Sennheiser HD 58x or 6xx – The Most Suitable Headphone Experiences!

Headphones are supposed to accompany you when you are looking for deep focus. Good sound quality promotes healthy attention in multi-skilled functions. It brings the best out of your endeavors attracting overall brain efficiency.  

In such a depth in context, what to choose between Sennheiser HD 58x or 6xx

In terms of sound quality, connectivity, and comfort level, the 6xx is better than 58x. Because Sennheiser 6xx has crunchier sound output for complimenting high-resolution audio. Whereas, the 58x may sound bad as it has steep sound output. Also, the foamy ear cushions of 6xx will allow you to listen music longer than 58x.

We have a feeling you are going to be a winner. This is when you have the right product to choose from. You don’t have to bring the world down for it, just scroll along the article!


  • Sennheiser 6xx has more in-depth bass.
  • Sennheiser 58x is a balanced headphone.
  • Sennheiser 6xx is more comfortable than Sennheiser 58x.

58x or 6xx – Quick Comparison Summary!

FeaturesSennheiser HD58xSennheiser HD6xx
Sound QualityHigh-definition sound features with steep output qualityCrunchier sound output complements the high-definition audible output
ConnectivityBetter sound frequency responseSound output is not so clear due to certain connection issues
Comfort LevelThe foam-induced plush valor padding does well in the comfort department but doesn’t win in the comparison segmentFoamy ear cups define higher comfort levels with the ability to listen for longer hours

Both the headphone products are quite good and go in similar sound output contributions.

Here’s a spec comparison of Sennheiser 58x and hd6xx –

FeaturesFeature ExplanationSennheiser HD 58XSennheiser HD 6XX
Cable LengthBetter Reach6 feet6 feet
Headphone Cup TypeNoise IsolationOpenOpen
ConnectivityFreedom of MovementWiredWired
ColorFor LooksBlack and GrayBlack, Midnight, Silver, and Blue
Wearing StyleComfort and Noise IsolationOn-EarOn-Ear
UsePurpose of UsageDJ / Studio, Video Game ConsoleComputer, DJ / Studio, Video Game Console
ImpedancePower Needed to Drive150 Ohms300 Ohms
Where to GetPurchase OptionsCheck Availability on AmazonCheck Availability on Amazon

Still, let’s dive deeper for a more accurate comparison.

Sennheiser 58x vs Sennheiser 6xx Rated out of 5

Factors for Choosing the Right Headphone

Open-back headphones are associated with high pricing. Upon all these, the 58x and 6xx comes as budget-friendly packages. Choosing between 58x and 6xx won’t be a difficult thing to do. 

Considering the pricing approach, you are going to spend $70 extra if you choose Sennheiser HD 6xx. The lower-priced Sennheiser HD 58x Jubilee has some good functions too. 

There are many similarities to these headphones as they are from the same brand. The differences are far less than HIFMAN Arya and Arya stealth. However, in here I’ll try to point out some clear differences between 58x and 6xx

Your personal preference is the best factor to recognize. It depends on how much time you spend with headphones compared to speakers. Determining the amps for speakers or headphones can give you a good boost as well. 

Let us go back to the headphone scene involving some key factors. 

Sound Quality:

The most essential factor is sound quality. In simple terms, one of Sennheiser 58x or 6xx gets to help you with better sound. The 6xx has touched the heart of more people when it comes to sound quality.

Moving forward, a deep focus should be made on the different aspects of sound. Here, some key factors are going to be pointed out. Here is the scenario:

Sound FeaturesSennheiser HD58xSennheiser HD6xx
Frequency ResponseBass: – 2.79 dB
Treble: – 2.52 dB
Bass: – 3.21 dB
Treble: – 1.74 dB
Frequency Response ConsistencyAverage Standard Deviation – 0.43 dB Average Standard Deviation – 0.32 dB
Raw Frequency ResponseModerate Raw Flow FrequencySlightly Spiked Amplified Frequency
Bass AccuracyWeighted Standard Error: 2.68 dB
Low-Frequency Extension: 54.96 Hz
Low-Bass: – 5.12 dB
Mid-Bass: – 1.12 dB
High-Bass: 1.63 dB
Weighted Standard Error: 3.08 dB
Low-Frequency Extension: 60.8 Hz
Low-Bass: – 6.09 dB
Mid-Bass: – 1.34 dB
High-Bass: 1.4 dB
Mid Accuracy Weighted Standard Error: 0.9 dB
Low-Mid: 0.73 dB
Mid-Mid: 0.12 dB
High-Mid: 0.2 dB
Weighted Standard Error: 0.86 dB
Low-Mid: – 33 dB
Mid-Mid: – 1.21 dB
High-Mid: 0 dB
Treble AccuracyWeighted Standard Error: 3.07 dB
Low-Treble: – 1.66 dB
Mid-Treble: – 1.92 dB
High-Treble: – 9.08 dB
Weighted Standard Error: 2.99 dB
Low-Treble: – 0.29 dB
Mid-Treble: – 2.82 dB
High-Treble: – 8.59 dB
Noise IsolationOverall Attenuation: – 3.33 dBOverall Attenuation: -3.1 dB
Sound LeakageAt 1 Foot Spread Distribution: 60.42 dBAt 1 Foot Spread Distribution: 60.09 dB

