot use the Logitech g930 without the receiver. It’s a wireless over-ear headset and needs a USB receiver to connect. So the receiver needs to be connected to the PC.

How do I set up my Logitech G930?

In order to set up Logitech g930, connect the charging base with any port of PC. After that, connect the adapter to the base. Finally, install the g930 gaming software. 


We hope we’ve been able to help you with every physical problem of G930. If you followed all of our solutions, your G930 should be working perfectly by now. But if not, then your headset is beyond repair. It’s time to upgrade.

Thank you for staying with us till the very end. Do let us know if you have any questions.

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