6 Common Rega Planar 3 Problems And The Solutions!

Rega Planar 3 has been a fantastic grab for a buck among the turntable lover community. However, like all engineered devices, this turntable is not free of problems. 

So, what are the Rega Planar 3 Problems that users face?

Among all the Rega Planar 3 problems, users have noticed the tonearm lift problem the most. Other problems include speed mismatch, stylus, and motor and capacitor problems. Among the problems, the stylus is easily replaceable by the user. The other solutions require detailed instruction.

If you are looking for solutions to your Rega Turntable problems, this article is for you. 

Interested to know how to solve Rega Planar 3 problems? Keep on reading the article to find out the solutions!

Problem1: Rega Planar 3 Slow Control Motor

You play a record, the Rega Planar 3-speed control motor slows down, and gradually gets slower. This initially appeared when a record was being cleaned with a carbon fiber brush. And it seemed to occur after changing the belt.

Sounds familiar? Head over to the next section to learn the solution – 


The belt circles a sub-platter on which the platter is placed. Lift the sub-platter to raise the spindle out of the main bearing. Then remove the belt.

Use a Q-Tip to wipe the spindle and the bearing clean. Drop 10 drops of oil. You can use 10w30, #20 machine oil, or something similar. Use WD-40 only for cleaning purposes.

Replace each component. Use alcohol to clean up any spilled oil and avoid getting any on the belt.

Now your plate ought to spin easily.

Rega motors are designed to be weak. Do not attempt to clean a record with anything less than a little touch. If you do, they will slow down and halt. Consequently, a well-oiled bearing is crucial.

Rega Planar 3
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Problem 2: Rega Planar 3 Turntable Slow Speed

You noticed your Rega Planar 3 turntable speed is lower than usual, for example, 45 rpm. That means your Rega turntable has speed issues. Here’s how to address the problem – 


The DIN cable that connects the power supply to the deck must be firmly reseated. Make sure the cable’s collars are locked into position (sounds simple yet complicated to accomplish).

Additionally, some people intentionally turn the 45rpm option off and on. Doing this a few times prevents any slowdowns. You won’t experience any problems if you now repeat this at the beginning of a listening session. 

Continue to do the checking to make sure the connection was attached properly.

Problem 3: Rega Planar 3 Motor Problem

Your Rega Planar 3 motor is causing issues. Like not playing the turntable, or getting burned in the worst-case scenario. 


In these cases, replacing the motor with a new one is the best solution for you. Because motor repair can be expensive and it will be more likely to cause problems again. 

Problem 4: Rega Planar 3 Capacitor Broke or Damaged

If you notice your turntable is rotating backward occasionally, the culprit is the Rega Planar 3 capacitor

The Capacitor is either broken or partially damaged. 


You can either get the capacitor fixed by a professional or replace the capacitor. Some of the compatible Rega Planar 3 capacitor are.

The compitable capacitor for Rega Planar 3 is BOJACK 0.22 uF Ceramic Capacitor.

Another compatible capacitor is mxuteuk 0.22uF 224 Ceramic Capacitor.

For wide range of different output go for AUKENIEN Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit.

Rega Planar 3 capacitor
Source: LDLC

Problem 5: Rega Planar 3 Tonearm Lift Skips

Is the tonearm of your Rega Planar 3 is skipping when you turn it on?

Here’s the solution for you if your answer is yes – 


Before making any replacements, thoroughly set up your turntable.

Maintain a minimum distance of 1 m between the turntable and the speakers. Place the music farther away if you play it loud. 

You’ll need to find a means to separate the turntable. If it’s on the same table as the speakers, otherwise, it will continue to hop along with the vibration.

Verify the level of the turntable. Either remove the mat and place a marble on the platter to check. You will see that it doesn’t roll out or you can use a spirit level.

Change the upward tracking force after that (VTF). Set the VTF and anti-skate dials to 0. When the tonearm floats, the counterweight is at zero gravity (0g). Set the VTF needle to the suggested cartridge VTF, which on the Exact should be 1.75g. 

It is better to have too much than too little VTF. If you are having problems following the last portion of the record. 

Set the anti-skate gear to a value that is roughly equal to the VTF.

You should no longer have the Tonearm lift problem with Rega Planar 3.

Problem 6: Rega Planar 3 Sound Problems

The Rega Plana 3 sound problem is mostly sound being muffled and disappearing while it’s playing. 

Check out the solution below – 


  • Check the Stylus and Clean it.
  • repeat where the TT cables draw in, near the amplifier (preamp or receiver).
  • Check that the cartridge clips are not too close together for hum to occur.
  • Examine the phono plug connections as well. Sometimes a little break occurs just as the cable reaches the plug. Causing many complications in the turntable. See if a little cable wiggle makes a difference.
Rega Planar 3 Sound
Source: Reddit

Rega Planar 3 Maintenance

To prevent your Rega Planar 3 from incurring more problems, doing maintenance work is the key. 

These are the parts to maintain regularly – 

  • Oil Bearing
  • Turntable Needle Placement
  • Turntable Motor 
  • Belt

Use several drops of oil like Castrol Manual EP 80W Manual Transmission Fluid into the motor. 

Change the belt once in a few years. Properly clean the turntable to avoid needle problems. Replace the rubber band that holds the motor as well. 

Rega Planar 3 is still a great record player. Maintain it well for longer life duration. Here’s someone sharing their Rega Planar 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I oil my Rega Planar 3?

Find a syringe first, unscrew the cap, and screw on a blunt syringe. Put some oil in the syringe. Push in 1-2 drops of oil into the centerpiece of the turntable. This is where the motor is located. Turn on the turntable like that, let it run for at least 24 hours. The motor will be very quiet now.

Are Rega turntables reliable?

Rega Planar 3 is produced in the company’s UK facility. All the way through the production process, the construction quality is flawless. The construction quality of the P1 entry-level model to a P3 or P6 is often compared. And It is hard to the difference. Simply put, they’re all very well-made.

Are Rega cartridges good?

Rega cartridge has a lovely midrange and a bright, lively sound. The details are impressive for the price. The Exact has a fantastic midrange and understanding of subtleties. However, we discovered that the bass lacked grip and force when it was needed. The treble is warmer and more full-bodied.


That rounds up all the Rega Planar 3 Problems and the solutions. We hope it helps you to detect your problems. And hopefully, you can solve it with the help of this article. 

Best of luck!

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