In order to be clear with some insights, here are a few factors to notice:

  • HD6xx gets more points than HD58x in terms of frequency response, consistency, and channeling.
  • This is integrated by the fact that there are more variations in the sound output. This improves the overall quality of sound output. HD6xx becomes more favorable than HD58x in such a context.
  • Bass accuracy becomes more defined when it reaches closer to 80hz. This is more favored by the HD6xx headphones.
  • In terms of mid and treble accuracy, HD6xx headphones showcase better crystal clear sound. 
  • Both headphones don’t do well with noise isolation and leakages. Within the frame of comparison, HD6xx is slightly preferable. 

In comparing HD 58x vs 6xx, you will see something about high definition. The HD features allow the headphones to crystalize clarity in the art of noise production. This means a sound’s high, low, and mid ranges are thrown out efficiently. 


In terms of sound quality, the 6xx wins the platform. Better reviews have indicated the dynamics of crystal clear sound clarity. This is the main choice you are going to have to benefit better. 


Always clean the ear cushions of your headphone.

58x and 6xx side by side
Source: Reddit


The connectivity area is directly related to the 58x or 6xx gaming areas. You want to be spending hours with proper gaming sound response. This means no sound latency associated with online gaming. 

For both headphones, expert ratings are the same. However, popular customer reviews have favored 58x Jubilee the most. Indeed, it has been recognized that a 58x frequency response is far better than the other.

Generally, you can be asking what causes headphone connection issues.

An improper connection is mostly associated with wiring defaults that can appear sooner. Irregular electrical driver responses can affect the audio jacks. This causes disruptions to the sound transference creating buzzing effects. Such commonly occurring issues can damage the cable quite easily. 

There have been reports of such problems happening with the Sennheiser HD 6xx. This is the reason why the 58x got better reviews.

For stronger connectivity, you can try doubling up headphone wiring. You should know that the process is not limited to speakers. Headphones can be wired up as well with some good measures. 

When you have bought a product, you would be wanting it to be durable. Here are some products you acquire for a better time with headphones:

Help yourself with some surrounding products for the most durable use. Make customer reviews count while purchasing items that suit your needs. 


The 58x Jubilee is your best friend considering the aspects of connectivity. Good sound response means better chill experiences with the art of music. 


Without amps, the headphones won’t hit their true potential.

58x Jubilee
Source: Headfonics

Comfort Level:

Most of the good headphone-producing bands invest heavily in the comfort department. For a better customer experience, the comfort of use is the real deal. Both the headphone brands got good ratings from experts and popular customer reviews. 

Choosing between 58x or 6xx should strictly point to the comfort levels. The 6xx has achieved a slightly better rating in this aspect. 

The main reason behind 6xx going ahead is the ear cups. The foamy materials used in the cups do not extend outside the ear. This makes the headphone stay firm with your head without going out of position. 

This means you are achieving some comfort while listening for hours. Buying either 58x jubilee or 6xx Sennheiser HD means realizing what 58x has in store.

Although the rating is not bad for 58x, it is not doing better than the other. Do both brands carry the characteristics of the awesome headphone sound building? This accounts for a factual matter of debate. 

Let us find out what 58x has done to promote your comfort level.

The oval-shaped ear cups are nicely designed alongside the plush velour padding. The foam setup of the adjustable headband does a good job. On pen and paper, it should be a great product for the best comfort.

Surprisingly popular reviews have recommended 6xx than 58x in the comfort level department. 


The making of 6xx gives more comfort to the users. This means you can spend hours listening to music. This is in terms of your head or ears feeling any pain. 


Don’t use the headphones at full volume for long period.

Sennheiser HD 6XX
Source: Twister6 Review

So Which One to Pick?

The HD6xx wins the race against HD58x in 2 out of the 3 departments of comparison. It can be recommended if you spend long hours listening to music. Or, perhaps you want to have a good time watching movies with headphones.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed when the 6xx headphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which of the 58x and 6xx has the best mid-range output?

It is commonly recognized that the midrange output of 6xx is less cloudy. This means the 58x has struggled to generate clearer midrange output than the other. Compared to 58x, the 6xx sound definition is less muddy.

What are the ohms counts of 58x and 6xx respectively?

The impedance of 6xx is double that of 58x. The number is 300 and 150 ohms respectively. Concerning this, the best sound factor depends on implications and some other variables. 

How many dB/mW is the 58x and 6xx brands?

The 58x is counted at dB/mW whereas the 6xx is 97dB/mW. As you can see that both the headphones have similar levels of sound sensitivity. Both do well in terms of loud sound clarity. 

Final Symphony

The depth of the facts utilized in this article on 58x or 6xx cannot be avoided. Good attempts at sound quality are going to give you a humble reflection.

Hopefully, you do well in your ventures.

Bye for now!

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