Marantz NR1504 Problems: 7 Issues to Lookout For!

Using an AV receiver is quite a big deal. It gives you the experience of endless options of sound effects and music. The Marantz NR1504 is something you can buy to get into the world of sophisticated sound experience. But you need to know about the problems with this device.

So, what are the Marantz NR1504 problems?

Firstly you’ll need to know what type of sound system you’re using. Then we’ve gone through the details about the problems you might face with your Marantz NR 1504. Along with the solutions you may use to resolve the issues. We’ve discussed it all.

That’s just the preview. Let’s get into the details of these problems and show what solution you can work on.

What Sound System Are You Using for Your Home Theatre?

Before going through the problems you’re facing, first, spare a thought on what type of sound system you’re using. Because your receiver needs to have the right kind of sound system to work at its best. 

Marantz 5:1 channel receiver is a 5 channel AV receiver. Meaning you can use 5 speakers and a subwoofer. But you can use fewer speakers as well, but in that case, you won’t get the full potential of the Marantz NR1504. 

Checking through these things is a crucial part of analyzing what problem you might face with your receiver. 

Knowing the system you’re using can make it easier to identify the cause and solution of the problems you’ll face.

Possibilities of External Problems

Before trying to fix your Marantz NR1504 AV receiver, you should check some of the external issues and hardware. The problem could occur from any external source.

Be sure to check the power outlets. Power fluctuation or short circuits in the main power board could cause your power connection to get severed or disrupted. 

This would create issues for your receiver. 

Also, another problem that you might face is mice or insect infestation. If your room isn’t properly cleaned and tidy, there’s a big chance of having a mice infestation. 

Apart from that, many insects like cockroaches can get into your device’s internal hardware. And these infestations can create problems like a short circuit on the internal components.

That’s not all

Moisture and mold problems can deteriorate your device’s working capabilities. Try checking through these factors first before getting into the device’s problems. There’s a high chance your problem is happening due to these external problems. 

If you’ve checked through all of them and find everything’s okay, then it’s time to focus on your Marantz NR1504 AV receiver.

Problems You Might Face with Marantz NR1504

The problems you may face throughout the device can be found over your manual’s Marantz nr1504 troubleshooting page. But the highlighted issues on the manual aren’t the only problems you can face with your receiver. 

There are more issues that you may be facing just from the user experience. We’ve discussed them in a more elaborate way for your easy understanding.

Quick Fix

Some issues you could face that don’t need any kind of tear down or intricate steps to solve. These quick fixes can easily solve your mentioned issues without taking less time than needed. Let’s go through them one by one.

Dust Cleanup

Dust buildup is a normal process on regularly used devices. Your Marantz nr1504 receiver will have dust buildup with time. These dust buildups can clog up the air vents, the power, and audio jacks, as well as the circuit boards inside. 

Now, the best way to keep minimum buildup would be to keep the device clean regularly. 

You see, normally on a good, well-cleaned interior, you should give the receiver a wipe once every week. That’ll clear the dust as well as keep your device looking clean. 

Also, you might want to do servicing of the receiver every few years. That will make it last longer and work in optimum performance.

Reset Audio Settings

You may find the audio sounds dodgy or a bit off sometimes. This can be due to your audio settings not being set up properly. This is a common occurrence while connecting 6.1 speakers and 7.1 receivers.

Your preferable audio settings might get changed as well. This can happen for In these cases, the best thing to do is to reset the audio settings entirely.

Now, resetting the audio settings is a very simple process. This is something built into the device program to mitigate audio problems. 

Just simply go through the settings interface of your receiver. Then, select audio settings. After selecting, select the reset audio option and proceed to completion. 

However, this function will delete all your audio profiles and settings. Only the default settings will be available.

Now you have a clean slate for your audio settings. You can make your own settings for different preferences all over again. 

It will ensure you the perfect sound profile you want without getting bugs or glitches from the previous ones.

Reset to Factory Settings

Resetting to factory settings is a kind of final solution. It’s how you can get rid of the software glitches and issues of the Marantz NR1504 AV Receiver. The updating software programs can get corrupted or not work properly due to software issues. 

