Raycon Troubleshooting: 5 Issues Solved Easily!

While Raycon provides exceptional sound gear, it also has its problems. And we know how much of a hassle it is to handle them. 

So, do you want to know about Raycon’s troubleshooting?

While Raycons provide good-quality sound gear, they have some problems too. Mainly, if it’s some hardware problem, it’s advised to ask for professional help. But if there are some external or bug problems, you can fix them yourself. For instance, you can reset the earbuds to solve pairing problems. Or fully charging the earbuds will fix the one earbud quieter than the other.

Although, knowing this much won’t be enough. Thus, we’ve written a whole article to elaborate on the topic.


  • Raycon is a fairly new company for premium-sounding earphones at affordable prices.
  • You get multiple different eartips options with every Raycon model.
  • Pairing issue is a very common problem for Raycon earbuds.

Raycon Problems and Solutions: At a Glance

Troubleshooting Raycon is a little more complicated than troubleshooting Yamaha soundbar. That’s because while searching for Raycon problems and their troubleshooting, an ocean of information comes up. And this pile of unorganized information is sure to confuse anyone. Thus, we’ve researched for you. 

Here we have enlisted the problems, their symptoms, reasons, and solutions briefly. Check it out to get the basic idea. 





Pairing Issue With Phone

  • Not Detecting Devices

  • Cannot pair

  • Hanging in Pairing Mode

  • Sound Cutting Off

  • Firmware Changes for Third-Party Devices

  • Reboot or Reset

  • Software Update

One Raycon earbud is quieter than the other

  • Low sound on earbud

  • One side has no sound/ not working.

  • Dissimilar sound experience

  • Low Battery Level

  • Hardware malfunction

  • Clogged earbuds

  • Fully charge it.

  • Ask Customer Care

  • Clean earwax and dirt.

Out of Sync Earbuds

  • Not playing simultaneously 

  • Earbuds freeze up.

  • Raycon Earbuds Cutting Out

  • Pairing issues

  • Hardware malfunction

  • Low charge

  • Customer Service

  • Charge it.

  • Reboot or Reset

Volume Issues

  • Muffled volume

  • Cannot control volume.

  • Volume Button Not working

  • Driver problems

  • Device Malfunction

  • Volume Key Problem

  • Install driver

  • Ask professional

  • Reset to fix a bug. Clean to remove dirt.

The earbuds/charging capsule is no longer charging.

  • Not Charging 

  • Charger Connected but not charging 

  • Slow Charging 

  • Charging Case Heating Up

  • Two Red lights on charging

  • Wrong Charger

  • Damaged Charging Cable

  • Clogged Earbuds

  • Clogged Charging Case

  • Use same model charger

  • Replace cable

  • Clean dirt.

But there is so much more to know about all these. Thus, going forward, we’ve tried to explain all this information as much as possible.

Raycon Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: Pairing Issue With the Phone

Raycon provides wireless audio products. Like earbuds, headphones, and speakers. Here you should know about the differences between headphone amp and speaker amps. Since they are wireless, if you have a pairing problem, it’s an issue that has to be fixed. 

Here, we have tried to address the problem by listing its symptoms and solutions. 


  • The first symptom, as always, is the most common one. Your phone isn’t able to recognize your Raycon device. No matter how much you refresh your Bluetooth settings, your Raycon device doesn’t show up. Thus, you’re not able to connect it.
  • Another symptom is that when you try to pair your earbuds, headphones, or speakers, they won’t pair. You’ll get a text on your phone that indicates pairing failure. It’ll clearly state the failure on your screen. 
  • The next thing you might face is that the pairing is taking forever. After you’ve entered the pairing mode, the pairing process goes on and on. Originally, it shouldn’t have taken more than a few seconds. That means you have a problem with the pairing. 
  • It’s even possible to have pairing issues after the devices have been paired. While you’re listening to a song or watching a movie, maybe the audio is cutting off. You might consider it to be lagging or buffering at first.
  • But as you look at the screen, you might see that the video is going on. That means your Raycon isn’t properly connected to your phone. Since it isn’t paired properly, the audio is getting cut off. 

Now that we know about the common symptoms you might face, let’s address the reasons.


All Raycon earbuds, headphones, and speakers use Bluetooth to connect with your phone. So the reasons are almost the same for all of them. 

So, why isn’t my phone pairing with my earbuds?

The first common reason or mistake might be that your devices are not in pairing mode. Or maybe they are out of range. It could even be that your phone is already connected to another device. Finally, it could also be that you have Bluetooth buildup preventing a successful connection. 

