Is Your Logitech Subwoofer Not Working? 5 Easy Solutions!

It’s a bummer when you’re vibing with some music but your subs stopped working.

Logitech subs are among the finest subwoofers available in the market. But, many customers have experienced difficulties getting them to function properly.

So, you’re wondering why is the logitech subwoofer not working?

The faulty setting system might get you into trouble. An excessive-tech connection will show audio trouble. Cable errors and wires might be another reason for troubleshooting. Default device problems also affect Logitech subwoofers. Without an update, your subwoofer will show the problem.

So, You have no notion how to do it? Don’t be in despair, we’re here to assist you.

This was only the substance of the response. Let’s get this timing right by setting up your Logitech subwoofer.

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Logitech Subwoofer not Working: 5 Troubleshooting Solutions

Many people have reported why is my subwoofer not working. Surprisingly, the problem began once they upgraded to Windows 10. Because usually, they are quite long-lasting subwoofers.

Here’s a living example of a 10-year-old sub.

Although, issues may also occur in various types of circumstances.


Users have come up with various solutions to this issue, which we encourage you to check out below.

If you properly follow the steps, the issue should be resolved soon! 

You might ask yourself, is it worth repairing a subwoofer? 

I would suggest you run through these fast procedures to diagnose. To cure a faulty subwoofer follow the mentioned guideline before you decide to replace it. 

Before you begin, make sure that all hardware and the subwoofer are switched off. You should never attach or unplug any cords while anything is turned on.

Because there is always a chance of things getting damaged inadvertently. As a newbie, you might be wondering how do I turn on Logitech speakers

It is as easy as it gets. Obviously, using the power knob, turn on the speaker. Make sure you have the power cables connected with the power supply unit. There might be issues with loose sockets and wirings. If that is so, then troubleshoot there.

Solution 1: Change the Default System Of Logitech Subwoofer

The speakers are sometimes usable, but the music they create is loud and of low quality. It’s possible that the sampling frequency isn’t high enough. 

Windows often assign low sample rates to newly installed devices. 

It’s possible that it’ll lead to issues like these. You may choose any bit depth as well as a higher frequency.

Right-click the Volume symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen. And choose Sounds from the drop-down menu. 

Now, you can ask how do I get my computer to recognize my Logitech speakers?

You may also go to your computer’s Control Panel. Select Large icons as the View by technique. 

Then look for and pick the Sounds option in the same box. Similar things happen while tweeter troubleshooting.

In the Sounds box that just opened, choose the Playback tab. Choose Properties from the right-click menu for the Logitech subwoofer. 

Check the Standard Format option in the Speakers’ Settings box on the Layers panel.

To access the selection menu, just click on it. You may play with an array of diverse attributes and sampling rates. 

2 channels, 16 bit, 44100 Hz should be the lowest setting. Check to see whether your speakers are functioning properly right now!

Solution 2: Turn On the Sound Upgrades

Another reason behind your subwoofers not working, is that the sound upgrade is disabled.

An individual playback device may disable all enhancements. Logitech speakers may become unusable due to improper usage or malfunction.

In the speaker’s properties window, enable improvements.

Choose the audio by clicking the Speed icon on the Logitech display’s bottom right. Change the View by setting on your computer to Large icons. 

Then locate and pick the Sounds option in the same window. 

In the new Audio box, select Playback Settings by right-clicking. The subwoofers’ normal or reverse phase is important for a better quality sound. 

You need the correct box to obtain the optimum sound.

Navigate to the Properties window’s Improvements tab and uncheck the item labeled Disable all upgrades. You can verify that your Logitech subwoofer is operating by tapping the OK button.

Solution 3: Deny Exclusive Subwoofer Access

What happens when a subwoofer blows? Make sure no other app is controlling them. Other programs won’t operate if they can’t access it. Too many signals will make the subwoofer more confused and it’ll show problems. 

Now you might be curious to know, can a blown subwoofer be fixed?

To repair your blown Logitech subwoofer, remove it from your vehicle. Repair or replace any broken components, then glue or wire them together. Based on the circumstances, this procedure might be simple or complex.

Click the right taskbar volume icon and choose Sounds. If not, go to the Control Panel, then Hardware and Sound >> Sound. 

Under the Playback tab, turn on your speakers.

To enter this tab, click at the window’s top. It should be chosen first.

After selecting it, pick Properties from the window’s bottom right. Under Device use, choose to use this device and make the modifications. 

Look for Exclusive mode in the properties’ Advanced tab.

Approve sole management of this device and give preference to unique mode apps. After these adjustments, test your Logitech speakers. 

Solution 4: Start the Playing Audio Troubleshooter

The first step in identifying this issue is to have a check your speakers.

There might be any problems with your computer’s audio equipment. Windows 10 will automatically identify them and take immediate action. 

After you’ve run both troubleshooters, be sure you follow the steps below. Type Settings into the Start menu and choose the first option. 

You also need to hold the Windows Key + I key combo button. On the left side, you’ll notice a cog icon, start that menu instantly.

At the bottom of the Settings window, look for the Update & Security option and select it.

Look at the Diagnose menu bar Get up to speed section for further information.

Click on the Audio Troubleshooter, which should be at the bottom of the page. Then, to get it started, observe with an on directions.

Check after resolving your Logitech subwoofer has started to work!

Solution 5: Install the Updated Version of  Audio Drivers

Several users reported that rebooting the audio device drivers cured their problem. It’s a straightforward process that is well worth your time. 

First from the Menu bar, in the lower-left corner of the screen, type “Device Manager” into the search box.

Choose the first result from the list of possibilities. To enter the Run box, tap the “ Key + R simultaneously. 

To begin it, type “devmgmt—msc” into the Run box and press Enter.

Open the Sound, video, and remote controls tab to find the driver for your earphones and install it. 

When you right-click on the sound driver inside the list, you will have the option to “Update Driver.” 

If it all looks a bit confusing then I suggest you check this video here.

Select the option to constantly seek and install updated drivers in the new main window. Test the capability of the Logitech speakers built into your computer!

Still Not Fixed? Time for a Change Maybe!

If you’re totally bummed out with maintaining all these issues, maybe it’s time for a change.

There are plenty of subwoofers that offer much better service and quality audio.

Why don’t you take a look at them? And choose if it’s worth going through all these efforts

Then, to save time and effort, get the proper subwoofer from the list above. Doing so can also save you from your subwoofer rattling at a high sound.


How long does a subwoofer last?

A subwoofer’s lifetime might be anything from 4 to 14 years. The typical individual is expected to get 10+ years from their Logitech subwoofer. It should be kept clean and not mistreated. All of the soft portions will break up with time, and the perimeter will begin to disintegrate. 

Are Realtek and Logitech the same?

The sound on your CPU is created by Realtek. Those are NOT Logitech products. You’ve got sound codec and speakers mixed up. The digital output is available with Realtek speaker cards. The audio devices attached to your PC are digital, not analog. To use the digital output, your pc needs appropriate capability.

What causes a subwoofer to freeze?

Trumpets clip, fixed frequency voltage is sent to the speakers. It is converted to Dc power. When a vocal coil is exposed to DC power, it becomes a heat exchanger. This soon burns out, leading the funnel to “freeze” in the situation you wrote.

Final verdict

We hope we’ve been of assistance with your Logitech subwoofer not working.  Please tell us which alternative was the most effective for you.

It is here that we say our last goodbyes! Keep your Logitech subwoofers clean for the greatest results.


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