Piano Lid Open Or Closed: Should You Keep It On Or Off

Keeping the piano lid closed or open might seem confusing. There are both types of people who prefer both. 

So, do you keep the piano lid open or closed?

Keeping the piano lid closed or open mainly depends on your preference. A closed lid gives your piano better protection. Where an open lid piano will give you a better quality of sound. The closed lid piano produces a muffled sound because of poor reflection. 

There are both pros and cons to each case. We have listed both pros and cons for both of the cases so that you can choose what to follow. 

Pros of Keeping the Lid Closed?

Not all people have the same preference. Different preferences and perspectives make us distinguishable. So there are people who play the piano with the lid closed. Though there are also people who play the piano with the lid open.

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But why do people play the piano with the lid closed? We have listed some of the reasons why people play the piano lid closed. 

Protects Sensitive Ears

The piano produces beautiful harmonic sound. When the lid is on, the sound is amplified throughout the room. It also depends on the size of amplifier for sub powers

The sound will be muffled but if you are not performing for a crowd, it’s okay, right? The notes and harmonic sound of the piano will still be preserved. It just won’t sound as rich as with the lid on. 

So if you are practicing, you can keep the lid closed. Also, if you have sensitive ears, keeping the lid closed helps a lot. A piano can output a strong high and low frequency of sounds. 

To Keep Pets from Going Outside

Pianos are really expensive. So it’s good to protect them. Also, pianos are like a big statement of a room. You want your piano in the best condition. 

But your cat can mess up the piano. So keeping the lid closed in this case can keep your piano safe. Cats like to hide inside places where they can be cozy. But inside the piano, there are really important components. 

The keys and strings are what make the harmonic sound of the piano. It works like a change in your guitar string’s distance. And a cat or any pet of yours can ruin the piano. So keeping the lid closed is the best thing you can do. 

Personal Preference 

Preference and choice differ from one person to person. You can like the sound of the piano with the lid closed. With the lid closed the piano sounds are deeper and kind of muffled. 

Or you can like the sound when the lid is up. When the lid is up the sounds are more amplified and have a harmonic tune. 

The sound reflects on the piano. This impact is similar to the solid state amplification. That’s why you can see piano lids open in a concert. 

These are a few of the reasons why people keep the lid of the piano closed. Although, there can be more reasons and personal preferences. 

Cons of Keeping the Lid Closed?

Like pros, there are cons to keeping the lid closed as well. We have listed 2 of the major drawbacks you’ll get when you are playing the piano with the lid closed. 

Muffled Sounds

Those who play the piano for a long time can have difficulties with playing the piano lid closed. The closed piano fallboard produces a muffled sound that can seem off in the ears of professionals. 

Lesser Harmonic Music

An open lid piano produces harmonic tunes which are soothing to our ears. Common people are familiar with the sound of an open lid piano. 

Open lid piano amplifier the sound in the direction of the audience. That’s why we see the being sideways on stage. But with the lid closed, there is no direct way for the sound to go out. 

So when sound waves are reflected inside the piano, there is less harmonic melody. 

Pros of Keeping the Lid Open?

Keeping the lid on has some pros. Although keeping the lid on can seem like an extra step every time. But is this extra step worth it? 

Let’s see the benefits you’ll get with an open lid piano. 

Increase of Volume

An open lid piano can output an immense amount of sound. The lid works as an amplifier for the audience. And the sound from the strings is reflected from the lid towards the audience. Opening the lid also increases the sound of a grand piano

If you want your piano sound to increase, use a grand piano opening

Source: worldpianonews.com

Better sound

You might wonder, why grand piano lid open? This is to achieve better sound. Proper reflection of sound can amplify the sound. The amplified sound seems a lot better than the muffled or blocked sound.

But to achieve perfect reflection or harmony, you need the lid open. A closed lid lets the sound only reflect inside of the piano. This is the same for baby grand pianos. 

Cons of Keeping the Lid Open?

Keeping the lid always on there are pros and cons. Below we have mentioned two of the major cons of keeping the lid always on. 

Dust Will Collect Inside the Piano

Dust is a big reason to keep the piano lid closed. But if you are willing to keep it on, you have to deal with dust. 

Keeping the lid on the piano is really beautiful. An open lid pianos look majestic in the living room. But make sure you clean the piano at least once a week. You need to clean the interior of the piano. 

Using a vacuum cleaner, in this case, can come really handy. After cleaning it with the vacuum cleaner, use a dry towel to wipe it down. While you are at it, you can wipe down the exterior as well. 

Also, if you are going away for a few days, it is better to close the piano lid. One of the main jobs of the lid is to protect the inside of the piano. 

Risk of Damaging the Lid

If you keep the lid on always, there is the risk of damaging the lid. The lid can wrap inwards because of the humidity and temperature. The lid can be really heavy. So when the lid is closed the weight actually prevents it from wrapping inwards.

Also, keeping the lid in the right position is important. This ensures the output of the best sound. The grand piano lid position Either the lid needs to be closed, halfway open, or fully open. 

Piano fallboards slow close devices are hard to come by in the market. But if you are looking to buy a lid for your piano, check the below ones. 

These will ease the opening and closure of the piano lead.

Both of the lids are available in different sizes. If your lid is wrapped inwards. You can replace just the lid of your piano. 

Can You Even Play the Piano with the Lid Closed?

Playing the piano with the grand piano fallboard closed is an option. A lot of people play piano with the lid closed. The closed lid can cause a muffled sound but a closed lid will not damage the piano. 

Source: musicindustryhowto.com

Usually, there are risks of damaging the keys and pedals. A closed lid doesn’t damage these components of the piano. 

The main purpose of the lid is protection and reflection. The lid of the piano is also known as the top of the piano. But it is meant to be down when the piano is not being played. 

But that doesn’t mean it is not possible to play the piano with the lid closed. So yes, you can play the piano with the lid closed. 

Final Discussion

In the end, keeping the lid closed or open comes down to personal preference. Do you want to protect your piano? Then keeping the lid closed when not playing is a good practice.

When the lid is open, the piano will produce beautiful harmonic music. But keeping the lid on always can cause damage to the piano. So, it is better to keep the lid closed when you are not playing. And keeping the lid open when playing. 

This way you will get to enjoy both the worlds. 


Should a Grand Piano be on a Rug?

Pianos on the bare floor can make different notes of sounds. Being on a material that dampens the sound brings depth to the music. This is why keeping the piano on a rug will bring depth to the tunes. 

What Do You Cover a Piano with?

Covering a piano is not as necessary as it might seem. But if you live in a dusty place covering your piano might be a good idea. Covering the piano with a velvet cover might be a good idea. 

How to Maintain a Piano?

Make sure the piano does not get in touch with any liquid. Also, if the humidity of the room is controlled, it’s good for the piano. Don’t put any art decor on top of the piano is always a good idea. 


That’s all you need to know about, piano lid open or closed. Both of the cases depend mostly on personal preferences. 

Keeping the piano lid closed or open can cause a difference in the sound it produces.

Have fun with your piano!!

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