MoonDrop Aria Upgrade: 4 Things That Make It Better!

MoonDrop Aria is one of the reliable and cheapest IEM earphones. You can easily dismantle the design elements and replace them. But, choosing the right upgrade can be tough.

So, what MoonDrop Aria Upgrade is worth considering?

The Grand Aria mod is the best upgrade available for MoonDrop Aria. In addition, you can upgrade the ear tips. You may consider aftermarket silicone ear tips or foam ear tips. Also, replacing the cable of MoonDrop Aria is a worthy upgrade. In addition, the new cable can have a better build quality. 

These upgrades can make MoonDrop Aria better. Yet, there is more to the topic. Hence, I will cover each possible upgrade and tweak for MoonDrop Aria.

So, let’s get started.

Is It Worth Upgrading MoonDrop Aria?

Yes, it is worth upgrading the MoonDrop Aria. The mod of MoonDrop Aria will enhance the sound as well as the build quality. 

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Each mod can alter the sound. MoonDrop Aria gives a warm sound with a slightly elevated lower mids. Many don’t prefer that. Hence, upgrading the components can be useful.

You can easily balance each sound component using the mod. Even just for a better-looking and durable MoonDrop Aria IEM, you can upgrade the MoonDrop Aria.

MoonDrop Aria: 4 Upgrades and Tweaks

MoonDrop Aria is a good IEM earphone. It can be compared with KZ IEM which is also good. Friendly features that everyone loves about IEM earphones are the upgrades.

You get everything, ear tips, earphone cable, etc. with the MoonDrop Aria. However, using after-market products, you can mod MoonDrop Aria. There are 4 upgrades that you can do with the MoonDrop Aria.

So, what are the MoonDrop Aria mods? Well, I will talk about all 4 upgrades accordingly so that you can choose yours.

Grand Aria Mod

Yannick Khong, an audiophile, mastered the mod of MoonDrop Aria. He named it the Grand Aria. The total cost of the Grand Aria mod is $125 (including MoonDrop Aria). To upgrade your MoonDrop Aria according to it, you need the following items.

Needless to say, you need the Moondrop Aria for the best audio output. However, it can be better by upgrading the IEM earphone. So, let’s see the components of the Grand Aria mod.

Now, for enhancing clarity and technicalities, KBear07 ear tips are the first choice. You can get it from Amazon. However, you’ll find it cheaper on Aliexpress but the shipment will take longer.

To increase bass while maintaining natural sound go for KZ Starline eartips. The alternative of KBear07 can be found on Aliexpress.

A more sturdy and durable than the stock cable is the Jialai JLY2 “Royal” cable. Grab this now from Aliexpress. However, it’s a bit heavy so using a cable clip is ideal.

By just upgrading these few components, you can enjoy a whole new dynamic music. With musical crispness and an organic pleasant ambient sound style, this mod is jaw-dropping. 

You can also experience woofer-type bass from your new MoonDrop Aria upgrade. Not just for music, you can also enjoy movies and gaming using this. On top of that, the Nicehck cable perfectly complements the IEM earphone.

Furthermore, if you are going for the Grand Aria mod, consider choosing the best equalizer settings. That way, you can further enhance the sound of MoonDrop Aria.


Ear Tips Upgrade

MoonDrop Aria ear tips upgrades are the most common scenario. Everyone replaces the ear tips if they don’t fit the ear. One thing we all ignore is that ear tips can significantly affect the sound.

With MoonDrop Aria you get different sizes of silicone ear tips. But, MoonDrop Aria ear tips aren’t preferred by many. So, you can upgrade the ear tips. 

In the market, you can find two types of ear tips. Let’s talk about each type of ear tip for your better understanding.

Silicone Ear Tips

Silicone remains chemically stable, so it’s unlikely to irritate your ears. Silicone is easy to clean, making it a sanitary and long-lasting alternative for consumers. IEM silicone ear tips can improve the sound quality of your music.

For MoonDrop Aria there is a huge selection of silicone ear tips. So, some of the compatible silicone ear tips for MoonDrop Aria are given below.

Westone Star Silicone Replacement Eartips are one of the best for noise isolation.

The budget-friendly eartips TENNMAK Exclusive Turbo Whirlwind Silicone are increases clarity and removes distortion. You can grab this official product from Amazon .

A comfortable eartips that enhance bass are BQEYZ Ear Cushions. You can grab yours today from Aliexpress.

The perfect eartips for increasing the treble and bass is SpinFit CP145. Also, Spinfit CP240 provides deep sound. However, the options to buy Spinfit are many.

However, silicone ear tips can slip out because of sweat or water. This can damage your MoonDrop Aria. In addition, silicone ear tips can isolate less outside noise than foam ear tips. Thus, many prefer foam ear tips over silicone ear tips.

Foam Ear Tips

Because they adhere to the eardrum, foam ear tips are regarded as the most pleasant alternative. They’re just earplugs with a hole in the middle. These are noted for providing a superb seal and fit in the ear. These are also great for noise isolation.

With the neutral sound level of MoonDrop Aria, you can use foam ear tips. The only downside is it greatly increases bass. However, the bass of MoonDrop Aria is set at the standard. Hence, foam ear tips can be a great option for you to increase bass.

Some of the best compatible foam ear tips of MoonDrop Aria are given below.

The memory foam eartips that perfectly compliment MoonDrop Aria is TRN Rebound Earplugs. This is available on Aliexpress at a cheap price.

Even though memory ear tips are great, for prolonged usage it isn’t. However, TENNMAK Memory Foam Eartips will give the ultimate experience with comfort. You can add to your cart today from Aliexpress. But, the official product is sold cheaper on Amazon.

