3 Probable Solutions Of Marantz Remote Not Working!

Marantz has been making some quality music products for a while now. If you have any amp or receiver from Marantz, you’ve made a good decision. However, many face some problems with their remotes.

Are you one of them too? One day you wake up and see your remote is acting strange.

And suddenly, your Marantz remote not working!

There could be several reasons for remote problems such as worn-out batteries, and dirt inside buttons. Again, the problem can also arise due to PCB/motherboard malfunction and other hardware components. These problems may seem daunting but can be fixed with some troubleshooting options. 

Are you intrigued to know what those possible fixes could be? Now, don’t be so impatient. You’ll get to know them all one by one.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s start!

Variations of Marantz Remote

Marantz makes a ton of products and all of those have different remotes and accessories. So, there are a variety of remote controls out there. And it’s tough to understand every one of them.

If you have an av receiver, your IR remote won’t match with the audio player. Similarly, the amplifier has a different type of remote control compared to the receivers. 

However, Marantz also makes a universal remote that can control every device range.

So, depending on your remote, the problems and troubleshooting will be different. Still, there are some common problems for all the Marantz Receiver Remote Controls. 

In the next segment, you’ll get to know about them.

Common Marantz Remote Problems & Troubleshooting

These Marantz remote problems are quite different from Marantz NR1504 receiver issues. However, both these Marantz products are infamous for their frequent problems. 

So, I can surely understand the frustration you feel right now!

But, hopefully, the wrinkles in your forehead will vanish soon enough. Because here, you’ll find all the common problems about Marantz remote. So, you’ll understand what caused the problem and how to fix them. 

Okay then, let’s get started!

Problem 1: Remote Not Operational 

This problem is very generalized as the actual cause can’t be identified clearly. The malfunction can occur due to worn-out batteries or motherboard/PCB problems. Moreover, the issue can also come up when there’s not enough distance.

Lastly, a very brightly lit environment can also damage your Marantz remote. Even the best remotes like Marantz rc016sr remote, Marantz rc042sr can fall victim to this problem.

So, it’s better that you know about the solution.


First, check your batteries whether they are working or dead. If the problem is with the batteries, insert a new pair and check the connection. 

You can never go wrong with these following batteries. They have a shelf life of up to 10 years, so you can easily buy them in bulk.

Move on to the next solution if this one does not resolve the issue.

The distance is also a crucial factor for your remote to work. Make sure that your receiver and remote have a max distance of 7m/23 ft. 

If you are trying to operate the receiver beyond that distance, you may encounter such problems.

Lastly, try to avoid any strong light in the room where you have your receiver. Because the light spectrum can hinder the working power of the IR remote control.

Problem 2: Remote Control Buttons not Working

A very peculiar and odd problem is remote control buttons not working

Sometimes only a few of the buttons stop working. So, the remote is operational but with defects. This issue can be seen in Marantz rc010sr.

This problem is usually caused by dirt or other material going inside the remote. 

Even dropping milk or a similar liquid substance can hamper the functions. Now, let’s move on to the solution.


As mentioned before, the possible reason for such a unique problem can be liquids. So, try to remember if your remote came into contact with any liquid stuff. If so, there’s a quick fix for you!

Good thing is that you won’t need to change Marantz remote programming. Now, let’s look at the repairing process.

  • First, open the Marantz remote control and check for any grease or dirt. 
  • Then, clean the PCB or the motherboard carefully. Needless to say, there’s no going back if you damage your membrane while cleaning. So, try to proceed with caution.
  • Now, end the surgery with a thorough wipe with a cotton pad or fresh cloth. 

Source: YouTube

That’s it! Your remote now should be working with full functionality.

Problem 3: Only The Volume Buttons Don’t Work

These remote problems are filled with some uniqueness, aren’t they? Well, this time, only your volume buttons don’t respond but everything else does. Seems quite odd at first but there’s a certain cause for it.

The problem can be caused by either software or hardware malfunction. If there’s a software issue, a good hard reset might be able to fix it. 

However, the hardware part needs more robust troubleshooting.


You need to open the remote for this one. It’s okay if you don’t know how to open Marantz’s remote control. Because gently sliding the frame will open the main body.

To check the hardware components, unscrew the plastic frame. Be careful not to harm the battery compartment. To help you out here are some great screwdrivers.

You can pick from any of these if you don’t have one or yours is failing.

After disassembling the parts, you’ll see a rectangular rubber sheet covering the metal button pads. 

Remove the sheets to reveal the metal buttons. Now, take a few drops of isopropyl alcohol in a napkin and clean only the volume buttons. 

Be extra careful while doing that because you definitely will regret it if you’re not.

Now, put the volume switches in their places. Don’t forget to place the rectangular plastic wraps on the buttons. After that, only the battery coils are left to put back on. 

Close the frame and you should get full volume responsiveness from your remote!

Replacement for Your Marantz Remote

After all the hard work, you might still not get any response from your remote. Just like Logitech rear speakers fail to work, your remote might not work anymore too! 

That’s why it’s better to know about Marantz remote control replacements.

There are many universal remotes that you can purchase when you can’t fix yours. 

Here are some of the top recommendations-

However, before you pick up any of them, check the fixes thoroughly. Because there’s no need for you to purchase if the current one can be fixed. 


Can I Reprogram My Marantz Remote?

Marantz remotes are usually programmable and you can change the button mapping. You can also set the input registry from other devices. However, not all Marantz remotes come with the programmable feature. Along with that, even your reprogrammable unit can malfunction after it is reprogrammed.   

How To Sync My Marantz Remote?

To sync your remote, hold the SET button until LEARN blinks. Select your input source to sync up. Press the LEARN button and see if it lights up. Tap and hold the button you want to register. And then, wait for “OK” to be displayed. When all the previous steps are complete, click SET to end.

What Should I Do When the Marantz Remote App Is Not Updating?

Whenever your Marantz remote app is not updating, check the wifi/internet connection first. After you’ve done that, see if your phone is getting proper download speed. If they all seem fine to you, then see if there’s enough storage. Lastly, reset the Marantz remote app data and update it again.


I hope by now, you know how to fix your Marantz remote not working issue. And if you can’t solve the issue, chances are, the remote has said its farewell.

Still, all I can say is you still have your amp or receiver. 

So, have fun!

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