Subwoofer Auto On Not Working: How to Fix It?

Subwoofers not outputting heart-thumping bass while you’re watching a movie can be disappointing. This happens when auto-on isn’t working. 

So, what to do to fix subwoofer auto on not working issue?

It is really easy to fix if the auto-on of the subwoofer is not working. Set the volume of the subwoofer low and adjust the trim level by recalibrating. You can also set the subwoofer to the always-on mode by flipping it on the side. 

That’s all you need to know, but we have given detailed information about this easy fix. So why don’t you jump below? 

How Does Auto On Work on Subwoofers?

A subwoofer is an essential part of your home theater system. Without a subwoofer, you won’t be feeling the heart-thumping bass. Subwoofers output most of the low-end frequencies. Without one, the sound feels lifeless.

Source: Aperion Audio

Subwoofers have 2 stages of functioning. On, off and standby mode. The standby mode is also known as the auto-on mode. The subwoofer turns on itself from the standby mode when it detects a signal. 

The signal which comes from the receiver or the amplifier is electrical. When the subwoofer detects the signal, it turns on. This method saves electricity and lets the speaker on just when it needs to be. 

The standby mode also eliminates the hissing noise the subwoofer makes when idle. Standby mode works kinda like your PC. but there are drawbacks as well. Which is known as, svs subwoofer auto on not working. 

What is the Drawback with Auto On Subwoofers?

The drawback of using auto-on in subwoofers is, that sometimes the subwoofer doesn’t detect the signal. That means the subwoofer will not turn on when it needs to be. 

This problem mainly occurs if there is a mismatch between the subwoofer and the receiver. Usually, the receiver or the amplifier sends the signal to the subwoofer. But if the signal is too weak, the subwoofer doesn’t count the signal.

This is the reason why your subwoofer is not turning on in some cases. This problem is also known as, subwoofer auto off not working. 

Why is Subwoofer Auto On Not Working?

The subwoofer auto on might not work for many reasons. Subwoofer’s main job is to output the low-end frequencies. To do so requires a lot more power than any other speaker. 

The reasons why the auto-on might not work cannot be specific. But a few of the reasons can be, 

  • The trim level of the subwoofer might be very low.
  • The subwoofer is not getting enough power.
  • The volume might be too low.
  • Subwoofer does not detect the signal from the receiver.
  • Connected in the wrong way.

These are some of the most common problems with the subwoofer. Below we have mentioned a few of the solutions. 

How to Fix Auto On Off in a Subwoofer?

The subwoofer needs the output signal to detect. Otherwise, the speaker will not turn on. 

The subwoofer won’t be turned on by minor signals. You can check the manual of the receiver and check the output signal voltage. Also, check the voltage level the subwoofer can detect. This way you’ll know if the subwoofer is compatible with the receiver.

Adjusting the Trim Level

To adjust the trim level you need to check the settings of the receiver. In the settings check what level the subwoofer is at. If it’s set in the negatives, you need to adjust the subwoofer volume. 

Setting the volume of the subwoofer at low is periodical. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get that up. A negative level in the amplifier for the subwoofer means the signal level is really low. This causes the subwoofer not to turn on. 

Now that the subwoofer volume level is low, you can calibrate the subwoofer. Start the room correction or use an SPL meter to calibrate. Set the volume level at +5dB. This will adjust the trim level for the subwoofer. Don’t lower the volume too much though.

Lowering the volume too much will cause a lower trim level. This can cause the hissing noise from the subwoofer when sitting idle. Setting the subwoofer at +10dB or +12dB can cause this issue. This can cause the subwoofer only to come on at a high volume

Setting the Subwoofer On for All the Time

No matter what, there will always be a lag between the subwoofer and the receiver. This minimal lag isn’t an issue for everyone. But if it is for you, you can fix it.

If you want to keep the subwoofer on all the time, you can flip it to the side. This will keep the subwoofer on all the time. But this means the subwoofer will sip electricity all the time. Although modern-day subwoofers are really efficient. 

