Sony STR DH790 Problems: How to Fix the Problems?

Problems with electronics are a really big pain in the neck. Also, Japanese electronics can be over-engineered and too complicated. 

So, what are the sony str dh790 problems?

One common problem you might stumble upon is when the receiver turns off by itself. The speakers can output a low humming or hissing noise. On the other hand, the TV may display nothing or show the “Protect” sign. Also, the sound might not be balanced. 

There are a lot of other problems you can face with this receiver. Below we have mentioned the problems. Also, we have given the required solution to each. 

What Are the Problems with Sony STR DH790

No matter what kind of electronics you get, there are always problems. Nothing is perfect, everything breaks down at a point. But things can be fixed. Even though all the Sony STR DH760 review says it’s a great receiver, there are a few problems. 


But before fixing the issue, you must know what causes the problem. Below we have listed all the common problems people face with this receiver. We have also given proper solutions to each of the problems. So that you can fix your receiver. 

The Receiver Turns Off Automatically

People often complain that the receiver turns off by itself. But this doesn’t happen without any reason. The sony str dh790 is smart enough to save your electricity. The receiver goes into standby mode to save electricity. There are a lot in sony str dh790 specs. 

If you’re not using the receiver, it will go to standby mode. You have to wake it up again to operate. It can also happen if the sleep timer is on. 

Although, there are ways you can turn the standby mode off. 


To turn off standby mode, firstly, go to the system menu. There you can see an option written as, auto standby. If it says on, then turn it off. 

You can also, find the sleep timer. If the timer is set, then turn it to zero or off. So, if your sony str dh790 keeps turning off, this is the solution. 

Humming Noise is Coming from the Speakers

The receiver can connect both speakers and TV. But sometimes there is a low humming or hissing noise from the speaker.

All types of speakers work on electromagnetic signals. So if the signal is disrupted, there can be a low hissing or humming noise. However, do not mix the sound with the crackling noise of a solid-state amp. They are are totally different. 

Though, there are things you can do to fix it. 


To stop the humming noise, check if the plugs are connected properly. Usually, when the connections are not in the proper way, the signal gets disrupted. Also, clean the plugs or jack with rubbing alcohol if possible. 

You can also try to move the TV from the speakers a bit. Also, make sure old subwoofers are connected the right way to the receiver. Otherwise, they do make noise. Also, do remember sony str dh790 firmware update. 

Very Low Sound 

Sometimes no matter what the sound is not enough or it’s very low. Usually, this happens low when speakers are connected with the receiver. But this also happens when only TV is connected as well. 

Well, we know just the way you can fix this issue. 


If no or very little sound is outputting, firstly, quick-check the connections with the receiver. Check both the input and output connections on the receiver. Also, check all the devices are connected and turned on. 

You can also see if the master volume of the receiver is not set at minimum volume. Select a proper device from the receiver that you want to use. Also, see if muting on or not. If on, turn it off. 


Unbalanced Sound 

If you use a stereo speaker system as many others do, sound can be unbalanced sometimes. Maybe the left speaker is outputting more sound than the right one or vice versa. 

Well, don’t you worry about it, cause there are ways you can fix it? 


Fixing unbalanced sound is really easy. Check if the speakers are connected to the correct ports. The right and left speaker has designated left and right ports.

Also, make sure you connect the speakers right. There are different sony str dh790 speaker settings. Such as connecting 6.1 and 7.1 systems. The 7.1 is the sony str dh790 best setting to use. 

Then, go to the system menu on the receiver. There, adjust the sound parameter using the level. This level sets which speaker gets more or less output level. 

Image Not Appearing on TV

As we said before, the receiver can connect both speakers and TV. there are HDMI cables that can transfer audio and video both. There are a lot of reasons why the display might not show anything. 

Well, there are easy fixes to it. 


The most common fix to this is to select the correct input channel. Also, make sure the correct input cable is connected properly. If it still doesn’t work, you can disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable. 

You may also try to set, SIG. FMT. to standard in the HDMI menu. Though, if the cable is damaged, there’s nothing to do. If you are looking to buy good-quality cables, check out the links below. 

These HDMI cables are reliable and will last you a long time. They are also really inexpensive.


“Protect” Appears on the TV Screen

The protect word may appear on the TV for many reasons. There are safety features in the receiver. It turns on when there is a power surge or a risk of damaging the device. But there are easy fixes to that as well. 

So, how to fix the issue?


Is the word protect came on the display? Then according to the sony str dh790 manual says, there are a few things you need to do. Firstly, disconnect all the speakers and subwoofer from the receiver. Make sure the receiver is not covered. Proper ventilation is really necessary. 

If the receiver is hot, make sure to cool it down. Do it at least for 30 min before starting it again. 

These are all the common problems and the solution you need to learn about the receiver. 

Sony | STR-DH790 7.2ch Home Theater AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos® Product Overview


What Type of Batteries does str dh790 Remote Control need?

Str Dh790 requires 2 AAA batteries. Powered by 1.5v Alkaline AAA batteries, the Str Dh790 remote control can operate smoothly. 

What to do When Bluetooth is not Pairing?

Check if the Bluetooth device is in the range of the speaker. Also, check if there are other Bluetooth devices near the receiver. If so, the pairing may be hampered. Do remember to enter the correct passcode while connecting. 

What to do When Surround Sound is not Working?

Make sure Dolby sound is turned on from the system menu. There are different speaker patterns to select from. There are 5.1, 5.2, 7.2, 2.1, or 2.2. To select the settings according to your speaker system. 


And that is everything you need to know about sony str dh790 problems.

This is a really high-capable receiver, so make sure you know the settings the right way. 

Enjoy the movie nights!

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