These reasons hold true for almost all Bluetooth sound gear. But there are some issues that especially interfere with Raycons. Now let’s try to address them. 

Firmware Changes: 

Firmware can be changed and is also upgradeable. Firmware updates mainly upgrade your device without the need to upgrade your hardware. This is done by advanced operational instructions. 

With this, you’ll get a better user experience. 

The thing here is that the added devices may not always support these changes. Raycons are also built to support and go with a certain system. 

Sometimes firmware changes have to be made to support them on your device third party devices such as video cards, hard drives, memory modules, etc.

There’ll be fixable Bluetooth pairing problems if that system is changed to something that Raycon doesn’t support.

It may be compared with the iPhone’s face ID. For some previous models, after upgrading to the new ios, the face ID doesn’t work anymore. because it doesn’t support the newer updates.


Regularly wipe down your headphones or earbuds.


Now that we’ve found out the reasons, let’s get into the solutions. First, let’s discuss solutions for some specific Raycon earbud models:

For E25/E55:

Most times, a simple reboot is all that you need in this case. Here’s how you can reboot the Raycon E25 and Raycon E55:

  • First delete all the paired devices from your phone or computer. You can do it from the device’s settings. 
  • Then turn off your earbuds and place them inside your charging capsule. 
  • Now disconnect them from the capsule. This will complete the reboot process. Finally, try connecting it to your device to make sure it works.
Raycon E55
Source: CNN

For E50/E100: 

Here, try doing a factory reset. So, how do you factory reset your Raycon earbuds? Let’s see the steps for Raycon E50 and Raycon E100.

Here’s how:

  • First, turn off your earbuds.
  • Then, from settings, delete all the Raycon Bluetooth names of the paired devices. 
  • Now hold down both the earbud buttons for approximately 30 seconds. Then put it in the case. 
  • Now take the earbuds out so they can pair with each other.
  • Finally, locate and select your Raycon device on your phone or computer. Connect it and you are done.
Raycon E50
Source: RTings

For H20:

The main tip here would be to press the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume’ buttons together for five seconds. Other than that, you can try deleting the pairing list from your device and reconnecting. 

Also, be sure that your headphones are fully charged and on. That’s how you can reboot the Raycon H20.

Other than these, there are also some general solutions you can use. These apply to any Raycon model. Other than the usual and what we’ve discussed before, there are also other tips you can follow. 

So, how can I fix Bluetooth pairing problems?

First, ensure that the devices are meant to connect. For example, an earbud with Bluetooth 5.2 can have pairing problems with previous versions of devices. Also, you can try moving away from your router and smart home devices. Their wavelength might interfere with your Bluetooth. 

Connecting with the iPhone:

The main issue we’ve seen occurs here is not your Raycons. Rather you have the previous versions of ios. Thus, your Raycons aren’t compatible with them. Only iOS 12.0 or later versions are compatible.

So, a simple solution is to just upgrade to the latest iOS, which means a software update. 

For a software update, follow this guide:

Settings> General> Software Update> Download and Install

After a successful update, you should be able to connect your Raycons with your iPhone. 


For Android updates, follow “Settings”> “Software Information”> “Check Update”> “Download and Install Updates”.

Software Update

Problem 2: One Raycon Earbud is Quieter Than the Other

The next problem is that you might face a dissimilar sound experience for both your Raycon earbuds. Your Raycon earbuds are built to give a smooth experience. 

But if the two earbuds aren’t in sync, then it just won’t feel right. Rather, it’ll feel weird.

It’s almost the same as when one speaker is quieter than the other.


  • The first symptom you might face is that there is no sound from one earbud. Unless you take only one earbud out of the case, both of them should work together. While listening to something, you should get sound from both earbuds.
  • Another thing that might bother you is the dissimilar sound experience. The earbuds are built to be perfectly in sync. 
  • In some songs, different beats and sound effects are meant to be louder for one ear. You’ll notice the difference in sound flow. But that doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Because that flow itself is quite smooth. 

On the other hand, if you feel like you are hearing less from one earbud, it’s faulty. Something is most likely causing this error of unevenness. 

So, now let’s get into why you are noticing these symptoms.

Raycon E25
Source: SoundGuys


Low batteries are one of the most common reasons here. If one battery is out of power first, then it’ll shut down automatically. The other one will only work. Although it shouldn’t be that the sound is getting lower with the charge. 

If it’s a charging issue, it’s either going to be all or nothing. 

This might be the reason that one earbud is quieter. If the hardware is problematic, then it won’t be able to perform perfectly. Thus, while the other works, it may produce lower sounds. And thus, an unbalanced harmony will be created. 

