5 Pro-Ject Jukebox E Problems: Here’s How To Solve Them!

Turntable phonographs were truly a beautiful piece of invention. For folks who appreciate the aesthetic, Pro-ject Juke-Box E is the reincarnation of the antique music player. 

The illusion breaks when it shows abrupt problems. Heartbreaking, I know. But there are solutions!

Now what to do when faced with Pro-ject Jukebox E problems

The problems with the turntable starts with facing audio quality issues and having signal problems. To solve these problems, numbers of steps can be taken. For turntable problems, refit the platter, and clean and replace the needle. Reconnect the Juke Box E to solve audio and signal issues.

There are multiple solutions which vary depending on the problem type. 

Continue to read through the article for solutions to each problem. 

Pro-Ject Jukebox E Problems: 5 Reasons They Occur

Jukebox E is quite heavy on the wallet. While it does give you that premium features and vibes, it’s not devoid of issues.

So, any problem with the turntable hurts even more. And I completely empathize with you on that. 

Pro-Ject Jukebox E
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Although Pro-Ject maintains very high standard quality control during manufacture, the Jukebox E is not without any faults. Here are the 5 problems users face and the reasons behind them- 

Problem 1: The Turntable Doesn’t Spin

This problem arises when despite being turned on, the platter does not spin. Don’t worry, there’s a way to fix the turntable.


  • There is no main power supply connection for the turntable.
  • The socket has no mains.
  • The drive belt is not attached or has come loose.


  • Turn off the turntable’s power to avoid electric shocks.
  • Remove the plastic mat and put it to the side.
  • Take the platter away.
  • On a level surface, flip the platter over.
  • Make sure the belt fits properly by stretching it over the platter’s center.

Problem 2: No Signal Through The Channel(s)

Have trouble with finding signals through the channels of Jukebox E

There are a few reasons why you are having difficulty finding signals through the channels. We have discussed the reasons and how you can solve the problem below-


  • There is no signal contact between the amplifier and the tonearm’s internal wiring. Or the arms lead, the phono box, or the tonearm itself from the cartridge. 
  • A loose plug or socket connection, a damaged wire, or a solder junction.
  • No phono input is chosen at the amplifier.
  • The amplifier isn’t turned on.
  • Speakers or amplifiers are broken or muffled.
  • Unable to connect to the speakers.


  • Select the amplifier input in the Jukebox E.
  • Connect to your loudspeakers with the cables to the back of your Jukebox E.
  • Turn on the amplifier.
  • Change the plug, and broken wire, and tighten the socket connection.

Problem 3: Jukebox E Turntable Hum

If your Pro-Ject Jukebox is humming. And it is actually a quite common problem. Let me assure you first that your turntable is not faulty.

Pro-Ject Jukebox is humming
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Let’s look at the reasons why it hums- 

  • The cartridge connection is not grounded.
  • There is no earthing from the arm or arm cable.
  • Faulty earth loop.


  • Connect the grounding cable to the grounding terminal on the back of the Jukebox E. Tight the nut of the cable connector. 
  • Repeat the steps with the arm, arm cable, amplifier, and speakers.

Problem 4: Uneven or Distorted Audio

If you are hearing distorted audio from your jukebox E, these are the reasons-

  • The Jukebox E is connected to the improper amplifier input, or the MM/MC switch is not adjusted properly.
  • The cantilever or needle is damaged. 
  • Incorrect rpm, a dirty or stretched-out drive belt, and unoiled, dirty, or damaged platter bearing


  • If the platter is damaged, Contact for replacement. Also, you can use Aluminum Record Clamp for better sound signature.

If the problems persist, you will have to contact the manufacturer. But there are Project Jukebox E servicing conditions

Problem 5: Pro-Ject Jukebox E Warranty Disclaimer

Before heading to the servicing conditions, make sure you comply with their warranty conditions. Pro-Ject Audio systems will not accept claims liability for the below cases-

  • Any harm brought on by failure to follow these user instructions and/or transportation without the original package.
  • Unauthorized alterations to any component of the product exempt the manufacturer from additional obligation.

So, it is crucial that you keep and preserve the original packaging of Pro-Ject Jukebox E. Otherwise no matter the problem, they will not repair your Jukebox E under warranty.

Which is going to cost you unprecedented expenses. And no one wants that now, do we? 

Servicing Conditions

Try out the solutions we offered in this article. If all fails, then it’s time to involve the manufacturer company and your dealer.

Pro-Ject Jukebox E Warranty
Source: blog.audiot.co.uk

It’s likely that the Pro-Ject Jukebox E has some hardware problems. Please get in touch with your dealer for more guidance with the problems you are facing. The equipment should only be transferred to the responsible distributor in your nation if the issue cannot be fixed there. 

Only if the device is properly wrapped when it is returned will guarantee repairs be made. To avoid this, manufacturers advise that the original packaging is being kept.

For packaging instructions, you must follow these steps – 

Package Instructions for Repair

Follow these steps meticulously to pack your Jukebox E to ship for repair-

  • Record players should never be returned unless they have been carefully dismantled.
  • Put the Pro-Ject Jukebox E in its original packing. Pack the Jukebox E according to the diagrams on the last page of this user guide. 
  • Please take off the lid, counterweight, anti-skating weight, and belt, and ship them separately.
  • Before carefully packaging, attach the tonearm tube’s shipping lock and cartridge protection cover, and Vinyl Player.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my project turntable hum?

For audio systems with turntables, the hum is a very prevalent problem. Because a turntable signal requires a substantial amount of amplification to be audible. So, even minor errors in the setup can cause hum problems. The wiring or connection is typically where the issue originates.

Is Pro-Ject Jukebox E a good turntable?

Simply put, the Pro-Ject Jukebox E is one of the best all-in-one hi-fi turntables you can buy. if you’re serious about vinyl record collecting, this is a treasure. You receive a gorgeous, well-made turntable that sounds great for the money. Even complete beginners may set it up and use it with ease.

How can you tell if a turntable needle is bad?

You need to visually inspect the turntable needle to tell if it’s bad. To track properly on a vinyl record, the needle’s tip should appear sharp. The stylus point will scrape up against the groove walls if the tip is too dull, producing abrasive and harsh noise. That is when to change the needle.


That covers all about Pro-Ject Jukebox E problems. I hope this article could cater to your concerns. Now you should be able to use your dream record player with ease.

What problems did you face and what solved them? Share with us in the comment section.

Until then, enjoy your Pro-Ject Jukebox E!

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