Now, software problems happen because of the updates not being properly done. An undone update or glitched installation can make the software hard to use. Sometimes the functions don’t work at all.

So, the easiest option at that point is to do a factory reset and install all the updates and profiles from scratch. 

This is a last effort option. Doing a factory reset erases all your previous settings and updates in your receiver firmware. So, before testing, make sure to settle between raw and PCM format.

Reinsert the Power Cable

The simplest solution of all. Also, one of the major reasons for many issues you may face with your device. The power cable can get loose if the Marantz NR1504 DAC gets pushed around more than usual. 

The power cable holder isn’t that sturdy as it’s made of a plastic shell, making it slip from the port. 

You can reinsert the power cable very easily. Just pull the power cable and then insert it again in the port. This’ll ensure your proper connection and easily solve your power-related issues. 

Network Interface Reset 

The Marantz NR1504 AV Receiver is wifi enabled and can be used with the network connection. This is why it’s a great product for music enthusiasts. But sometimes the network interface might get problems in connection. 

This can happen due to two reasons, 

  • Networking software glitching 
  • Interface upgrade issues

The proper solution would be to reset the network interface. It’ll revert the networking program back to its factory settings. This will help you to properly update the networking interface and solve your network connection issues.

Display Reset

The display of the Marantz NR1504 receiver can sometimes have issues. This can happen for many reasons. Among the main reasons are, again, software issues.

The best solution to the display issue on an NR1504 receiver is to reset the display settings. The display interface can be reset through the settings menu of the software. Just by executing the display reset, you’ll be able to get the display on its factory preset. 

Then you can customize or upgrade the software properly to bring back your personal preset without any previous issues.

If the problem is still there, then you might need more work. We’ve discussed it further in the article.

Earthing Issues

Electrical components have a tendency to have current flow on their exterior panels. The Marantz nr1504 receiver is no exception. These earthing issues can happen when your device or the power plug has no earthing connection. It can happen for design flaws or negligence. 

You must resolve the earthing problem because it is a serious issue for your electrical device. Short circuit issues may increase, as well as your safety could be compromised and you may get shocked.

To resolve the earthing issue, you’ll first need to check the earthing of your power socket. If there isn’t any, make sure to earth the connection. And then check the device’s earthing connection. This will resolve the problem in your hands.

Diagnosis, Cause, Solution

You may face many problems that can’t be resolved through a few steps. Some may need a bit of deeper knowledge and understanding of the problem. 

These issues need to be checked thoroughly to know the cause. And then, according to it, the issue can be resolved. We’ve gone through some of these you could face. 

Power Does Not Turn On

Your Marantz nr1504 receiver could have the power not turning on. This can happen if your Marantz arc not working. It’s a fairly common issue you may face due to overuse or underuse. 

Also, sometimes, the power can automatically switch to standby mode. It can happen due to the auto standby mode being on or the timer could be set in intervals.


To solve the power issue, first, you’ll need to check if the power connection is properly connected or not. If it’s connected, then your power outlet might have voltage fluctuation. This could lead to your receiver power not turning on. 

Because the protection circuit used in the Marantz nr1504 power cord is triggered when there is any significant voltage fluctuation. 

If it’s that case, then you’ll need to turn the protection circuit system off and try to turn the power on again.

  • To turn the protection circuit system off, you’ll need to,
  • Go to the settings
  • Select the power option
  • Scroll to find “power overload breaker”
  • Turn the option off

If you can’t turn it off through the software, then you’ll need to open your receiver’s circuit board and manually take it out. It is a moduled piece, so there isn’t any risk to the circuit board itself.

You can find circuit breakers online. These are easily available on Amazon and costs not that much.

The Display is off

This issue of Marantz on-screen display not working is fairly normal if it’s an old Marantz nr1504 refurbished device. 

However, it can happen with a stock brand new one from the storage as well. The display can get damaged due to many external and internal issues such as 

  • The display system not working properly
  • A short circuit could burn out the filament on the display
  • Too much corner force gets applied to the display, causing the liquid crystal to shatter
  • Overuse could burn up the circuitry and LED lines.

These are some of the most common reasons behind Marantz NR 1504 display issues.


The solutions to the Marantz nr1504 display problems are simple. But bear in mind, as this is an older model, you may need to change your display altogether.