Clogged earbuds are the most probable reason. Over time, wax or dirt might build up inside the gel tip. This prevents the earbuds from providing proper sound. It does produce enough sound, but it gets prevented due to the wax buildup.

Now, let’s see what we can do to prevent these problems. 


There are mainly three things you can do to tackle this problem. First of all, if one earbud isn’t working, charge it until it’s full. When its power is restored, you should be able to hear from both earbuds.

Next, if you think there is a hardware problem, get it fixed by customer service. Don’t try to do anything on your own. 

Finally, if you see that the earbuds are clogged, gently clean them. Take a clean piece of paper and brush away the dirt and earwax. But, while doing so, be sure not to push it further in. 


Raycon earbuds lights will turn red when it’s not charged. Once it’s charged, the lights will disappear.

Charging capsule of Raycon
Source: Raycon

Problem 3: Out Of Sync Earbuds

As mentioned before, Raycon earbuds are meant to be in sync.

But if the earbuds are not in sync, then the listener is bound to get confused. He’ll not be able to keep track. Practically, no one wants an experience like that. 

So, going forward, let’s discuss this major issue.


  • The first symptom you might face is that the earbuds are not playing simultaneously. Even if there is a second gap between them, you’ll be able to notice it immediately. 

Like, in between dialogue, you’ll hear the same words but at different times. That’s because the earbuds are delivering the same output at different times. Thus, not playing simultaneously is a major giveaway.

  • The next giveaway is that your earbuds may be freezing up. While you are listening to something, it’s odd for your earbuds to just freeze up. It might be that you stop listening for 2-3 seconds or so and then it starts again. 

This kind of glitch may occur more than once on a repetitive basis. And, if that’s the case, then most probably your earbuds are out of sync. 

  • Finally, it might be that your earbuds are cutting out. And as you might feel, that is an absolute no for your listening experience. As it disrupts its harmony of it.

So, let’s get into why you are facing such problems.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds
Source: Raycon


Here also, the first and foremost reason would be pairing issues. But we have already discussed that earlier. If it slipped your attention, go through it again. 

Next comes the hardware malfunction. While Raycons have the decent build quality, over time they might malfunction. Especially after the warranty period. 

Aside from that, external factors like the user’s carelessness may result in a hardware problem. 

Another reason could be the low charge of one earbud or both. Sometimes we use only earbuds. So, when using two, it might be that one runs out of charge faster. At critically low charge, the earbud has a problem keeping the connection with your device intact. 

Thus, when it lags, you might feel the earbuds are out of sync. Because the other earbud is doing just fine. Or maybe both earbuds are lagging at different times because of low charge. 

Hence, creating discomfort. 

Sometimes, even with proper charge, your earbuds may lag and cut out. So, why are my Raycon earbuds cutting out? 

The Raycon earbuds keep cutting out mainly because of connectivity issues. Even with a proper charge, sometimes the earbud system malfunctions. Thus creating errors. Although it’s nothing that doesn’t have an easy fix. 

Now let’s get into how we can fix these problems.

Raycon gaming earbuds
Source: Twice


For pairing problems, we have already given the solutions above. So, let’s move forward. 

Customer Service:

If your Raycon is facing a hardware problem, it’s a good idea to try to do something yourself. Whether or not you have a warranty, take it to customer care. If you do, then they will fix it for you. 

Even if you don’t, with proper compensation, they’ll fix it for you. And if it doesn’t do the trick, they’ll suggest you get a new one. 

Charge It: 

Before pairing, make sure that your earbuds, headphones, or speakers have enough charge. If not, then fully charge it first. 

Then try pairing them. It might also help to remove your Raycons from your device. And then, start the pairing process anew.

earbuds factory resetting

Reboot/ Reset:

Rebooting or factory resetting the earbuds is also a good option. We have already shown how to reboot your Raycons for the E25. 

Also, we’ve shown the factory reset process for the E50. Follow the instructions and try it out. 

Hopefully, the problem will be fixed. 

Problem 4: Volume Issues

Moving forward, you might also face volume issues. Whether it’s your Raycon speaker, headphones, or earbuds, they are built to maintain exceptional sound quality. 

But if the volume isn’t exactly as you prefer, it kills the mood. 

Even, if the volume is too high and uncontrollable, it might be harmful to your ears. On the other hand, the low volume just hampers the whole experience. 


  • The first symptom you might face is muffled volume. The built-in sound quality of Raycon products is enough to satisfy most buyers. They are normally clear, precise, and loud enough. Even the beats are good enough to give you a dramatic experience. 

