Logitech Rear Speakers Not Working

Logitech Rear Speakers Not Working- Troubleshooting

Discovered that your rear speakers suddenly don’t work? We understand the frustration when a person can’t listen to your favorite music.

Fret not, we’re here to the rescue.

Wondering how to fix your Logitech rear speakers that are not working?

Ensure all the cables are correctly connected to the receiver. And that the receiver is set to surround sound. Try to make sure to check it for stereo content too. You’ll need to manually check the setting on the surround sound.

Do you know what’s the best part of this article? We’re going to cover how to solve the problem. Let’s not delay the task any longer.

Speakers With Similar Rear Speaker Issue

Logitech speakers have been reported to have similar issues with rear speakers.

Sometimes, Samsung rear speakers also create the same issues. Even when the rear speakers are turned on, the playback is distorted.

So, how do we fix the issue with the Logitech z-640 rear speakers not working?

The rear speakers won’t work if the default format is at rock bottom. Another cause could be that audio enhancements are turned off.

In some cases, audio enhancements must be turned on for your speakers to work. Check whether any apps have gained exclusive access to your speakers.  

That was just a sneak peek. Now let’s look at them in detail. 

The Diagnosis, The Cause & The Solution

Found that your newly bought rear speakers don’t work. Now, you’re thinking why are the  5.1 surround sound rear speakers not working?

If you watch a movie or a television show online, the content must be in surround sound. The streaming service’s material is available in surround sound.

However, in many circumstances, the device you’re streaming from must also support output. 

Distorted Sounds in Rear Speakers

Distorted sounds are coming from the rear speakers when they are played. It seems that an unwarranted sound is coming that is not native to the playback.

It may be a buzzing noise like a lot of bees buzzing close to your ear.

Sat down to watch the football match. However, find that there is no sound. So, why are the Logitech surround sound speakers z506 not working?

Windows 10 contains a built-in troubleshooter for correcting sound issues, so run it. Then download the latest version of the audio driver.

Identifying The Issue

Started playing video games only to find that the sound is off the mark.

The sound that’s coming from the speaker has an additional noise to the playback. But found that the Logitech z506 rear speakers are playing distorted sound.

Unplug all of your speaker plugs from the rear panel audio output connectors. Take a look at your device’s handbook to see what it says about the jack colors.

Now, arrange your belongings and connect the jacks. To set the correct configuration, use the Realtek configuration tool.

Otherwise, the speakers will play distorted sounds and it’ll add noise to the playback.

The Cause

The distortion of sound from the speakers can be caused by a variety of factors. While frequency interference is a possible cause of the buzzing sound.

It can’t be a disregard for audio output disruptions.

Aside from that, a hardware problem can cause a buzzing sound from the speaker. 

Reason 1: Configuration issue

It is highly like that there could be incorrect settings. So, check the audio settings to configure it 

Reason 2: Audio Driver out of date

An out-of-date audio driver can cause the speaker to buzz. As a result, check to see if the audio driver is up to date and, if not, upgrade it.

Reason 3: Hardware Problem

One of the most common causes of buzzing in speakers is a hardware problem. If you check through the software and still discover issues.

The probable issue is with the hardware.  As a result, you should investigate the hardware issue

Here we have covered the 3 possible reasons.


The difficulties that are causing the distorted sound can be readily resolved. We have divided the answers into different steps for your convenience.

Fix 1- Fix The Hardware Problem

If all the issues are resolved but the rear speakers still don’t work. It is likely the issue is with hardware.

  1. To see if the sound is working properly, adjust the volume up and down.
  2. Examine the audio cable and port and make sure they are in good working order. When the signal line is separated from the ground, your speaker emits a buzzing sound. Please double-check the signal input line. You can try a different audio cable and port to check if the buzzing sound has gone away.
  3. If the transformer has a problem, you can replace it with a better transformer. Identify the transformer by searching up the model number of your device online. To reduce power loss via the speaker line, the amplifier uses a transformer to up the voltage.

The distorted sounds will cease to appear if the above-mentioned steps are followed.

