6 Sherwood RX 4109 Problems That Can Be Easily Solved!

While Sherwood RX-4109 is a great speaker, it’s not free of flaws. Even sometimes, the issues that can come with it make you go nuts! That’s why it’s best to know about the problems beforehand.

Now, that makes you wonder, “what are the Sherwood RX 4109 problems?”

The most common problem regarding Sherwood RX-4109 is the spontaneous turning-off issue. Other times, your speakers might make a humming sound. Or you might not get any sound after turning it on. A bass/treble failure might also take place alongside key disorders.

You might be scratching your head thinking about all the problems. Fret not, we’ve made a comprehensive tutorial on solving these problems. You’ll be able to patch up your gadget in no time.

So, what are you waiting for?

6 Major Sherwood RX 4109 Problems and Their Solution 

Even with the hefty price tag of Sherwood RX 4109, you’ll have to deal with tons of issues. However, don’t get too worried about solving these problems now. Because they are quite simple as troubleshooting a Yamaha receiver.

Now, here are the five most common problems and their solutions.

Problem 1: Spontaneous Power Turn-off

You might have a spontaneous turning-off problem in your receiver. In this case, the button switches pop out from the position. 

So, why does your sherwood rx-4109 keeps turning off?

The turning off problem happen because of thermal fault, or an internal defect in the amp itself. It can also be caused by faulty switch. 

Now, let’s look at how you can solve this problem.


The safety circuit might be tripping the power. You need to check the power supply if it’s good or not. As you know from the Sherwood RX 4109 specs-

It has 5 analog RCA inputs and A & B binding posts for the output. Check all these input and output ports at the very beginning. Because any loose connection can result in a power issue.

spontaneous turning-off
Source: productreview.com.au

Also, check the locking mechanism if it’s working or not. Finally, check the output transformers. It might need a replacement too.

Problem 2: Humming Sound Problem 

When connecting the receiver to the computer, you might hear a humming sound. For that, the sounds from the speaker might not sound as clear as before. 

Problems with the power switch could cause this to take place. A flawed ground connection is another potential source of the problem.


To solve this problem, you need to pull off the receiver cover. Tighten the loose connections, especially the transformer wire.

Humming Sound Problem
Source: avsforum.com

Check the ground wire if it’s loose or not. If that doesn’t help, check the filter capacitors if they are good or not. Your problems should be solved by now.

Problem 3: Power-on But No Sound 

You may face no sound issue after turning on your receiver. Even if all of the connections are working properly, there may still be no sound.


So, how should your resolve Sherwood rx 4109 no sound issue?

Check if all the power cables are okay. Turn off the speakers for 20 minutes. Check the speaker wires if they are broken or not. 

Connect the power cables after 20 minutes and turn them on. Select input and set the volume to the desired level. Finally, check if there’s any sound or not. 

If not, you need to take your device to the service center.

Problem 4: Key Disorder Problem 

You’ll run across this issue if the keys are worn out or misaligned. In some instances, the key may be jammed or pushed all the way back.

Worry not, the solution is quite simple.


Examine the toggle switches to see if anything is preventing them from moving. Check if the switch circuit is blown or not. If it’s damaged, you may need to change it.

Key Disorder Problem
Key Disorder Problem

Also, check the key signal input. If there’s a problem, change the keys. You may need to have a look at the Sherwood RX 4109 user manual for this.

Problem 5: Bass/Treble Control Failure

You might also face bass/treble control problems. In this case, your device may fail to control or change the bass/treble. Or the bass/treble knobs might not work at all. 


You should begin by examining the IC that controls the tone volume. Then look for faults at the terminals that handle the input and output of the signal.

Checking the voltage of the IC requires the use of a multimeter. The voltage ought to be somewhere close to 10 volts. 

In that case, you need to inspect the IC for any signs of damage. Lastly, examine the bass and treble knobs to see if they are functioning properly.

Problem 6: Remote Control Damage

While this problem is not directly related to your RX 4109 receiver, you can understand the frustration. Because you mostly use the remote control to control the speaker from afar. 

So, it’s better to get to know what’s the solution to this problem. 


Well, contrary to the other technical solutions discussed earlier, this is a monetary one. You can’t really revive your dead remote can you? So, getting a good replacement will be the most appropriate choice in this case.

Here are two great replacement remote control for Sherwood RX 4109

HCDZ Replacement Remote Control for Sherwood is a great choice that won’t break your bank. It’s quite well-reviewed and durable.

Another great choice will be Replacement Remote Control for Sherwood RX4109. However, it’s not quite affordable as the previous one. 

Now, let’s end the discussion with some extra maintenance tips for your receiver. 

Tips on Using Sherwood RX 4109 Safely

We can tell that you went with this speaker after going through Sherwood RX 4109 reviews. However, you didn’t really get to know about maintaining the speaker, did you?

Here are some tips and tricks on using the Sherwood RX 4109 to prevent any further problems-

  • The most significant obstacle for your receiver is dust. It’s important that you clean your receiver on a regular basis.
  • When unplugging the receiver, always be careful. Take your time and unplug each one separately rather than all at once.
  • Receivers are large so make sure there’s enough room for your amplifier on your AV rack.
  • Ensure that the receiver has enough air circulation. During use, it could potentially become warm.
  • You can also double up the speaker wire and use two lines into one for more connection.

We hope that utilizing the Sherwood RX-4109 stereo receiver amplifier will be easier for you now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I Look For in a New Sherwood Receiver?

You should look for the number of channels in a Sherwood receiver. One channel means one speaker. Make sure you have enough channels for your setup. For example, you will need at least 5 channels for a 5:1 surround sound setup. It’s better to get more channels.

What Makes a Good Stereo Receiver?

Better internal compartmentalization is the factor that separates good receivers from bad ones. This means the internal components don’t interfere with one another. Thus, less distortion and better circuitry are achieved. The nicer the receiver, the better the compartmentalization.

Do More Expensive Receivers Sound Better?

Yes, expensive receivers sound better. Expensive receivers come with a better power supply. This means the wattage of the receiver will be higher resulting in better sound quality. Also, expensive receivers have well-built components. This creates less distortion and gives the device a long lifespan.


This concludes the solutions for Sherwood RX 4109 problems.

Don’t forget that any and all gadgets have the potential to break down at any time. However, for every difficulty, there is an answer. To solve it, you need only take the necessary measures.

Stay safe and have a great day with your stereo speaker.

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