But, you feel like even after raising the volume, the output isn’t loud enough. Or it’s not as clear as it should be. Maybe it sounds softer than it usually should. Then you most probably have a volume issue. 

  • The next thing you might have to deal with is that you can’t control the volume properly. Even after raising or lowering the volume, the output isn’t changed. Or maybe it’s changing but not as much as you expected. 
  • Lastly, it might be that you have a malfunctioning volume button on your headset or speaker. 

Thus, when you try to change the volume of your Raycons, it doesn’t change. But it works fine if you do it from your phone or PC. This also refers to a volume issue.

So, let’s dive into why you are facing these problems.

Raycon Work Ultra
Source: Raycon


The first reason why you aren’t able to connect might be a windows driver problem. This mainly occurs with computers. Without the correct one, you might not even be able to connect the devices. A malfunctioning driver causes volume problems. 

The next reason might be device malfunction. It might apply to both your earbuds and phone. Any technical or hardware issues might cause this problem.

The last reason might be that you have a volume key issue. So, why is my volume button not working? 

Sometimes it might be that your volume key is quite alright. There is a bug in your device causing such a problem. Then again, it might also be that your volume keys are broken. And, in the case of headphones, stuck dust and dirt particles might be the main reason.

So now, let’s get to the solutions. 


For each of the reasons, we’ve prepared different solutions. 

If you have a driver problem, the first thing to do is install the right driver. Or, even if it’s the right one, it might have some issues. So, reinstall it. 

To find the right driver, search for your device name and add the driver. For example, search for “Raycon E25 driver.”

If you think you have a malfunctioning device, contact a professional. 

Lastly, you might have a volume key issue. So, how to fix my volume key?

If your volume key isn’t working, the first thing to do is restart your phone. This is true for both Androids and iPhones. This may fix the bug that’s causing the problem. However, if you have a broken volume key, replace it. And, for headphones, clean off the dust and dirt around the volume key. 

Your volume issues should be solved with these.  


For using Raycon on PC, update the sound driver.

Raycon Everyday Headphone
Source: Amazon

Problem 5: Earbuds/Charging Capsules Are No Longer Charging

Finally, it might even be that your charging capsules are not charging. So, if your capsule isn’t charging, you won’t be able to use the earbuds. 


The first symptom you might face is the earbuds are not charging as they should. When you put your earbuds back into the capsule, they should be able to draw charge. 

But even after enough time, you might see that they are still not charged. 

Then it most probably means your charging capsule was unable to draw power. Thus, your earbuds also couldn’t be charged. 

Next, it might be that the earbuds are charging but not enough compared to the time. So, how much time should Raycon earbuds take to charge? 

According to Raycon, their earbuds shouldn’t take more than one hour to be fully charged. On the other hand, the charging capsule may take 2-3 hours to be fully charged. In reality, you might face a little more time than this. But if it takes much more time, then there’s something wrong. 

So, it might be that you have put the capsule on charge. But even after much more than 3 hours, the capsule isn’t charged yet. Or you have charged the case fully but the earbuds are taking forever to charge. This clearly indicated slow charging. 

Sometimes, you might even see that the charging case is heating up. When you leave it to charge, after some time, it might get really hot. 

And, believe us when we say that’s not normal. Cause, it might even catch fire. 

The next indication of a charging capsule problem is continuous red light. Normally, when you charge the capsule, the light indicator is red. After it is done charging, it turns blue. 

But if it stays red even after its usual charging time, there is a problem. 

Even the earbuds, when plugged into the case, display a red light as a sign of charging. After enough time, if it also stays red, then surely there’s a charging problem. 


Wipe down your earbuds after a long training session.

Raycon earbuds
Source: Twitter


The first reason is related to your charger. Other chargers may have different watt rates, not suited to your Raycons. 

Even the charging cable for your charger might be damaged. That’s why it’s not able to supply power to your Rycons. 

For earbuds, there is a charging point for the earbuds and the case. If that point is somehow clogged in either the case or the earbuds, it won’t charge. Cause it will hamper the charge flow. 

Now for the red lights. So, why do I see two red lights on Charging Raycon?  

It generally means that the earbuds are charging. As mentioned before, it turns blue and then off when it’s done charging. But if it stays that way, then you might have a bad charge case. Or, it might even be the earbuds. 

So let’s get into the solutions now.

Raycon Earbuds customized
Source: Twitter


Firstly, it’s always advised to use the original charger meant for that model. And, if your charging cable is damaged, replace it with a new one. 

If you see the charging point clogged, then clean it gently. Check both the earbuds and the case. Clean it by rubbing it with a dry piece of cloth. 