But before going through that, if your display problem is due to software issues, you can change the display settings to anything else but “off”.  You can do this manually using the physical buttons.

Right below the display, you will see some physical buttons. Find the “Display” button and long-press it for 5 seconds. That will change the display mode to a different profile. It should resolve the glitch issue.

If your display still isn’t working after the software settings are changed, do a factory reset.

However, we’ve got another sort of display problem. 

You see, the display itself may get physically damaged. If that’s the case, then you will need to change the display part of your receiver. 

Now, this will be costly as the model is from 2013. So, spare parts aren’t that much easily available in stores. You can find a refurbished or used display module that can be used for your repair.

But in general, if your display gets damaged physically, then you’ll need to replace the damaged one with a new one.

Spare displays can be found online. You can go through Amazon and find spare or refurbished display modules on sale. But keep in mind that it’s a hard find as time goes. These older models aren’t that much available.

Speakers Not Connecting

If your Marantz NR1504 receivers aren’t connecting to your speakers, then you won’t get any sounds. 

This can often happen if the speaker connection cables get loose. Also, the wires within the cable can get torn out due to having a tight connection or bent out. 

All of this could lead to the speakers not working at all.


The best solution would be to first check the audio ports. If they have any issues or a bent connecting port, then it needs to be replaced. 

Also changing the audio cables of the speakers would be a safe option. That’ll ensure your speakers work properly.

There are various types of qualities within audio cables. The most common option you’ll find is the silicone-protected ones. They are cheaper to buy and widely available. 

But to have longevity and better service, try to buy nylon braided cables. They are far better protected and have less chance to get damaged. It’s a bit costly but the advantage of using them is a lot.

Subwoofer Not Working

You can face this problem of the Marantz nr1504 subwoofer not working. A loose connection or damaged port can be the cause of it. 

Also, subwoofers have the tendency of not working if it doesn’t get used often. This is due to the design and parts used in it. The quality of the build dictates how long-lasting it can be. 

Sometimes the power connection may get damaged. Also, the coils of the subwoofer could wear out over time.


Firstly, you should check the subwoofer cables and ports. If there’s any noticeable fault, then you may need to change it or fix it. 

As well, check the receiver’s audio ports if there’s any damage as well. You may need to fix it just like fixing the speakers. So you can refer back to the previous solution..

Keep this in mind though, if your subwoofer is damaged, it’s far cheaper to buy a new one rather than using the old one by constantly repairing it. 

Like there are many varieties of subwoofers in the market. But buying a subwoofer means you’ll need to think through your priorities. Which are the type of sound you love, the type of AV receiver you are using. 

It’s a choice list that you need to think through. 

We’d like to recommend some top-quality subwoofers that are compatible with the Marantz NR1504. These are the best ones in the market.

These subwoofers are compatible with the range Marantz NR1504 can produce. You can buy them without any doubt about the quality.

Wireless Receiver Problem

Your Marantz nr1504 remote isn’t working. This may be due to the wireless receiver not working properly. As well as the firmware software might be running an old version. 

The wireless function of the Marantz NR1504 is controlled by the wireless receiver and its program. Gradually in time, the program might have some glitches and problems. 


The best solution is to do a Marantz nr1504 firmware update. You can do it simply by using the USB port and connecting it to a USB drive with the firmware update file included. 

By executing the update profile, your Marantz NR1504 firmware update will be completed. You will be able to connect your remote.

If your problem is still there, then the issue might be with the hardware. Ergo, the wireless receiver. 

You can replace your wireless receiver to fix the problem. But be careful of this work, as the receiver needs to be connected properly. It’s best if you get help from a professional to do this job.

But if you’re adamant to do this, you’ll need to follow through with some precise steps. These are,

  • Disconnect the old receiver’s wiring to the mainboard
  • Replace and install the new receiver
  • Very carefully reconnect the wiring to the mainboard (the connection points are very small, so proceed with caution).

Normally in receivers, changing or upgrading the wireless receiver module is easy. But in the case of the Marantz NR1504, the older design has the receiver wirings be soldered in. Because of that, it takes a bit more work to be done.