Fix 2- Update The Audio Driver

The audio driver may be outdated. Because of which distorted sounds are coming from the speakers during playback.

We’ve covered how to fix the driver issue by breaking it down into 3 simple steps. They are:

  1. Download and install “Driver Easy”.
  2. Select the Scan Now option in Driver Easy. After that, Driver Easy will scan your computer for incompatible drivers.
  3. To download the correct version of this drive automatically. Next to the marked audio device, click the Update symbol. To download the correct version of this drive automatically. Next to the marked audio device, click the Update symbol. Otherwise, click “Update All” to download and install the latest driver version.

By following the above steps you’ll not hear any distorted noise from the speaker.

Fix 3 Configure audio settings

You should configure the audio settings to ensure they are at the optimum. If the audio settings aren’t correct it may be why the sound is distorted.

  1. Launch the Control Panel on your PC.
  2. Navigate to Hardware and Sound. Sound of a click. Right-click on your speaker device in the popup pane and select Properties. Uncheck the option next to Disable all sound effects on the Enhancements page. Then press the Apply and OK buttons.

Check if all of the cords are connected and follow the instructions. When working with the speakers, maintain care to ensure that no accidents take place.

Follow the above-mentioned steps when dealing with other Logitech devices too.

Surround Sounds Not Working in Rear Speakers

The surround sound in the rear speakers may not be working due to a horde of reasons. The likely reason is that you’re playing content that is not compatible with the receiver.

When dealing with your receiver you should ensure that it is set to surround. The solution to the 5.1 surround sound not working is provided below:

Fix 1: Using Compatible Content

It’s important to examine if the audio you’re playing is supported by the device.

You may find that what you expect isn’t what the medium is capable of. It’ll vary widely depending on the type of media.

Before playing, always the audio capabilities of the media you’re about to watch or listen to.

This can help you prepare for what you’re going to hear and avoid blaming your equipment for a basic flaw.

Fix 2: Ensure The Receiver is Set to Surround Sound

If the media you’re working with is surround sound compatible. Then firstly make sure that your receiver is set to properly deliver the audio.

This is accomplished by setting your receiver to the proper sound mode.

This means selecting the Dolby Surround or Surround sound mode option.

Fix 3: Test with Increased Volume and Boost Levels 

If you’re still having trouble with your surround sound system’s back speakers, the next step is to make sure their levels aren’t significantly mismatched.

Increase the volume on your receiver and pay close attention to the back speakers. 

If you can establish that sound is coming from the rear speakers.

However, their volume is significantly lower than that of the front speakers. Then configuration settings should be altered to increase the volume levels.

Fix 4: To test speakers, use test tones.

If you couldn’t hear test tones coming from one or more of your speakers. Check that all speaker cords connected to the receiver are properly connected.

There are various methods for connecting speaker cables to receivers. Ascertain that and have not been loosened.

We have covered the 4 possible fixes to surround sound not working in rear speakers.

Lack of Treble or Bass in Rear Speakers

Bass is created by large speakers that vibrate the whole body during high sounds.

Whereas treble is at the extreme opposite of bass. Its range is at the higher end of human hearing and can be quite ear-piercing. This is unimportant to ordinary users.

But these are quite important to music enthusiasts and heavy users.

Woke up from a late night of partying and began working on your project. However, you may find that your Logitech z607 rear speakers not working

To identify which speaker connects where consult the speakers and the user handbook.

In the case of wired surround sound systems, the wrong wire may be connected to the amplifier ports.

The bass won’t be heard if the left speaker is connected correctly and the right one is inversed.

Identifying The Issues

To figure out why there is no treble or bass in the rear speakers, you’ll need to analyze the components and figure out which are the root cause of the problem.

Started playing on your console but found that the sound from the rear speakers is too low.

So, why is the Logitech z607 rear speaker’s volume low?

The reasonable explanation is that one of the devices doesn’t support surround sound. This is a common complaint about surround sound.

Reason 1: Audio Systems Playing at Really High Volume

If you play the audio systems at a very high volume, distortion will increase. It’ll, however, amplify any other sound quality concerns in your audio system. 

