One Speaker Quieter Than Other- How To Fix It?

You just got your new home sound system. But, turns out one of your speakers is not sounding the same as the other one.

If you encounter speaker issues then don’t be frightened. One speaker not sounding the same is a common problem many people face.

So, you might wonder why is your one speaker quieter than the other.

Your one speaker can sound quieter than the other due to its imbalance speaker. By making the central position speaker balance, you can fix the issue. Also, faulty speakers can cause the issue. You need to ensure proper wiring. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to change the speakers.

We have looked for everything you might need to find out the reason behind these problems. You will also find solutions to these problems too. 

So without any delay, let’s dive right in!

Why Is One Of Your Speakers Quieter than Other?

There can be many things responsible for causing your right speaker louder than the left speaker. The thing is you are not the only one who is facing such an issue. Here’s a person who is facing the same issue.

Here are the reasons behind your speaker sounding different than the one. We have also included the solutions for your convenience. 

Reason 1: Faulty Speakers

Sometimes your speakers may become faulty. It can lead to these sound issues.  

Why does one side of the speaker not working? 

If your speaker has any wiring difficulties then one side of the speaker might stop working. So, be mindful of the wires being in proper condition before connecting to your speakers. Albeit, make sure the hardware is functioning. Also, by positioning your speaker centrally, you can avert the problem.

Solution 1: Ensure Proper Wire Connections

If your speaker is not properly connected to the cable, it might not get enough signal. 

You should check your speakers from the back and ensure that cables are installed accurately. Make sure that the cables are installed in the stereo system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can also learn about how to build a budget sound system at your home. 

This should fix the issue of left and right speakers having different volumes.

Solution 2: Switch the Speakers

You can find out if your speakers are working or not by switching them with each other. By doing so, you can troubleshoot issues with your speaker.

After switching the speakers if the problem remains it indicates that the speaker might be damaged. You can then redeem the warranty of your speakers and send them for fixing.

Switch the Speakers
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Reason 2: Speaker Balance 

Main reason behind your speaker not sounding appropriately is that the balance is not set accurately.

Due to balance issues, you might find your left speaker is quieter than the right speaker.

Your balance control should be set to the center. If it is not set to the center then it may cause speakers to act differently.

Solution 1: Set the Receiver to Factory Settings

Try resetting your receivers to combat these issues. Resetting it to factory settings can be beneficial in this case. This may solve any issues caused by the change of controls.

Solution 2: Switch to Mono Amp

You can troubleshoot if your speaker is having any issues by setting it to Mono. After you switch your speaker to Mono you need to listen to it. 

If there are no changes in Mono it indicates that the problem is the source signal. 

Proper Terminal Connections

You should always connect the Amp and the speaker according to their color-coded terminals. Connecting the red terminal of the speaker to a similar terminal of the speaker is necessary. 

If one of the terminals is inaccurately connected then it might cause an amplifier low volume problem.

amplifier low volume problem
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Reason 3: Worn Out Speaker Wires

Your speakers’ wires may have gotten worn out over time. This may cause it to create a very low sound from stereo speakers. 

If your speakers have uneven wires then it might be accountable for causing speaker-related issues. 

Having a long and short speaker cable can create an unbalanced sound. This happens due to the longer wire attenuating the signal more than the shorter wire. 

You can troubleshoot wire-related issues on your speakers not working by checking the cables thoroughly. 

If it’s one speaker louder than the other, then replacing the cables is the optimal solution. 

You can look at the solutions we have provided regarding any cable-related issues. 

Here are some easy steps to fix any wiring-related problems in your speaker.

Solution 1: Replace Speaker Wires

Replacing old worn-out cables is the easiest solution that can fix your sound-related problems.

You can check the current cables that you are using and find a similar wire. 

Check whether you can double the wires for your speaker if you need to. 

I can suggest to you some fantastic speaker cables that may come in handy for you. 

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Solution 2: Setup Same Length Cable

When checking your cables make sure that both the cables are of the same length. This should make sure that both the speakers are attenuating the signals equally. 

This should get rid of your unbalanced sound problems.

2 Easy Steps to Counteract Speaker Related Issues

You can prevent your speakers from sounding unbalanced or odd. 

Here are 2 easy steps you can follow to ensure that your speakers sound apt.

Step 1: Proper Placement of the Speakers

You should always place your speakers symmetrical to each other. Always keep your speaker about two to three feet away from the wall. 

You can check if in-wall or on-wall speakers are suitable for your needs.

Step 2: Set the Balance Appropriately

You can always set the balance of your speakers from your computer. 

You have to go to the settings on your phone. From there navigate to the audio settings. Here you can find the left and right audio balance of sound playback(Output) devices.

That is all regarding the troubleshooting. By following the steps you can fix the issues by yourself!

Why Is One Speaker Louder Than The Other
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Make My Speaker Sound Louder?

Yes, you can make your speaker sound louder. Firstly, you can use a larger power amplifier with your speaker. Do not exceed its power rating of it. If you want to maximize the intensity of your speaker then increase the power. Increasing power by a factor of 10 should give you double the loudness.

How to Fix One Side of My Speaker Not Working?

Your speaker may be working on one side due to it being set on Mono. You need to click on the control panel and check if the settings are correct. Another cause may be hardware issues. If you connect your speakers to wrong ports this issue can arise. Damaged wires might cause this to happen as well.

How Can I Find out If My Speaker Is Damaged?

You can check if your speaker is damaged by listening to it properly. If your speaker creates any unusual noises like popping or buzzing sounds it may be damaged. Your speaker failing to produce any sound may be a clear indication too. If any of these things happen then your speaker may be damaged.

End Word

We hope you got to know why your one speaker is quieter than other.

We also hope that our piece helped you find a fix to your speaker-related issues. 

Another tip for you is that always keep a 4 feet distance between your speakers. This would ensure that you get the best experience.

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