But if you want to replace the wireless receiver, why not upgrade it for your own experience enhancement? You can upgrade the wireless receiver to the latest models that can be found. 

The best right now is made by Logitech. You can purchase these parts via Amazon.

Apple Airplay Not Connecting

Marantz NR1504 has built-in apple airplay compatibility. It’s a very convenient use for iPhone users.

Sometimes you may see the notification, airplay unable to connect to Marantz nr1504, your iPhone won’t play music with Marantz NR1504. Also, iPhone not streaming airplay to Marantz nr1504.

These are problems that are caused by the apple airplay interface. Its cause can be both from the phone and the receiver software.

An older version of apple airplay might not connect to your latest iPhone. It’s completely normal in case of Apple products don’t support older versions of their own software. Also, 


The simplest fix would be to turn off the receiver’s apple airplay option. Then turn it on and check if your apple device is connecting or not. This is the most basic solution for almost all electronic problems.

But this might not suffice for your problem. You may need to do a Marantz nr1504 airplay setup from the ground up in your receiver’s software interface. 

To do that, you’ll need to first uninstall the existing apple airplay program. Then, install the software from Marantz’s firmware support. After installing the airplay software, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite songs via your iPhone easily.

Marantz Remote App Problem

The Marantz nr1504 has a remote app for android users. This was introduced later in updates to configure the wireless receiver and connect to your android phone. 

But sometimes, the remote app might not work properly. This can happen due to the remote app not being installed properly. Also, the app might have bugs if it gets an unfinished update. That’s on the software end.

However, on the hardware end, things are a bit different. You see, the wireless receiver can also have problems with the connection. This can be a bad networking issue, or the wifi card might be damaged.


To solve your Marantz remote app problem, first, try to connect it again. If it doesn’t work, then reinstall the app and try to connect your phone with your receiver. 

That should do the trick and you can now enjoy controlling your sound system.

If your remote app is still not working, then this might be one of the hardware issues. 

In that case, you’ll need to look through the wireless receiver circuit. Try checking if it’s damaged or not. 

The damaged part can be replaced or re-soldered to function properly.

The Marantz remote app is a very good option for people who are visually impaired and have a difficult time using a physical device.

 As a physical remote’s markings might get faded away or downright disappear due to use for a very long time. 

The remote app can help them identify and control the settings using the built-in aids found in smartphones nowadays.

Alternative Option

Having a Marantz NR 1504 AV Receiver that’s malfunctioning or terminally broken isn’t worth the cost to repair and run. As technology goes, even the latest models become obsolete in a blink of an eye

The NR 1504 was one of the most advanced receivers back in 2013. For an entry-level one, it had options and features that cannot be found on other receivers. But times have changed and this model has become obsolete.

Even in terms of spare parts, the Marantz NR 1504 isn’t available. The manufacturer themselves have stopped providing software support a long time ago

If the problems are too much and too costly to fix, it’s better for you to buy a new receiver rather than stick up with the old one. Modern receivers have a lot more features and almost a fraction of the price.

You might also want to look out for inconsistently fading solid state amp.

Brands like Sony, Yamaha, Denon, and even Marantz themselves have brought many entry-level AV receivers. We’d like to recommend some of the best within a certain budget range.

These receivers are the best in their price range. Easily gives you a much better experience than the Marantz NR 1504

In short, if your receiver repair cost exceeds the budget you have, it’s better to replace it with a new and more advanced AV receiver.

That’s all we have about this issue!


Is Marantz considered high-end?

Marantz is a manufacturer with a rich history of hi-fi products. Marantz manufactures both entry-level and top-end model receivers. So, if you are interested in buying a Marantz receiver, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Why is vintage Marantz so expensive?

The main reason why vintage Marantz audio equipment is so expensive is because of its superior performance.

Is Marantz higher quality than Denon?

Marantz is known for its warmer sounds. This gives it a unique blend of tone. While Denon is famous for having brighter sounds. It’s very good for jazz or classical enthusiasts.

Final Words

That’s all about the Marantz NR1504 problems. A receiver can be problematic due to its electrical components. We hope that you can solve the issues after reading this article.

A pro tip for you would be to consult an audio technician. They’re the expert, and can easily fix your receiver.

If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments

Have a great day!

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