Reason 2: Equalizer Settings Incorrect

The equalizer controls in the playback source may be incorrect.

Reason 3: Tweeters and Other Satellite Speakers Incorrectly Placed

The positioning of your audio systems may be the reason.

Subwoofers are less particular about placement, but tweeters and other (satellite) speakers should be placed according to the user manual.

Reason 4: Damaged Wire 

It’s possible that a faulty cable is to blame. The cable is likely to be damaged. It may be that the insulation is cut and the fibers inside have been ripped. It is also a fire hazard

We’ve covered four likely reasons behind the lack of treble or no bass.


We have provided the solution to the Logitech z 607 rear speaker’s low volume. 

Fix 1: Equalizer Controls

Examine the equalizer controls in the audio system and in the playback source. Then set the controls to the optimum level.

Fix 2: Proper placement of tweeters

Subwoofers are less finicky about where they are placed. Tweeters and other speakers, on the other hand, should be arranged according to the handbook. 

If the issue is with the wiring, connectors, or speaker placement, it is straightforward to resolve.

If, on the other hand, the issue is with the speaker’s driver or internal components. Then, to remedy the issue, go to a service specialist.

You may also face problems when you connect to a PC.

Asymmetrical Sound in Rear Speakers

The reason behind the asymmetrical sound is that speakers aren’t placed at the same height. This results in the sound at playback from the speakers not matching.

The latest season of a series has been released. But discovered that the rear speakers aren’t working? Why is the Logitech z906 rear speaker not working?

Either your TV’s settings are incorrect or the Logitech processor is exhausted. Check that the television is set to Dolby’s digital output

Then, check every connection on both the subwoofer and the sound card. 

Reason 1 Uneven Height

If the surround sounds are kept at uneven heights then either one of the speakers may not work.  

Reason 2 Driver Software Outdated

One of the most likely reasons why one of the speakers is not working is that the Driver Software is outdated and will immediately need to be updated. 

Let’s take a look at how to solve this.

The Solution 

We’ve broken down the ways to fix the issue with one of the speakers not working.

Fix 1 Placing at Proper Height

The surround sounds should be a couple of feet above your ears. It will remove the asymmetrical sound issue in the rear speakers.

Fix 2 Update Driver Software

  1. Navigate to the Device Manager. Then, in the search box, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. After that, right-click on the IDT High Definition Audio Codec and select Properties.
  2. “Update Driver Software” should be selected.
  3. The option “Browse my computer for driver software” should be chosen. “Allow me to select from a list of drivers on my computer” should be selected.
  1. If it is not already checked, check the box “Show suitable hardware.”
  2. Select “High Definition Audio” from the list of devices (the native driver).
  3. Click “Yes” in the Update Driver Warning window (install the driver).
  4. If prompted, restart the laptop. There is no need to restart if you are not prompted.

The issues you’ve faced and their solutions are not limited to Logitech speakers and can be found in other devices

Still Having an Issue? Time For A Switch

Fed up with facing repeated issues with Logitech speakers? It’s about time you look for speakers that don’t have this many issues.

And to your new venture, these are our handpicked suggestions:


Have any confusion still on how to fix the speakers? Fret not, we’ve covered the common questions among Logitech users.

Why is only one of my Logitech speakers working?

First, ensure that all plugs are properly and completely in place. Try different headsets or speakers to see if the problem persists. Start by clicking on the speaker icon.

How do I reset my Logitech speakers?

While the device is turned off, press and hold the Input button for eight (8) seconds. Several lights on the Control Console will brighten, and there will be a popping sound. The Control Console should display these settings once they have been restored.

Do Logitech speakers need drivers?

Do you have a Logitech speaker and wish to listen to music while playing a computer game? Then, for your Logitech speaker, update the driver.

Bottom Line

Logitech Rear Speakers not Working is a common problem that many users have faced over the years. We’ve covered the likely reasons, their causes, and solutions to these issues.

What other issues have you faced when using Logitech speakers? Have you discovered other solutions to the issues we have mentioned?

Let us know in the comments.

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