For the superior noise cancellation and enhanced clarity, COMPLY T-500 Memory Foam is my favorite. The product is officially available on Amazon. Nevertheless, you can also get it on Aliexpress.


Cable Upgrade

MoonDrop Aria cable upgrade has become very popular recently. Many users opt for this as MoonDrop Aria stock cable is simply not top-notch. The cable of MoonDrop Aria is simply flimsy and prone to break.

So, upgrading the cable of MoonDrop Aria can significantly change the overall look. In addition, you can make the earphone more durable. But, there are many IEM earphone cables available on the market. Hence, some of the best are included below.

For seamlessly playing audio, XINHS 8 cores pure silver and single crystal copper are perfect. It is readily available on Aliexpress.

For more real, brighter, and less distorted sound NiceHCK H4-2 Cable is ideal. You can grab it from Aliexpress.

To decrease the loss of sound, go for Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 16 Core Silver Plated Cable. You can get it from Amazon today.

Other IEM Earphones

Let’s face it, IEM earphones get better each year with new technology. So, you can consider other IEM earphones if you have the budget. Hence, I will talk to you about it. 

MoonDrop Aria and Starfield have differences. People usually keep these 2 on their buying list.

Knowing about each IEM earphone is important. So, the price of MoonDrop Aria is $80. However, some people are looking for a better upgrade than MoonDrop Aria. And many are preferring either 7hz timeless or the Ikko oh10 for that.

MoonDrop Aria IEM earphone is still one of the best budget IEM earphones. Yet, there are some other IEM earphones that you may like. Some IEM earphones perform better than MoonDrop Aria without cable or ear tips upgrade.

Thus, I will mention some of the best alternatives to MoonDrop Aria.

For clearer sound and deeper bass than MoonDrop Aria, go for Shure SE215 pro. The product is listed by the official store on Amazon. However, for much cheaper you can find it on Aliexpress unofficially.

The better build quality and in-depth original sound is guaranteed by MoonDrop Kato. You can find it on Amazon. Also, you can also get it from Aliexpress.

Apart from that, you can also jump into the planar iem hype wagon. A great option around the $200 range is the 7hz timeless. You can fetch it from Amazon, AliExpress, or even Linsoul. The price on Aliexpress is a bit more than amazon for this but you’ll probably get free shipping. Apart from that, fetching this from Linsoul itself can be a good option too.

Another odd-looking option here is the Etymotic Er2se. This triple flange iem is now on top of its hype. Right now it’s on the same budget level of aria in Amazon.

These are the IEM earphones worth considering. Because these IEM earphones are with the MoonDrop Aria. In some cases where MoonDrop Aria lacks, these IEM earphones shine.

So, now you know that upgrading the MoonDrop Aria is worth it. But, without an upgrade can MoonDrop Aria still perform well? Of course, it can! MoonDrop Aria is built to achieve the sweet zone for everyone.



Product Name

Reason to Buy

Check Price

Grand Aria Mod

KB07 Eartips

Enhances  clarity and technicalities

Grand Aria Mod

KZ Starline Eartips

Increase bass while maintaining natural sound

Grand Aria Mod

Jialai JLY2 “Royal” cable

A more sturdy and durable than the stock cable

Grand Aria Mod

Cable Clip

For Cable Management

Eartips (Silicone)

TENNMAK Exclusive Turbo Whirlwind Silicone

Increases clarity and removes distortion

Eartips (Silicone)

BQEYZ Ear Cushions

Comfortable eartips that enhance bass

Eartips (Silicone)

SpinFit CP145

Increasing the treble and bass

Eartips (Silicone)

Spinfit CP240

Deep sound

Eartips (Silicone)

Spinfit CP100

Great Tone and better background contrast

Eartips (Memory Foam)

TRN Rebound Earplugs

Superiror noise cancellation

Eartips (Memory Foam)

TENNMAK Memory Foam Eartips

Comfortable and increases mid

Eartips (Memory Foam)


Superior noise cancellation and enhanced clarity

Cable Upgrade

XINHS 8 cores pure silver and single crystal copper

Seamless audio playing

Cable Upgrade

NiceHCK H4-2 Cable

More real, brighter, and less distorted sound

Cable Upgrade

Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 16 Core Silver Plated Cable

Decrease the loss of sound

IEM Upgrade

Shure SE215 pro

Clearer sound and deeper bass

IEM Upgrade

MoonDrop Kato

Better build quality and in-depth original sound

IEM Upgrade

7hz timeless

New planar drive


Is A DAC Required to Use MoonDrop Aria?

It’s not a necessity to have a DAC for MoonDrop Aria. If you have a phone with a DAC, you should be alright. However, you should purchase DAC if you want to do professional music creation using MoonDrop Aria. You may then correctly adjust the bass, treble, vocal, mid, and so on.

Is MoonDrop Kato a Good Choice?

Yes, MoonDrop Kato is a really good choice for you. The MoonDrop KATO is really well-made. They’re more solidly made than the 7HZ Timeless. In addition, many of the design elements are replaceable as you want. They have a detachable braided silicone audio wire and nozzles that can be swapped out.

Are MoonDrop IEMs Prone to Breakage?

No, MoonDrop IEMs don’t break quickly. However, you have to be careful with each component. Be careful with the cable. Make sure you store them untangled and in a clean place. Never throw them away or stuff them inside your pocket. Also, use a case to protect the MoonDrop IEMs from harsh conditions.


That’s all regarding the MoonDrop Aria upgrade. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the perfect mod for your MoonDrop Aria now.

Here’s a piece of advice, don’t always use full volume for MoonDrop Aria. It not only harms your ears, but it can also damage the earphone’s driver.

Have a good day!

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