If the subwoofer is always on, you don’t need to worry about auto-on. Also, it will not break the bank. 

This should fix the auto-on issue of your home theater. You can also keep your subwoofer in subwoofer auto standby.


What to Check When a Subwoofer is Not Working Properly?

There are a few other things to check if the subwoofer is not working properly. Sometimes there are distortions or the subwoofer is not working. What to do in that case?

Well, we got your back. We have listed some of the common issues and their fix. 

Check the Connections

Your whole home theater setup is connected through wires. So the subwoofer is connected to the receiver. The subwoofer is connected to the speaker with a two-wire. One should be red and the other one is white. 

Check if both ends of the wire are connected properly. If the speaker is still not working, check if there is any defect in the wire. Wires usually break if rattled up in a corner. Test the speaker wire connection if you’re seeing speaker problems. This is a common procedure even while fixing the Samsung rear speaker problems.

If you find the wire broken, replace it. There is a lot of variety of wire available in the market. But we have listed 2 of the best-valued wires below. Check them out if you need one. 

These are some of the good quality cables available in the market. These don’t break that easily and won’t break your bank. 

Check the Fuse

Fuses are safety components of your electronic device. Your speaker must have a glowing LED light. It indicates that it has power. If the subwoofer is not getting power, the light will not glow. This light is known as subwoofer red light. 

You can face similar problems with the tweeters.

There is also an infrared light, which controls the remote control. Check if anything is blocking the light, making the subwoofer remote control ineffective.

Also, check the plug of the subwoofer. Securely plug it onto the port. The fuse can be located at the back of the subwoofer. Or the fuse can be sitting in the plug of the subwoofer. 

If the subwoofer is still not working after plugging it, replace the fuse. Fuses are really inexpensive and available almost everywhere. Fuses look like pieces of wire through a glass tube. 

Check the Receiver

Without and receiver, no speaker works properly. The subwoofer is connected with the subwoofer with 2 wires. 1 being positive and 1 being negative. The positive wires are usually in the color of gold. And the negative wires can be in the color of silver. 

If you think your subwoofer takes time to start, it’s completely normal. Subwoofer takes a lot of power, it takes time to completely prepare to blast music. 

Both of these wires require a connection with the receiver. Check if both of these wires are connected properly. If so, then tighten the screws to secure the wires. 

Check If Its Connected the Wrong Way

Connecting the subwoofer the wrong way can damage the subwoofer. As said before, subwoofers are connected to the receiver with 2 wires. One is positive and one is negative. This also results in turned off subwoofer to make noise.


If you connect the positive and negative wires in the wrong places, the subwoofer can break. Speaker produces a sound wave where the speaker is positioned. Wrong connections will produce sound waves in the wrong way. 

Replace the Subwoofer

If nothing works, replacing the subwoofer is the only solution. Subwoofers are usually sold alongside a speaker set. But if you are using a Hi-Fi sound system, you can purchase a single subwoofer.

Got what you were looking for? You can also check out why your SMSL remote won’t work.


Why Isn’t My Car Subwoofer Working?

If the car subwoofer is not working most probably there are problems with the wiring. Check if the wiring is loose at any end. Also, check the wires which are connected to the amp. Although it is a myth that a subwoofer stays on when the car is off

Why Is My Subwoofer not Performing as Before?

If your subwoofer is not performing as before, oxidation must have rusted the wires. Cut the wires from both ends and reconnect the speaker to the amplifier. Oxidation sometimes causes poor performance.

Why Is the Subwoofer Making Distorted Sound?

Cranking up the bass too high can cause distortion from the subwoofer. Check the voltage your subwoofer works properly at. Check if the amp you are using is compatible with the subwoofer. If not, change the amplifier. 


That’s everything you need to know about the subwoofer auto on not working issue. It’s easy to fix this issue.

Sound systems can be confusing to understand. But fixing the subwoofer is not that hard. 

Happy music listening!!

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