And, if you continue to see red lights on your earbuds, consult a professional. Cause most probably it’s an internal problem not meant for you to be fixed. 


Don’t use rubbing alcohol for cleaning the earbuds, ear tips, and charging case.

Some Additional Tips on Raycon Maintenance

Now that we are done explaining the problems and solutions, we’d like to offer some tips. We hope these will be of great help while using your Raycons.

Gel Tips:

The gel tip of your earbuds is what ensures that the earbuds stick in your ears properly. And so, ensure that you are using the right-sized gel. It has four different sizes: XS, S, M, and L. 

It’s advisable to try out all the different tips. This way, you can find out which one feels the most comfortable to you. 

Also, after inserting the earbud, rotate it slightly forward. This will ensure that the earbud fits perfectly.


Use a small brush to gently clean inside the eartips.

Eartips of Rayon
Source: manuals.plus

Cleaning Earbuds:

Keeping your earbuds clean not only keeps the earbuds good but also protects your ears. And it is quite easy to do so too. So, how can I clean my earbuds? 

First, wipe off the exterior of the earbud using a wet microfiber cloth. Next, put some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or cotton swab. Use it to clean the insides of the earbud hole. Target the speaker cone and gently rub it. You can even use isopropyl alcohol. When done, rub it off with a paper towel. 


Even if you do not clean your earbuds regularly, once in a while is a good idea.


The last tip would be to use a proper charger. It’s always advisable to use a specific charging case for Raycon earbuds.

 Not even just a Raycon case, but the case for the exact model. That’s because the cases are built to provide the right charge for your earbuds. 

Also for charging the case or your headphone, use only Raycon chargers. Other chargers might have different watt levels, not meant for your Raycons. This will significantly harm your Raycons. 


Don’t use high-wattage power outlets or brick. You should charge Raycon at 5-10 watts.

Are Raycon Earbuds Worth It Despite The Problems?

In our opinion, yes they are. Although Raycon earbuds have proven to be somewhat problematic, that’s not the same all the time. While going through the reviews, we found many customers who are satisfied with what they got. 

And why won’t they be? Raycons provide good features for their price. Within 100$-110$ you could get the earbuds or headphones of your choice. 

Raycons provide decent sound-quality products. For earbuds, it might be a little hassle to fit in the earbud properly. But once you do you can feel the bass boost. It’s not the best but good enough for the price. 

A bright feature they have is their water resistance. Most of them have an IPX4, IPX6, or IPX7 rating, and they are good for workout sessions or so. Although not for total submission in water. 

They are quite durable too. Even if it falls accidentally, there won’t be much harm. Although you shouldn’t go on dropping them by being careless. Raycon earbuds and headphones even provide ANC. Although they are not as good as Sony or Bose.

Finally, it can be said that if you want an affordable earbud, then Raycon is a good choice. 

But you might want something that will stick with you through the years. Then don’t get your hopes up. Also, be sure to purchase them after checking their warranty.


Turning off ANC will increase the battery life of Raycon earbuds.

battery life of Raycon earbuds
Source: GuideBits

Warnings/ Safety Precautions:

Lastly, we have some warnings for you. Throughout the article, we have talked about so many things. Amongst them, we told you to reinstall the driver. If you don’t have the correct driver, don’t go on delete it first. This will further enhance your problem. 

Also, be sure to check if your Bluetooth speakers are beeping.

Next, if you notice your Raycons heating up extremely, don’t touch them directly. There are cases of it catching fire. So, be careful. 

Finally, be sure to not bathe while wearing your Raycons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to increase the volume of Raycon earbuds?

In Raycon earbuds, three clicks on the right earbud increase the volume. On the other hand, three consecutive clicks on the left earbud decrease volume. The trick here is to click them quickly. If you don’t do it fast enough, it won’t work. Also, for better volume, gently clean the earbuds. 

How long do Raycons last before breaking?

You can expect your Raycon earbuds to last for a couple of years. That is the maximum hope you can have if you take care of the buds properly. A big reason for that is that it uses small lithium-ion battery cells. They degrade quite easily. That’s because of the constant charge-depleting cycle.

Can I wear Raycons in the shower?

No, the Raycons shouldn’t be used in the shower. While the Raycon earbuds are water-resistant, they still shouldn’t be used in the pool or bath. Some may argue that it has IPX4-grade protection. But it is only sufficient to protect your earbuds against sweat. So you can use them while exercising.


Now we’d like to hear your opinion.

Were we able to solve all your queries related to Raycon troubleshooting?

For sticking with us till the end, here’s an extra tip. When you hear the low battery alert, try to charge them quickly enough.

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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